"Remember Dekar, if you so much as even think of escaping we will bind you with energy until your spirit is so broken and you have lost so much of your sanity that all we will have to do is point you towards Maxims house and you will destroy everything in site," said Gades in an overly calm voice. I knew he would give me a warning speech; it wasn't that which scared me, it was the tone. I was still thinking about escaping though; I knew there had to be a way to get out of killing the child. I couldn't tell Maxim or Selan, that was for sure, and I knew Guy would be watched along with them. My only hope was Tia, if I could somehow warn her without them knowing I would be fine. I continued to follow Gades through the seemingly endless castle. Finally Gades announced, "This is where you get off. Now remember, wait until our signal and then attack. Do you remember the signal?"

"Yes, of course," I said, wishing I could say 'How could I forget a feeling like a strong electric shock through my body' but I couldn't. I was getting out of the inability to move. I was happy enough with that. I told myself that it was justifiable. I knew deep down it wasn't, but I couldn't accept it. I felt myself me warped by Gades down to the land.

I looked around, I hadn't been her before. I assumed it wasn't Percelyte; there wasn't a castle in site. I walked over to a man standing near the entrance to the town.

"Where is this?" I asked.

"You're in Clamento. Are you from around this area?" he said politely.

"No, I'm from Bound Kingdom. Do you know the way to Percelyte?" I said, sounding quite obviously stressed. I assumed I was as far away as possible, that's just the kind of thing the Sinistrals would do. I knew this was wrong though, that would defeat the purpose of what I was sent to do. I was even kind of upset when the man told me it was just through the shrine. I thought about what I had to do, but waiting wasn't my forte. I didn't want to wait for a signal, I like impulsively acting. My thoughts turned to Tia once again, was she still alive? Did you think I was still alive? I wanted to go and see her so badly but I knew the Sinistrals would destroy me if I did. I went into the inn, looking behind my back wherever I went. If anyone recognized me I was stuffed. I looked around the inn and couldn't believe my eyes, sitting in the corner alone was Tia. She looked like she hadn't moved in weeks. Her eyes were bloodshot, and she looked as tired as anything, but she seemed at peace. She didn't even notice me walk in. I so desperately wanted to tell her the plan. I walked over to where she was sitting. "Wanna join me in killing Maxim's child," I said, straightforwardly. She looked up, and looked back down again. "What's in it for me?" she said solemly