Chapter 5-

"Guys, just wait for me. I'll be there in 5 minutes. I'll call you later. See yah!" Sakura was practically shouting at her friend Ino.

"Don't tell me she's goin' to be late again." Tenten said.

"Five minutes." Ino replied. She then looked at her other friend who is so quiet, as usual.

"Hinata, aren't you gonna say something? Like a comment?" she said raising an eyebrow on her. The Hyuuga girl just stared at her.

"Hinata. Don't look at me like that." Her friend replied feeling scared.

"Ino. I'm thinking where should we go first after meeting Sakura in like 5 minutes. I'm not gonna eat you or something like that." She said with a smile.

"Whew. I thought you would be eating me alive." She said laughing at what she said.

"Ino, your insane." Tenten butted in the conversation.

"Am not!" she defended.

"Whatever." She replied looking at the mall's main entrance. There she saw a pink-haired teen running for her life.

"Excuse me. Please let me in. Excuse me. Damn people move!! C'mon…Excuse me. I'm late! Let me in for God's sake!" Sakura was shouting and she didn't care whether the people are staring at her. Thinking she might be insane.

"Ah. At last. Now I can breathe…" she said breathing hard.

"Sakura! Over here!" Ino waved at her signaling her to go with them.

"Hey guys. Sorry I'm late again." She apologized panting hard.

"It's okay. As long as you told us you're gonna be late and you're gonna be here after a few minutes, it's okay. Apology accepted." Ino told her bestfriend.

"Thanks, Best." And she hugged her greatest friend.

"That's what friends are for…" Tenten sang and joined the two.

"Group Hug!!" Hinata shouted and joined her friends.

After a few minutes, they decided to go shopping first. They went to Achime Sora where the best kimonos can be found. You can also see there gowns, tuxedo's and other occasional dresses and formal attires, including hair ornaments but there are no other accessories sold.

The girls excitedly went inside to buy their clothes. They chose the following: (they bought kimonos since it is a festival)

Sakura- pink kimono with sakura-hana flowers on it and it goes down about 3 inches below the knee cap, a hair ornament shaped like a butterfly which was reddish-white in color. Her kimono has a matching Japanese umbrella, lavender in color with flower designs.

Ino- red kimono with a fire-like design at the bottom. It goes down reaching the girl's feet, a hair ornament which was shaped like a fan with jewels in it, a red ponytail. Her kimono has a matching pinkish-white fan with cherry designs on it.

Tenten- green kimono with clover leaf designs that goes down reaching her feet, two green ponytails, two small hair ornaments which were shaped like hearts. Her kimono has a matching black fan with cat designs on it.

Hinata- yellow to pale orange kimono which goes down about 3 inches below the kneecap, a headband which was red in color with jewels in it. Her kimono has a matching Japanese umbrella, bright orange in color with star designs on it.

After that they went to Akane's Accessories etc. They heard that it was the best accessories' store in town. They all bought the following:

Sakura- diamond earings(clear), silver necklace with a pendant. The pendant was S-shaped with small diamonds in it. And a silver anklet with flower-shaped pendants on the chain.

Ino- golden earings shaped-like stars, a golden necklace with a diamond pendant shaped into a teardrop. And a ring with a bright ruby in it.

Tenten- dangling earings with leaf designs to match her dress, five in one bundled silver necklace. And a ring with a small diamond in it.

Hinata- gold plated earings shaped like a sun, five in one bundled golden necklace. And a simple silver anklet.

The girls all bought the same kind of bracelet. A silver plated bracelet with flower shaped chains and small diamonds scattered. Then they went to the food court to have something to eat since they were walking around for 3 hours already. They sat on a four-seater table and they all ordered ramen. Then they started a small conversation.

"Woah. Shopping and walking for 3 hours is totally tiring. I think one medium-sized bowl of ramen wouldn't be enough to fill in my hungry stomach." Sakura started.

"Yeah. And we aren't finished yet. We have clothes and accessories but we don't have yet shoes." Tenten added.

"Where do you think can we buy the perfect shoes for our kimonos?" Hinata asked. The 3 girls then looked at Ino with a sweet smile and batting eyelashes.

"I know, where we can get the extremely perfect and gorgeous shoes for our outfits. I'll lead you there after we eat." Ino smiled back.

"Gosh. This is so exciting. The festival is just days away. I don't know if the guys would be happy to see our clothes." Sakura wondered.

"I know they would like it. Besides, our clothes fit well and match well with our personality. If they like us, then they would like whatever we wear, right girls?" Ino assured them. They all just nodded. Just in time, the ramen was given to them and they all ate peacefully.

After an hour, Ino lead them to where they could buy the best sandals for their outfits. It was Rusty Lopez. They all went in and decided to buy the following:

Sakura- white high-heeled (about 2 inches) sandals with strings which were supposedly wrapped around the leg.

Ino- red high-heeled (about 1 inch) sandals with a thin belt wrapped around the ankle.

Tenten- beige high-heeled (about 1 inch) sandals

Hinata- yellow high-heeled (about 2 inches) sandals with a support for the sole

They were all satisfied to what they bought and thought that it was enough for a one-night celebration. The girls were just so excited to wear their new clothes.