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Naruto sat in his old, crappy desk, laying back and not paying any attention to Professor Hatake's rambling. He preferred doodling as an alternative. It was much more entertaining than whatever his professor was saying, which was something relating to history or something else he did not care about equally. He began to draw a picture of himself in his board shorts at the beach, with Sakura standing beside him in a revealing bathing suit, admiring his body. Naruto loved himself for his mad stick-figure drawing skills. All he had to do was draw circles and straight lines. It was indeed a difficult task that he had mastered.

His desk creaked loudly, being older than the rest, ranking number one in squalor. Curses and other inappropriate things that he would rather not mention were written all over it. He hated the desk, so he drew a picture of it burning. It resembled some deranged rectangle or a newly invented shape, so he erased it. Professor Hatake's nonsensical blabbering (in Naruto's mind, at least, anything that was not ramen, chicks, and surfing was nonsense) increased in volume, leaving Naruto exasperated and wishing that his professor would shut the hell up. So, he drew his professor in a box, a sound proof one, to be exact. He reminded him of a mime….

Naruto-!" The silver-haired man shouted at him, very close to a delicate ear that belonged to the said boy. He looked up and smiled sheepishly, noticing that Professor Hatake was standing before him with a somewhat ominous meter stick in hand. Naruto was uncertain whether beating one's students with a stick was illegal when they were adults. Perhaps he should have paid more attention.

"I'm right here, you don't have to yell, dammit," Naruto said to his instructor with a quick roll of his cerulean eyes. All he wanted was to leave campus so that he could party, surf, and spend time with his girlfriend.

A few of his lower-on-the-social-ladder classmates snickered at how he cursed in their professor's face, but it was not as if he even cared. Professor Hatake was an easygoing teacher who was on friendly terms with his students; once they fulfilled the basic requirements, he let them do whatever the hell they wanted to do, unless it involved campus security or the removal of clothing. As long as no one disturbed him and he could read his perverted books, he remained indifferent to what was occurring in his surroundings.

"Can you just pay attention for once, Naruto? Once you achieve that, then you can draw pictures of me in a box and you getting mobbed by pink-haired girls. So, pay attention or else I will beat you with a stick," Professor Hatake advised, not sounding as sane as Naruto would have hoped. He slid down into his seat, still grinning like an idiot. From the corner of his eye, he noticed that his girlfriend, Sakura Haruno, was blushing due to the pink-haired girl remark.

Maybe she should not have dyed her naturally blonde hair pink in the eighth grade. But right now, Naruto was not concerned with whatever bizarre hair color his girlfriend had, but more so whether or not he was going escape class without any welts.

"Isn't that like, um, illegal or something?" Naruto asked his professor uncertainly, with a voice that was unbearably appealing. Some of the girls looked at the tall, lean, surfer longingly. Professor Hatake dull, sleepy eyes that screamed boredom bore directly into Naruto's bright, blue eyes.

"I don't care if it's illegal, I'll do it. It's not like this job pays much anyway," he commented drearily, his silver hair flopping over his face in an attractive manner that made all the female ass-kissers swoon.

Naruto grimaced, wondering whether his professor was serious. Professor Hatake leaned on the meter stick, a little too forcefully, and it snapped into three pieces. One of the shorter ends spiraled away from him as he regained his balance and hurdled towards Naruto. He stared, startled, and ducked quickly, his nose almost slamming into the word 'whore' on his desk. He turned around when he heard a sharp snap and a yelp. The fragment of the meter stick struck his classmate behind him in the face, causing him to panic and fall forward over his own desk. Naruto hopped out of his seat hastily. His classmate's weight made his own desk tip forward, over one of the steps of the lecture-hall styled classroom, and onto Naruto's empty desk. The pressure was too much for the ol' piece of crap to handle; it collapsed into a pile of crap with his unfortunate classmate on top. Naruto stood there, gawking, as the freshman class broke out in hysterics.

"Um, are you okay?" Naruto asked, unable to keep himself from snickering. The boy just groaned in response and seemed like he needed a hospital. Their professor sensed this, pulled the boy up, and dragged him toward the exit.

"Come on, let's get you to the infirmary or wherever." As they departed the classroom, the boy continued to groan, due to his unorthodox professor dragging him carelessly. Professor Hatake propped him up and carried him like he was a one-hundred and thirty pound baby. The class snickered lightly at the scene.

Once they left, everyone erupted into laughter and chatter. Naruto was laughing along with everyone else. One kid started to choke on air, but nobody noticed, or cared. Naruto's eyes skimmed over someone in the back of the room who was not laughing at all. He was pale and thin, with raven hair that was long in the front and spiked up in the back, resembling a duck's butt.

Naruto stopped laughing and stared at him. He wore a dark expression, as if he was scowling at everyone for existing. He did not want to be there, that was quite obvious. His eyes were pitch black and narrow, contrasting greatly against his white face. He remained still and glowered, never showing a hint of a smile or a grin, when everyone surrounding him was pissing their pants from laughter. When Naruto thought about it, he had never seen the boy smile any time he happened to glance at him. He found that somewhat incredulous. If he was so dark and intimidating, why was he not enjoying another's pain like a normal sadist?

When Professor Hatake returned, he dismissed the class offhandedly, and everyone stampeded towards the exit like a herd of cattle. Naruto managed to squeeze through the crowd and safely make his way to his friends, the most eminent and admired (and not to mention attractive) students on campus.

"Hey, Naruto!" His girlfriend waved at him exuberantly and her long, pink hair swayed with her exaggerated motion. He rushed over to her and greeted her with a chaste kiss on her pink lips, then wrapped an arm around her waist.

"I love the new jeans," he teased and stretched out a piece of her ultra low-rise pants. It snapped back, hit her skin, and she squealed , then slapped his hand away. "They're real tight," he grinned at her foxily.

"Shut up and stop flirting already," she said, her face returning to its normal color. She removed her designer sunglasses from her hair and brushed it back with her hand.

"I heard Professor Hatake's class was really entertaining today," said a tall, gorgeous blonde in a tight, black miniskirt and an equally tight tube top. Ino Yamanaka leaned against the wall, showing off her endlessly long legs and gleaming, long pony tail. Males gawked at her as they strolled by and she smirked. Ino was infamous for the revealing clothing which she wore and her promiscuous behavior.

"Ino, stop dressing like a whore. You're driving all the guys into walls by strutting around in that miniskirt," Naruto said with good humor. Her lips widened into a smirk and pinched his cheek.

"You know you like it," she teased, receiving a nasty look from Sakura. She grasped Naruto possessively and he just smiled at her, wondering if Sakura was serious. She should know better, they had been dating for two years, and Ino was only joking.

"That's my boyfriend you're plucking at, slut," she spat and latched onto his arm. Ino made a face at her, and then both girls started to giggle. Neji Hyuuga and Gaara Sabakuno approached the group, having recently been released from their previous class. Due to their reserved demeanors, they merely blinked at the two girls, wondering why they were laughing.

"Hey Naruto," Neji said, greeting him, not bothering to say anything to the girls since they seemed preoccupied. Somewhere in between their whispering and giggling, they had snatched a hold of the innocent bystander and friend, Gaara, and dragged him in away. Naruto and Neji noticed, but said nothing because they did not care much.

"Anything interesting happen?" Neji asked. He was tall and thin, with long, chocolate brown hair that was unusual in today's time. Because he came from an established family, he always dressed in expensive, tasteful clothing, preferring to wear neutral colors which matched his eyes. Their color was strange, a creamy, off-white, if possible, which made his pupils difficult to discern, especially in the light. Most of the female population swooned over Neji's mysterious and captivating eyes alone, but he was far too refined to ever do the same to them.

"Well, tomorrow I have no place to sit since my crappy desk got crushed and my perverted professor almost beat me with a stick. How about you?" Naruto said casually, wearing a toothy grin.

Neji merely looked at him for a moment. His serious face formed into a grin and he chuckled lightly. "I wish I was in your class. Professor Hatake seems interesting."

"You think having a pervert for a professor is interesting? Don't tell me you're one too…" he said warily, his blue eyes widening. Neji punched his arm and grinned at one of his best friends.

"Fine, I won't tell you," he joked.

Sakura and Ino returned from talking with (more like harassing) Gaara. The redhead looked at them with his green eyes, wondering what he had missed

"I'll tell you later when we go surfing," Naruto said reassuringly. Everyone either had no classes for the rest of the day or one in the late afternoon, so they decided to have lunch together. Naruto had been walking across the expansive courtyard with his friends when he saw a flash of black hair and pale skin. He recognized that it was the person he had noticed in class.

Naruto wondered why he had never seen him smile. Maybe his life was screwed up, maybe Naruto had no idea. With his lustrous dark hair that framed his face, his aloof gaze and his enticing black eyes, Naruto had to admit that he was extremely attractive. Everyone had always acknowledged Naruto as the best looking male on campus, but had they failed to notice him? If that kid smiled once in a while and spoke to those around him, Naruto was certain that he would become accepted instantly.

The dark-haired kid turned towards Naruto, having taken notice of his blatant stare. Naruto grinned widely and waved at him. He had not intended to stare so rudely, but it was difficult when musing on how the hell someone is capable of having a smiling disorder. Even evil people smile sometimes, Naruto thought.

The guy just looked at him for a second, somewhat surprised that someone like Naruto would be casually waving at someone like him. His eyes narrowed into a glower, his lips unsmiling, and he walked in the opposite direction. Naruto blinked his cerulean eyes, stunned. That was the most vicious and deadly glare he had ever seen, and it was directed at him.

"Why are you looking at him?" Naruto heard Gaara's soothing voice sound. He turned around and looked at his friend innocently.

"I saw that guy earlier, and I noticed I've never seen him smile, once," Naruto stated, wondering if his friends had any insight on the subject. He still could not wrap his mind around the fact that that person refused to smile. Though Naruto was an orphan, suffering from loneliness and struggling on his own throughout the earlier years of his life, there was rarely a time in which he was not grinning.

"Why is it your problem, Naruto? You're way too curious about everything," Sakura said casually as she walked beside her best friend. She popped a piece of gum into her mouth and started chomping away, along with Ino. Formerly rivals, the girls became competitive and attempted to blow a larger bubble than the other. Naruto decided that it would be best not to disturb their bubble-blowing contest.

"He's Sasuke Uchiha," Neji said simply and continued to stride along.

Gaara and Naruto exchanged glances, each clearly wondering how he had attained that knowledge. Naruto started to list the many possibilities in his head. Neji and Naruto had been good friends since middle school, and Neji had never said a word concerning Sasuke, so he considered that Sasuke and Neji could have become acquainted before that.

"I'm not even going to ask how you know that," Gaara said coolly.

Ever since he had moved to Konoha City about halfway through freshman year in high school, he had been part of Naruto's group of friends. One was never without the others for long, so they resembled a family more than they did a group of friends. That was all that Gaara had known in this city. Despite the years that had passed, Gaara had not bothered to turn many of his other acquaintances into full-fledged friends, whereas Naruto had a broad circle of friends outside of their clique.

"Graduated with an outstanding GPA, antisocial, an overall perfectionist, though he seems incapable of smiling," Neji said, almost smirking, but it faltered. His expression grew serious and he laughed weakly, uncharacteristic of him. "We were friends in elementary school, you know." He said that as if it explained everything. Naruto nodded as if understanding and Gaara raised his eyebrows.

"Oh," Naruto said simply.

"Where are Sakura and Ino?" Gaara asked, looking around for the two. Naruto and Gaara looked at each other. Then they blinked at each other. Then they blinked again. Then they repeated that a few more times. None of them had seen the girls leave.

"Idiots." Neji's creamy eyes stared them down. "They blew such large bubbles that they popped on their faces and they ran to the bathrooms laughing and screaming about their hair," he explained in a monotonic voice, as if they should have automatically known this. So Gaara and Naruto did they only thing that they could. They blinked at Neji. He looked at their innocent (though Gaara could hardly be called innocent) faces and smirked slightly.

"Alright, well, let's get going. Sakura and Ino will catch up," Naruto said, swinging the keys of his orange Pontiac Firebird. Naruto entered the car which he absolutely loved. He turned on the engine and the car let out a delightful rumble, then he slammed on the gas and exiting the parking lot.

"Eventually," he murmured as he sped down the street like he was insane. It was fast, thrilling, and he could not get enough of it. He grinned and looked into his rear view mirror, where he saw his friends following him closely.

Neji was right behind him in his silver Mercedes SL 500, speedily cruising by quickly yet elegantly, evading slower cars. Gaara weaved through traffic in his red Viper SRT-10 with tinted windows, which made it look like Gaara was driving some sort of a badass demon car. A large, bright pink dot approached from the far distance, undoubtedly Sakura and Ino in their Corvette Z06 coupe. He grinned foxily and continued to cruise at high speeds.

Naruto heard a loud noise and looked to his left. A black Nissan 300zx seemed as if it wanted to enter his lane. He grinned and pressed on the gas, sending his car speeding ahead. The black car remained beside his own, still attempting to pass him. Naruto wondered who was driving the car and saw a vague, yet unmistakable outline of a person.

He pressed a button that opened the window next to him.

"Hey! It's Sasuke, right?" He shouted, pestering him until he would open his window.

Sasuke glared when the horrendously bright orange car beside him starting making extremely obnoxious noises. He looked out the window and realized that it was not the car that was screaming. It was that blond surfer, Uzumaki, leaning out of his window, screaming his name, and also not paying attention to the road. Sasuke disliked Naruto and his kind of people in general, but he had never known them to be insane.

"Sasuke! That's your name, right? Come on out, Uchiha!" The blond guy kept on saying over and over again, trying to pester him into rolling down his window. He must have an incredibly loud voice if Sasuke could hear him through the noise of their cars. At this moment, though, the only thing that Sasuke was wondering was how the hell that guy found out his name and what he could possibly want from him.

He rolled down the window so that Naruto could clearly see him give him the finger. He then sped ahead and cut Naruto off, now driving in front of him. Naruto growled, his brow furrowed, and his lower lip stuck in a slight pout. His so-called solution was tailgating Sasuke's car.

Goddamn, I just want to be friendly and get the guy to smile. Maybe he is smiling now though, after flipping me the fucking finger and winning his so-called victory. Hey, but I made him smile, didn't I? Naruto halted grimacing, thinking that he accomplished some good. Even though he was satisfied now, Naruto was still tailgating Sasuke for the hell of it. Pissing off people who looked like they were about to kill you was oddly entertaining and thrilling.

He heard a loud engine, turned from his fun, and saw Neji's Mercedes beside him, since upcoming traffic had forced them to slow down. Neji rolled down his window and his blank eyes stared at his best friend. He wondered why Naruto was bothering Sasuke. Even though he had matured significantly since they first met, Naruto often behaved childishly. He leaned over and shouted to Naruto.

"What are you doing? Stop annoying the hell out of Sasuke," Neji demanded reproachfully.

"Why? Come on, Nej!" He whined, pouting. "I made Sasuke smile." His lips formed into his trademark fox-like grin. Neji stared at him disbelievingly as they slowly advanced through the traffic. The chances of Sasuke smiling for Naruto were very slim. He brushed his long, loose brown hair away from his face and returned to his conversation.

"No offense, Naruto, but I can just about bet that you will never make him smile," Neji stated nonchalantly, though there was a taunting undertone to his voice.

"Oh yeah? I bet I can. What do I win when I do?" Naruto said arrogantly, gripping the leather of his steering wheel with determination. Neji removed his phone from his pocket and smirked slightly. If he could get him to smile, he means. I was friends with Sasuke once, and I believe I should know. Who knows? Maybe he'll be the person to crack him. He smiled lightly as he called Ino.

"Oh, we'll think of something great."

Naruto licked the sides of his vanilla cone, and once that was done he started to eat from the top down. Gaara stared at Naruto with slight interest, as he had eaten three other ice cream cones before this, and he always seemed to eat them in the same, precise way. It was very, oddly, interesting to watch. Neji was eating his chocolate ice cream, looking at Gaara looking at Naruto, and Ino and Sakura were watching all of them and sharing their vanilla and strawberry cones with each other. Neji was distracted, thinking about the foolish bet he made with Naruto about Sasuke. He supposed it was for laughs, but it did not feel right to be forcing an obnoxious, yet still amiable, blond onto Sasuke. He had enough problems to begin with, even if it had been all those years ago.

Naruto finished off the last of his ice cream and ate the cone in one bite. Ino and Sakura 'eww-ed' and started to laugh at him. They all halted their laugher when Naruto pointed something out on Neji's face.

"Hey, Nej, why is there ice cream all over your face? It totally kills the suave rich-boy look you're going for," Naruto laughed at him. Neji blinked while Gaara handed him a napkin and smirked.

"I believe you will need this," the red-head said, throwing it into Neji's hands. He smiled appreciatively, and cleaned his face as the others laughed.

Naruto heard the roar of an engine and he immediately thought of Sasuke's car. He turned around and discovered that he was right to think of it. Sasuke's 300zx was storming through the traffic impatiently, causing people to beep their horns and curse at him. Naruto had to admit, Sasuke was kind of cool.

"Hey, there's that Uchiha-bastard!" Naruto exclaimed, smiling.

Sakura smiled, rolled her eyes, and then leaned back stretching out. She yawned a bit then mischievously smiled at her boyfriend.

"Go get 'em, fox," she said in a bored voice, but she was obviously acting. Sakura called Naruto that, due to his trademark foxy grin. He waved goodbye to his friends and gave Sakura a deep kiss before hopping into his orange car. Once he was on the road, he shifted quickly into a higher gear, his car standing out vibrantly from all the others. It was no wonder why Sakura had picked that car out for him when helping him decide which car to purchase. It was not only because orange was his favorite color, but it resembled him in some ways.

Naruto followed Sasuke's car carefully down the freeway, attempting to be inconspicuous, but it was slightly difficult with a car that would probably glow in the dark. He had drive well above the speed limit in order to keep the 300zx in his line of sight, not that he minded much. He was not turning out to be as unnoticeable as he had hoped. Sasuke exited sharply, having probably detected Naruto, in an attempt of losing him, though not in a challenging, let's-have-a-street-race-now-dammit fashion. Naruto had to cut across the freeway in no more than a couple of seconds to make the exit.

Naruto blinked his large blue eyes, surprised, and parked his car. Sasuke lived in the college dormitory, which he found odd. Though he also lived there, he had never noticed Sasuke's existence. Hardly anyone lived in the dormitories of Konoha College, since many would rather live in their luxurious homes (much like his own friends), or had an apartment nearby. Students strictly from the city in which they lived attended the community college; why they had dorms in the first place was beyond him. Only the students who had no family, were poor, or had an extremely strained relationship with their family lived in the dorms. Naruto lived there for the first two reasons.

It was difficult for him to grow up alone, living at the orphanage and foster homes. Once he became good friends with Neji in high school, he was allowed to stay with his family until college. He began working as soon as he was of age to save for the future, though financial aid helped him with expenses significantly, and to be able to buy himself decent things.

He stepped out from behind the automatic doors and pressed the button connected to his keys to lock it. Sasuke had been long gone, but Naruto knew whether many of the rooms were inhabited or deserted.

After ten minutes, he finally found what he supposed to Sasuke's dorm. It was on the second level, like his dorm, except on the other end of the long hallway. What luck for Sasuke. Naruto knocked a few times but nobody came to the door, so he assumed that Sasuke did not want any company. Naruto leaned against the wall across from the door, closed his eyes, and waited. Nothing happened, and due to an extremely short patience, Naruto murmured a few curses under his breath and winged it. He kicked the door open and stormed right in. It was not as if Sasuke was going to come at him with a knife. How right Naruto was. He came at him with a completely different object.

"Go away," Sasuke threatened darkly as he straddled Naruto. After he had tackled Naruto to the ground, he placed the sharp edge of a broken glass bottle to his neck. Naruto looked at Sasuke like he was insane, and then glanced down at the bottle touching his throat. He was almost certain that Sasuke was going to kill him, since his movement was restricted by the bottle that was pressed lightly against his neck. It did not seem like Sasuke was would budge any time soon, either. So, Naruto just gave him a very pathetic, wide-eyed look accompanied by a noise sounding much like a puppy dog cry.

Sasuke looked at him strangely and stood up.

"Why are you here?" He demanded in a cold voice. Naruto felt around his neck and was relieved that he had only received a scratch or two, then scrambled to his feet and stood before Sasuke. Naruto was taller than him, so that kind of killed his intimidating act. "Really…" He started, glowering up at the blond. "…you've never talked to me before, and you're one of them. Why come out of nowhere and start fuckin' waving suddenly? Tell me why you're here, freak stalker, or I'll be forced to hold that bottle against your neck again." He said it so nonchalantly it was as if he used that sentence in everyday life. Naruto blinked his blue eyes. He was somewhat surprised that Sasuke would say that to someone who was bigger, stronger, and far more well-liked than he.

"Hey, can't I just get to know a guy?" Naruto smiled in a sort of don't-hurt-me way, even though he could most likely pound the daylights out of Sasuke pretty damn well, but did not want to fight.


"Come on-."


"I just want-."

"Get packing…"



"Hey, I'm not-."


"It's for a bet, alright? Happy, you damn bastard?" Naruto finally said, frustrated with all the get-out-now-or-die talk. He was uncertain if the ever-so evil looking Sasuke would take that as a serious answer, since he probably did not trust people like Naruto, and of course there was the fact that he approached him quite randomly. For all Sasuke could have guessed, this could an attempt to humiliate him somehow. Naruto was popular, otherwise known as a synonym for the word evil.

"Are you serious?" Sasuke hissed, his black eyes narrowing. Naruto just blinked his large blue eyes innocently and nodded. Sasuke had to admit, Naruto did not look in anyway whatsoever evil, but he would not be deceived.

"A bet?" Sasuke said, still interpreting it. Naruto nodded again, wondering how many more times he would have to repeat it or nod to get it through that ignorant guy's thick skull.

"Well, that's…interesting. But whatever it is, it's not going to happen any time soon. You should thank me for sparing you life, but you're not going to be around for any longer to say it, because you are leaving," he said harshly, and attempted to slam the door in the Naruto's face.

Naruto stuck out his arm and grabbed the door, leaving a small crack where he could still see one of Sasuke's dark eyes.

"Come on, I can't leave without you smiling," he said, putting his face closer to the door, hoping that Sasuke could see the pleading look in his eyes. In response, he just tired to slam the door even harder, so that this time Naruto's nose would get caught in the door frame, since he was standing so close.

"So, let me guess. You win something really big and disgustingly orange if you get me to smile. How selfish of you, but it's not going to happen," Sasuke said coldly, sneering at him through the small crevice. Naruto was shocked. He had said it in such a monotone, calm voice with no surprise in it at all. It was not like people came around every day with bets about Sasuke smiling. After his crude insult, Naruto hesitated to continue with his endeavor, realizing that it was extremely selfish of him. Naruto decided that he would give it one more try, maybe not for the awesome item that would most likely be orange, but after seeing Sasuke's very dark (and only) side, it might be nice and more than rewarding to see him smile. One more shot, Naruto promised himself. He opened the door and yanked Sasuke by the arm.

"C'mon," Naruto said, dragging him. "I'm gonna give it one more shot for the hell of it, and to get you back on that previous orange comment you made." They scrambled down the hallway and Naruto pulled out his keys and swung them expertly around his ring finger.

"So basically," Sasuke said dryly, "you're kidnapping me." Naruto started to pull him down the stairs and they went outside. Naruto pressed the button on his keys and the lights flashed as the car unlocked. Sasuke tried to yank away for a bit but Naruto kept his tight grip on his pale, slim wrist, so Sasuke stopped being a hardass. Temporarily, at least.

"Not necessarily, since you don't seem to be putting up much of a fight. It's almost like your willingly following me, loser. It's also ridiculously easy to drag you along, weakling." Naruto laughed and received a growl from Sasuke, but he followed him nonetheless, almost tripping when he was shoved into the passenger's seat of the car. The blond quickly hopped into the other side and locked his Firebird, in case the Sasuke tried to pull off any escape stunts.

Naruto swung his keys once more and grinned foxily at Sasuke, before jabbing in the keys and starting up the engine. "You better not break the windows trying to escape, I just bought this car."

"Can I break other things?" Sasuke said, with a hint of sarcasm. "Like legs?" He decided to add a death threat too, apparently.

Naruto was somewhat relieved when they finally reached their destination. Throughout the car ride, he was secretly hoping that an awkward silence would not occur, and now somewhat unfortunately, he attained his wish. The whole time was spent with Sasuke growling angrily (in a sort of cute way in Naruto's opinion), which is not necessarily silence, the two of them (mainly Sasuke since Naruto did not think fighting was going to put a smile on anyone's face) being difficult and arguing, and too much violent death threats for comfort, all intended for Naruto. He had never encountered a person like Sasuke, and his atypical deadly and smug personality made him oddly interesting to be around. Naruto was becoming distracted, and he was having fun responding Sasuke's death threats, which surprised him. Yes, he could not have been more satisfied to exit his car with Sasuke in there with him.

Unbeknownst to Naruto, Sasuke was quite satisfied to be out also, because not only did he not like cramped spaces, he did not personally enjoy Naruto's ranting and foxy grins, which made him only angrier because they almost made him smile. It was unbelievably horrible, and if he let that popular blond idiot win the satisfaction of making the Sasuke Uchiha smile at something he said or did, not only would he win the sinfully orange object, (which was still quite selfish in Sasuke's point of view) but it would be disastrous for his reputation. When Sasuke, along with Naruto, looked up to see that they had ended up at some bar, he almost preferred the car. Almost.

Naruto started up his annoying (for some people at least) foxy grins again towards Sasuke when he saw the look on his face. He was not sure whether Sasuke was shocked, somewhat happy, or afraid that this was the place where he would cave, but yes, there was some sort of fear in Sasuke's eyes. Maybe he had never been in a bar before. Somehow, though, Sasuke was not too incredibly shocked that Naruto had picked this place, because usually people related smiling with alcohol. It was amazing how being under the influence could entirely alter someone's personality and behavior. They were both aware of that.

"What, Sasuke? Has the little Uchiha never been in a bar before?" He teased, in a way that was somewhat insulting, yet not like he intended to intimidate or make fun of Sasuke. He was simply playing around with Sasuke. He almost ran away for a second, but he was no coward, and he was just about sure if he walk away Naruto would start doing the stupid chicken-wings thing. Not like Sasuke cared. But it was his damn Uchiha pride that kept him from running, and now he was certain that was what was going to kill him some day.

"You wish," he growled. Naruto looked Sasuke with his blue eyes for a moment, and finally understood that he was not about to go anywhere, and was waiting for Naruto to go in first. Odd. Did he want it to look like he was being forced into the bar in case anyone saw him? Naruto did not know Sasuke very well, but from what he could tell what he was thinking just sounded way too un-Uchiha-like.

"What are you waiting for?" Sasuke growled. "Are we going to go in or not?" He said, even though he did not want to go in. The sun was about to set and the temperature would drop significantly, and he was not in the mood to be cold. Naruto smiled at him, clearly satisfied, grabbed Sasuke's thin wrist, and pulled him into the bar. The last thing Naruto would most likely remember was the jingling bell of the entrance door, because Sasuke was sure that he was going to get himself drunk off his ass. At least then, he would be less likely to notice if Sasuke left.

"Let's sit here," Naruto said as he sat them down on the spinning stools that were right at the bar. Naruto was ordering their liquor (ordering more for Sasuke than for himself) while the Uchiha was observing his surroundings. There were drunken people, mostly men, lying around, and the smell of hard liquor was lingering unpleasantly in the air. It almost made him cringe. He had never been to a bar before, but it is not like Naruto needed to know that.

"Here you go." Naruto shoved him a shot of liquor. Sasuke just looked at it then glowered at Naruto.

"It's not going to hurt you, Uchiha," he said in a teasing voice, as if he was trying to coax Sasuke into drinking it. Naruto had already downed two, and was around ordering his third one, still looking pretty sober. He could probably hold down a lot, due to tolerance, but he could most likely tell that Sasuke was an inexperienced drinker, and would become drunk reasonably fast.

Naruto swallowed a few more and started to smile unconditionally at Sasuke. He was starting to feel a little dizzy. He needed to get Sasuke to smile, not get himself drunk. Sasuke took a little sip, then made a disgusted face, and Naruto smiled again. Well, he was kind of smiling about everything at this point. The loud music in the bar was starting to get to Naruto's head and was pounding in his ears, his cheeks were flushed, and he was getting even dizzier. Sasuke could tell, that after only god knows how many drinks, he was now slightly drunken. People started gathering around Sasuke and bothering him to drink more, and started to buy him drinks.

"Let me get ya a drink, missus," they mumbled, assuming that Sasuke was a girl with his slightly long, dark hair and almost feminine features, and not to mention they were extremely intoxicated. He was exasperated with the entire situation. He glanced over at a drunken Naruto, who was being encouraged by several slutty girls to drink more, even though he was practically passing out on the counter. He was still smiling though. Sasuke dumped his shot into a nearby plant and started to walk away from all the men that were offering him drinks. Females were crawling all over Naruto, and Sasuke briefly wondered if attracting drunken men was better or worse. He was almost halfway out the door when he heard the heavy thump of the tall, muscular blond passing out and hitting the floor. The girls around him started to giggle.

To leave him there or not to leave him there was the tempting question that Sasuke had to face. No matter how much he wanted to leave him there, Sasuke would feel somewhat guilty, but not enough to really bother him. He shrugged the thought off and struggled to drag the dead weight over to the car, ignoring all the drunken men in the process. He also had to fight all the rabid girls to get Naruto away.

"Come...on…you…fat...piece of…crap..." He propped Naruto on his back and struggled to drag him to the Firebird. He grabbed the keys to the car from the pocket of Naruto's pants. Overgrown golden bangs hung over Sasuke's shoulders, which were grown out from pure laziness and the lack of a desire to spend money on a haircut, not style. From the dragging, Naruto's loose shoes fell off once or twice since his feet were scraping against the ground. Sasuke managed to finally get to their parking spot and tossed him into the car.

"Finally, lose some weight..." He murmured and started the engine. It was not a long way back to the dorms and he turned on the radio. Naruto began to snore quite loudly. He raised the volume of the radio to drown out the noise, but it was not working very well.

"Shut up, goddamn…" He turned the sharp corner to the entrance of the dorms and Naruto's head fell onto Sasuke's shoulder, and his snoring seemed even louder. Naruto mumbled some incoherent words and started to unconsciously drool into Sasuke's hair, so the Uchiha kicked him away. Now Sasuke was in grave need of a shower, and Naruto would not only wake up with a bad hangover, but a concussion as well. Naruto mistook Sasuke for a pillow and tried to give him a hug, so he had no choice but to restrain his arms, and it was not like he minded tying him up anyway. He dragged him up the stairs and to his dorm (since it was not that hard to find, because it was the only room with very orange and Naruto-like things in it) and literally threw him into the messy room, leaving Naruto knocked out on the floor with his arms tied behind his back.

"Sleep tight, dobe," Sasuke snickered, referring to the tight ties around Naruto's hands. He shut the door, locked it, and put a chair he took from Naruto's dorm under the knob to ensure that he would not have any early-morning visitors. Too bad Naruto was unconscious and could not see Sasuke's arrogant smile.

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