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Chapter two.

Cornelia slowly opened her eyes. She knew straight away that she wasn't in her room. It was cold. It was hard. She was definitely not safe and warm in her comfy little bed.

She glanced around worriedly. She was in Meridian. She had to be. It always seemed to be permanently stuck in the sixteenth century. She didn't know anywhere in Heatherfield where this type of annoyingly middle ages style hut existed, except for maybe the history museum. And as the people were definitely not wax works, she was pretty sure that wasn't the case.

Cornelia jumped up, when she realized she wasn't alone, and backed up against the stone wall. It was cold despite the roaring fire. The heat blurred flames shed scarce light on the room.

She wasn't well hidden at all, but for some reason they hadn't seen her. The woman sitting by the fire hadn't noticed her elongated shadow dancing across the wall. Cornelia looked at her. She was somehow familiar. Her blonde hair was tied out of her face, so her eyes could concentrate on the sewing in her lap. Her startling green eyes. Cornelia knew those eyes. They darted over to her, and for one breathless moment, Cornelia thought she had seen her. Then she noticed the intended object of her tender gaze.

The boy. He was fast asleep, under a blanket. His chest slowly rising and falling. The flames tickled his face, bathing him in a poor light. He had floppy dark hair. A strong jaw line. A perfect mouth.

"Caleb…" she breathed.

What the hell was going on?

A third figure appeared in the room. She recognized him immediately. It was Caleb's dad.

"Caleb?" he called.

The woman hushed him.

"He's asleep. Leave him be." She muttered.

"We have to go."

"Honey… He's tired. He's been at school all day."

"School? You think school will teach him everything he needs to know? He's a rebel. He needs to know why. He needs to know what he's up against."

Caleb's eyes opened. He couldn't see her. Cornelia was pretty sure of that. He was looking right through her, listening to his parents fight. He actually looked scared. That was a feeling Cornelia had never seen his face display. It scared her.

"Caleb? His dad called again.

Caleb rolled over.


"Come on kid."

Caleb stood up, and for the first time Cornelia looked at him properly. He was different. Younger. Only about twelve. He had an air of innocence and naivety. Her mouth dropped open. Either she'd accidentally discovered the elusive power of time travel, or she was going absolutely nuts.

"She's not answering." Will said, snapping her cell phone shut.

"Maybe her phones on silent." Taranee reasoned.

"This is Cornelia we're talking about here." Irma snorted. "I don't think 'silent mode' or 'switched off cell' are in her vocabulary."

"Neither is leaving her friends in the lurch." Will stated confidently.

She shoved her short red hair out of her face, and turned to Caleb.

"Are you sure you told her that we might need her?"

He nodded.

"Amongst other things."

Caleb felt bad for the other things. He couldn't stand the feeling that he'd hurt her. It was hard. He'd spent so long on his own. Convincing himself that he didn't need anyone or anything. Then she came along, and changed everything.

"I think they had a lovers tiff." Hay Lin whispered a little too loudly to no one in particular.

Caleb sighed. Maybe his words were the reason why she wasn't here. The four other guardians looked at him expectantly, waiting to be updated.

He shrugged

"Maybe she slept through. Try her again."

He wasn't about to make an effort here. Especially since the last time he had let the words pour out of his mouth, it had resulted in a pretty bad case of verbal diohrrea. He didn't want a repeat of that conversation. He didn't want to talk about that conversation. He just wanted to apologize to Cornelia.

She followed Caleb and his dada into the woods. She knew from experience that it was one of the most potentially dangerous places in Meridian, and wondered why the hell someone would take their son by choice.

It was a very scary place. It wouldn't be so bad, if she didn't know what the shadows were hiding. There were evil things out there. Real monsters. She had seen them. Caleb's dad had too, and she really couldn't understand why he would willingly expose his son to the same thing. It was one thing knowing, it was another actually witnessing.

"Stay close behind me." He muttered gruffly to Caleb.

It didn't make any difference. Cornelia saw the enemy coming before he did. Six of them. Armour clad and armed. Her warnings fell on deaf ears, and all she could was watch as Caleb's dad was knocked out with a single blow, and the enormous creatures turned their interests to a defenceless Caleb.

He put up an amazingly good fight. But because of the sheer number and size of them, he didn't stand a chance. A pair of massive arms shoved him down, and an angry look of pure defiance that Cornelia knew well, darkened his green eyes, before he slammed into the ground. Hard. The force knocked the breath out of him. His eyes went blank and lifeless. His body went limp.

Cornelia didn't know what to do. No one could see her. Feel her. Hear her. She couldn't summon her powers. She couldn't help. All logic told her that she wasn't really there. What if she wasn't? This wasn't happening now. It was several years in the past. Caleb's past. What if she was in his memories? She was lost in his life…

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