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Lost in his life.

Chapter one

She had a really hard time getting to sleep that night. It was all his fault. Caleb. Who the hell did he think he was, opening portals into her room? Talking to her like that?

Cornelia sighed, knowing full well that it was usually Caleb starring in her dreams, not keeping her from them. But there she was, comfortably snuggled down in bed, undisturbed and exhausted, with absolutely no reason why she should still be awake. The hand of sleep had just failed to grab her. And it was all Caleb's fault. Argumentative, stubborn Caleb. His words just wouldn't leave her head.

The portal closed with an otherworldly whir. Caleb made his way across the room and sat down on her bed, bouncing slightly. The room was dark, and pink, he noticed with a smile. Typical Cornelia. It was also empty. He could hear her coming up the stairs, even before the door creaked open. She clicked the light on, then screamed when he stood up.

"Caleb! What are you-? How did you get in here?"

"Portal." He said simply.

"You couldn't have warned me first?"

"You were in the shower."

Even without the obvious clues of a bathrobe and the tendrils of dripping wet hair, he could tell. He could smell it on her. She hadn't used a strongly scented soap, or any immediately nostril assaulting shampoo. He could smell the warm water. A lot of people might wonder how this was possible, just like they would seriously doubt that he heard Cornelia coming. But he had, and he could. Being part of the rebel force in Meridian, trying to overthrow the evil prince Phobos and his lizard like henchman Cedric, had heightened his senses considerably. You had to be quick, and you had to be aware, if you weren't you ended up dead. It was as simple as that.


Caleb jumped, as her mothers voice bellowed up the stairs.

"Cornelia? Are you okay, honey?"

"I'm fine mom!" she shouted back.

"I heard screaming."

"I…I saw a shadow…"

"Okay, sweetie."

Cornelia breathed a sigh of relief. Caleb smiled. She was a terrible liar. He voice changed, her posture slumped, and her eyes became fascinated with the floor. Anyone who knew her could tell when she was lying.

Cornelia saw his smile.

"What?" she demanded, self consciously running a hand through her hair.

She had no reason to be self conscious. She was beautiful. She had a perfect figure. Flawless complexion. Gleaming blonde hair that fell down her slender back.

"Nothing, you look cute." He grinned, gesturing to the 'winnie the pooh' characters on her bathrobe.

Cornelia blushed.

"Its my sisters, I left mine at Hay Lins." She said, pulling it tighter over her chest..

"You came all the way here, to comment on my dressing gown?"

"No… erm-"

"Don't tell me there's a problem." She whined. "I'm still getting mud out of my hair from last time. Why does everything always happen to me?"

The five guardians had been in Meridian two weeks ago waging war on Phobos' minions. Being the earth guardian, Cornelia had lifted a huge slab of dried mud to hurl at them, but somewhere along the line it had gotten mixed up with Irma's plans of soaking them with water. Both guardians' efforts had collided, resulting in a muddy tidal wave, which hit Cornelia as well as its target. Everyone had thought it was hilarious. Everyone except Cornelia. From the way she'd reacted, anyone would have thought that her hair was the most important thing in the world. That was one thing that annoyed Caleb about her. She could be incredibly superficial. She was only proving this point.

"I mean, its not like I don't get enough split ends flying around all the time, and its not like I don't condition, but since that little mud incident, my hair has been so dry. And, They stopped stocking my favourite lip-gloss. I mean, luckily I bought a few, because Will said it suited me, but why should my lips suffer because no one else has taste?"

"I don't know." He said boredly.

"Its this really pretty pink colour that goes with anything. Do you know how hard that is to find? I-"

"Cornelia." He interrupted, before she could start again. "Don't you want to know why I'm here?"

"Is it going to affect my beauty sleep?"

Caleb sighed, unable to hide his annoyance.

"There's more to life than lip-gloss and hair products." He snapped, his green eyes darkening at the thought that she might actually rate them up there with world peace and famine.

"You don't think I know that? In case you haven't noticed, I do spend a large portion of my spare time fighting to save your world and mine."

"In between manicures and facials."

"Why are you being like this?"

Her tone was hurt. Caleb closed his eyes, feeling guilty.

"Because it annoys the hell of me that you care so much about pointless little things."

"Like wanting to get the recommended nine hours of sleep once in a blue moon?"

"Don't be so melodramatic."

"What is so wrong with wanting to look nice?"

"You do look nice. You always look nice. You don't need to be so… hung up."

"So now you don't like who I am?"

"That's not what I said cor-"

"'You know what Caleb? Your life is not that hard. Try adding that to going to school everyday. Lying to your mother. Pretending everything is okay."

"Oh yeah." He said sarcastically. "It must be so hard for you! Coming home at night, crawling into your nice cosy bed, and dreaming of your friends and family."

He knew he was being harsh. Maybe too harsh. But she didn't know the first thing about hardship. She'd had a few problems adjusting, but she still had a better life than a lot of people. That him. He had never really opened up to her about his past, but Cornelia knew that it had been hard for him, and that he didn't like to talk about it.

"Caleb…" she breathed, sensing his distress.

Her perfect aqua blue eyes fixed him with a worried gaze. Caleb looked away. He never asked for sympathy. He didn't like it. Didn't see the point in it. What good would it do? It couldn't change anything.

"I just came to tell you that there might be a situation later on tonight. Wills gonna call you if it turns into anything."

He turned, and started walking to the open window.

"Caleb, wait. You're leaving?"

"I wouldn't want to keep you from your beauty sleep." He said monotonously.

Cornelia made her way over to the window, and grabbed his arm, pulling him round to face him. Being so close to her made butterflies explode in his stomach.

"Fine! Go! See if I care!"

The heavy breeze from outside was whipping up her wet hair. Making her shiver. She wrapped her arms around herself in a futile attempt to keep warm.

"Your cold." Caleb observed, letting his concern for her override the argument.

Cornelia shook her head, and laughed sardonically.

"Not like you. Not tonight."


"What? Does yelling at me help you forget how sucky your life is?"

"You don't know anything about my life! … You wouldn't understand."

Caleb turned back to the window. Despite it being cold, it was a nice night. No rain. Starry sky. He pushed the window open further, and climbed out onto the tree that conveniently stood right outside.


"Keep your phone on, and be ready just in case."

He expertly climbed down the tree, and disappeared. Leaving her shivering by the window, gazing at the stars, wondering where the hell he'd gone. Alone.

After replaying the conversation over and over in her head, Cornelia had eventually drifted into an awkward sleep. They'd never had an argument like that before. He hated her. He thought she was a spoiled princess. Why else would he be so cold?

The sleep may have been uneasy, but it was deep. So deep that the familiar sound of an opening portal didn't even disturb her. She had no idea that it was right above her head. She didn't know what was going to happen…

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