The Muppet show and their Guest: Team Possible
Chapter 3
By Captainkodak1

Fozzie glanced over the script for the next skit when Kim walked by quickly with a scowl on her face. She was being followed by Ron with Rufus was perched on his shoulder. "Aww, come on, KP. I know it was just the stage, but it was still funny."

"Hummphhh" snorted Kim, as she stood with her arms crossed, turning her back to Ron. Ron came up behind Kim, and tried to put his hands on her shoulders. She shrugged off his touch. Ron pulled back for a second, then bowed his head and started to turn around. Kim turned her head around slightly, then spun around, grabbed Ron, and laid a big kiss on his lips. She pulled back and looked him in the eye as she giggled…then loudly said "Psyche."

There was then a blood-curdling scream from the rear of the stage as Gonzo came bursting through the curtains. "Success! Success! Everything is now ready for the skit."

Miss Piggy and Kermit came out of their dressing rooms. Piggy was wearing an outfit similar to Kim's mission wear, and Kermit was dressed like Ron. Kim giggled again and pointed across the stage. Gonzo was coming across the stage, wearing a blue lab coat. Gonzo turned around and yelled back behind the rear curtain.

"Ahhh c'mon, Rizzo, this could be your big scene."

The curtain shook a bit as Rizzo's voice came from behind the curtain. "No, I ain't coming out there. I can't show myself in public."

Ron turned to look at Rufus. "Hey little buddy, think you could talk to Rizzo?"

"Uh huh, uh huh." Rufus squeaked as he nodded. He jumped down and ran behind the curtain. He came back in a minute, and nodded. Rizzo came out wearing a miniature version of Ron's mission gear. He hopped in Kermit's backpack.

The KP music started, and the curtain pulled back. The stage had been set up to look like one of Drakken's labs. Lab equipment was stacked on tables, and Gonzo appeared to be working on some type of laser. Piggy and Kermit dropped in from an air vent and landed on the stage. They both went in opposite directions, and took places several feet from each other.

"Drop the laser, Drakken. Ron, you know what to do" Piggy called.

"Kim Possible, you think you're all that, but your NOT." Gonzo laughed. "'Course, the way the floor shook when you landed, you are being all that you can be."

"What?" shrieked Piggy.

"Oh, boy" Rizzo exclaimed, as he dove out of Kermit's backpack and ran for the back of the stage.

A green and black clad chicken popped up from behind a table. "Bruuuckk buc buc."

"Oh, gimme a break, a green and black chicken? What can she do, shoot lasers from her wings?"

"Camilla, I mean Shego, get them" Gonzo called.

Camilla raised a wing and green light flashed out and hit Piggy, knocking her back. Kermit screamed and ran behind one of the tables. "Gonzo, what are you doing?"

Piggy picked herself up off the floor, her hair smoking. "That did it.! HiiiiYaH!" Piggy jumped across the stage at Camilla. Camilla waited for Piggy to land, and then jumped right back at Piggy. "BRUUUUCKKK!" Soon the two were exchanging blows. Piggy took a swing at Camilla, who ducked and disappeared. Piggy looked around. "Come back and fight, you reject from Colonel Sanders."

Camilla jumped up from behind Piggy. "BUC BUC BUC BRAAAKKKK." The green and black clad chicken jumped up and butted Piggy from behind, sending Piggy crashing into one of the tables. Dust, powder, and books flew.

Kermit popped up from behind a table. Gonzo saw him, and fired the laser he had. The bottles and equipment on the table exploded into flames. Kermit dove back behind the table. "Gonzo! Be careful with that thing." Rizzo climbed up one of the beams of the stage lair, and started to work on a light fixture.

"MUhahahahaha!" Gonzo aimed again, and blew up another table.

Piggy jumped back on stage in front of Camilla, and delivered a kick sending the Shego wanna-be across the stage and through a door. The light fixture Rizzo was working on fell and landed on Gonzo, knocking him into a table full of chemicals bottles. The laser started to malfunction, spinning crazily, and shooting everywhere. Kermit was crawling along the floor, and then leaped on top of the bucking laser. "AIIIIIEEEEE!" He kept pressing buttons until the laser stopped shooting, and started to smoke. "Self destruct activated" a voice said.

"Oh-oh, Shego, time to leave" Gonzo yelled as he dove behind a stack of crates. Camilla appeared from the door and joined him. A hovercraft appeared, then flew off stage.

Piggy pulled out a grapple gun and pointed it into the rafters, then pulled the trigger. The grapple shot out, hit an I-beam, ricocheted off, and back toward Piggy. The rope snapped tight after it wrapped around her. Within seconds, she was standing there with the rope all wound around her. "Great. Kim makes it look so easy" Piggy griped. She looked around and noticed the self-destruct timer was counting down the final seconds. "Uhhh… see ya, wouldn't want to be ya." She turned and dove into the orchestra pit with a crash.

"Hey, don't leave me" yelled Kermit. He looked down and pressed a button on his belt. "I wonder what Ron meant by Blaster Briefs?" Kermit's pants started to rumble and smoke. "Wahhhhh" screamed Kermit, as the pants ignited. He flew off the stage and out over the audience, leaving his pants behind. Rizzo jumped down from the cables and ran off stage as the laser short-circuited, blowing sparks all over the stage.

Waldorf and Statler ducked as Kermit flew by, screaming. "What was that?" Statler asked. Waldorf scratched his head. "I think it was a UFF." Statler turned and looked at Waldorf. "A IFF… what is that?" They both ducked again as Kermit flew over their heads, crashing into the stage. "It was an Identified Flying Frog" Waldorf answered.

The curtain closed as the set started to collapse.

Fozzie picked up Kermit, whose clothes were still smoking. "Cue the next song."

Scooter popped from behind the curtain. "They can't go on. That last explosion took out the Ballerina Bears' costumes."

Ron nudged Kim. "Hey KP, why don't you hit the high note?"

Kim looked at him. "Ron, you know how I feel about that. I can't do that again." Ron gave her a little kiss and whispered "You are Kim Possible; anything is possible for a Possible." Kim took Ron's face in her hands. "I'll do it for a little Ronshine," she purred. Ron smiled. "Hey, I'm all about giving Ronshine to my bon-diggity babe."

Kim grabbed a mike and went out on stage. Rufus produced a tape and stuck it in a tape player. The music started to play, and a spotlight came down on Kim. Multi-colored lights lit up the rest of the stage. Kim began to move with the music as she began to sing.

I'm on it (echo)
I got it
I can do anything
Whacha need (echo)
Gotcha back (echo)
Just say the word I'm there

Kim turned and pointed out into the audience

Say the word…make a call and I'll be there
Anytime, anywhere have you heard? That I'm
All about saving your world. All you have to do is
Say the word
When you find your world is cavin' in
You can bet you gonna need a friend
Someone to take those fears away, away, away

Kim closed her eyes and pulled her head back as she raised an arm into the air. Then spun the face out into the theater.

Say the word, make a call and I'll be there.
Anytime anywhere have you heard? That I'm
All about saving your world. All you have to do is
Say the word

Kim finished the song with a whisper then bowed as the curtain came down for intermission.

"Kermit, if you don't get my snack up here on the double, there's gonna be trouble." Piggy yelled.

Ron walked up as Kermit rolled his eyes. They were standing back stage after the intermission as the Wayne and Wanda act prepared to dance on the stage. They watched as the ballerina bears finished their act even though their costumes were scorched.

Kermit turned to Ron. "Is Kim always bossy like Piggy?"

Ron just waved his hand at Kermit. "Dude, you have no idea how bossy she can be."

"What is it with women that they think they know everything that is best for you, or if they want something?" Kermit asked.

Ron shook his head. "Oh man, like, KP is 'Ron, you need to do this, or Ron, you need to do that.' I like to say 'KP, sometimes it's just time to marinate.' I mean, a guy can't work all the time, sometimes a guy needs to chill."

"KERMIT!" screamed Piggy.

"Rizzo, hurry!" Kermit yelled, as Rizzo and a group of rats carried a large platter of doughnuts, cakes and pies up to Piggy's room. "Hey, we're moving as fast as we can, but this thing isn't light!"

Ron watched as they struggled to get the large platter up the stairs to her room. "Dude, that's a snack?"

Kermit nodded. "Yep, you know, Piggy has a saying. 'Never eat anything you can't lift.' But do you have any idea what she can bench-press? Wow! Also, it's not all food. It's she wants this or she wants that. She demands the best parts, when she can't act her way out of a paper bag, too. Then, her singing… a sick alley cat can sound better."

Rizzo called down "She ain't in there, so we just set it all in her room."

Kermit shook his head. "Sometimes I feel like throwing her out the door."

"Kermit, it looks like it's gonna rain outside. You can't throw Piggy out the door" Ron shouted.

"Not without a forklift I can't" Kermit stated. "How about Kim? Doesn't she make you mad sometimes?"

"Oh, man" Ron said. "You think Piggy has a problem being BOSSY? Just try taking Kim shopping. She can take 2 hours just on one outfit. Then, it's like I take 10 minutes in SmartyMart, and she's going crazy. Then there are the times at cheer practice when she gets all high and mighty. I come up with some smooth Ron moves for the MadDog, and all of a sudden Miss HIGH and MIGHTY doesn't like it. Then she shows me what SHE wants me to do, and it's almost the same thing. ARRrrrrgh! Bonnie can be right sometimes, but Kim always does have to be Little Miss Perfect."

Fozzie was studying the script for the rest of the show as he walked by in front of Ron and Kermit. "Hi, Ron, hi, Kermit. OH, hey Kim, hey Piggy."

Ron and Kermit's eyes grew large as they stood up straight and swallowed. Slowly they turned around to see Kim and Piggy standing there. Both Kim and Piggy stared back at Ron and Kermit. Their faces were like stone and their eyes were full of fire.

"Oh hey there...Kim…nice to see you …hey" Ron stammered.

"Uh, hi, Piggy" Kermit said happily.

"Sick alley cat huh, not without a forklift, huh?" Piggy growled.

Kim looked Ron straight in the eye. "Bossy enough, huh? Little Miss Perfect?"

Wayne and Wanda danced across the stage when there was a scream. Ron tore across the stage with Kim in pursuit. "You come back here." she yelled.

"No Piggy… NOOOOOO!"


"Agggghhhhh!" Kermit went sailing across the stage to crash into the backdrop of Wayne and Wanda's set.

"Don't hurt me KP, I'm sorry!" Ron ran back across the stage past Piggy as she strode toward the hole in the backdrop she had made with Kermit. Kim met her halfway across. The two women glared at each other for a second.

"Men" growled Piggy.

"OH, YEAH!" answered Kim.

They each stepped to the side, and disappeared off stage in pursuit of Ron and Kermit.

Wayne and Wanda finished their dance, and bowed to the audience.


Ron and Kermit came flying in from both sides of the stage to collide over Wayne and Wanda, and then dropped down on top of them. Kim and Piggy walked in from opposite sides of the stage, dusting off their hands. They met in the middle of the stage, looking down at Kermit and Ron. Then they joined arms, and with a mutual flip of their long hair, they marched off the stage together.

Ron got up from the pile and ran after Kim. "Awww, Kim, I was just joking around with Kermit, you know, the male bonding thing."

Kim sat at the vanity mirror in her dressing room. She was not mad at Ron. She knew his mouth ran away with him sometimes, but she did want to have a little fun with him. She accepted his apology with the accompanying promise of dinner at her favorite restaurant. She checked her make up and hair. She had it up in a high ponytail, just as she had for the night at the prom. She and Ron were the last act of the show.

Kim stood and smoothed her dress out. The shimmery blue sleeveless dress clung to her slim figure. The charred hem still there, even months after the event. She kept it the way it was. It was something special to remember of that night. The small necklace adorned her neck as it had that special night. A slight knock at the door announced Ron's arrival.

"KP, you ready yet? Kermit says they are ready for us."

Kim turned the knob on the door and opened it. There stood Ron in that old style baby blue tux. His hair was sticking up in a few places, but that was her Ron. Her heart skipped a beat or two to see him standing there like that. Rufus stood on Ron's shoulder, holding a cardboard box. Kim took Ron's hand and pulled him into the room. She sighed as their foreheads touched. "Hmmmm, I am looking forward to this" she purred. "What's in the box?"

Ron gently took the box from Rufus.

"Well, you know KP, when we went to the prom last time, I didn't have time to get you a corsage. I mean, you were not my date…. I mean, at first, you were not my date. Then, when we did go, I didn't…"

Kim put a finger on his lips to silence his rambling. "It's so okay, Ron."

Ron held out to box to her. "Well, this time I did think of it and asked Kermit and Miss Piggy to help."

Kim's eyes danced as she opened the box. Inside was a corsage of small white and blue flowers with a sprinkle of baby's breath. Ron had given her flowers before, but this was something she would treasure. Her hands picked up the corsage out of the box. White satin ribbon held it all together. Ron's hand enveloped hers as he took if from her and proceeded to put it on her wrist. Kim shook her head and pulled it to her top. Small beads of sweat started to form on Ron face as his cheeks turned slightly red.

"KP? I can't…I mean …I might touch….. Mr. DrP will black hole me for sure."

Kim smiled wanly as she gently guided his hand to the thin strap of her dress. Ron could feel the softness of her skin as her fingers guided his to attach the corsage to her dress. After it was fastened, she gently pulled his hands to her chest and looked into his eyes. Turning their heads to each side, they shared a slow, warm kiss.

"Booyah" Kim whispered, as she pulled back from Ron.

Ron presented Kim his arm. She smiled as she slipped her arm into his and placed her hand on top. They walked out of the dressing room and came down the stairs to the stage. The stage area had been set up to look like a school gym decorated for a dance. Ron and Kim walked to the edge of the stage and waited. The curtain went up, and as music played in the background, Kim and Ron walked to the center of the stage. Ron presented his hand, and Kim took it. The music started. The two began to dance.

I know we've been friends forever,
But now I think I'm feeling something totally new,
And after all this time,
I've opened up my eyes,
Now I see,
You were always with me...

Kim moved her hands, placed her arms around Ron's neck, and nestled her head onto his shoulder. Ron gently slid his hands down her side to cup the small of her back. Kim sighed softly as the two continued to slowly dance to their special song.

Could it be you and I never imagined,
Could it be suddenly I'm falling for you,
Could it be you were right here beside me,
And I never knew,
Could it be that it's true that it's you,
That it's you...

It's kinda funny you were always dear,
But who would ever thought that we would end up here,
And every time I've needed you,
You've been there to pull me through,
Now it's clear,
I've been waiting for you..

Other Muppet couples dressed as if at a prom, joined Kim and Ron and started to dance. Piggy and Kermit watched the two teen heroes as they danced. Piggy slid her arm around Kermit as he glanced at her and smiled. Sweetum's reached over and grabbed a Kleenex to wipe his tears. Kim and Ron continued to dance as Kim lifted her head off Ron's shoulder and gazed into Ron's eyes.

Could it be you and I never imagined,
Could it be suddenly I'm falling for you,
Could it be you were right here beside me,
And I never knew,
Could it be that it's true that it's you,
Oh it's you..

Cause today is the start of the rest of our lives,
I can see it in your eyes...
Oh and it's clear, and it's true,
And it's just me and you,
Could it be that it's true,
That it's you...

The laser from the skit started to throw sparks again and fire. Laser blasts flew across the stage, blasting holes in the set and started fires. Muppet couples ran for cover as Gonzo ran for the laser and jumped on. It started to buck up and down as he rode it. "Yeeehhhaaahhh" he yelled. Kim and Ron touched foreheads as they continued to dance. ignoring what was going on.

Could it be you and I never imagined,
Could it be suddenly I'm falling for you,
Could it be you were right here beside me,
And I never knew,
Could it be that it's true that it's you,
Oh that it's you...

Could it be that it's true that it's you.

The music started to slow as Kim and Ron stopped. Kim leaned forward and captured Ron's lips. The two teens stood there in their kiss as the stage started to collapse around them. A box of fireworks ignited and started to send rockets and fireballs all over the stage and into the audience. The sparks and smoke enveloped the teen heroes as the stage completed its self destruction.

The smoke cleared as the audience crawled from under their seats. Kim and Ron were still locked in their kiss. Slowly, they broke apart and exhaled smoke. "Wow, there are still fireworks." Kim murmured. KAABOOMMM….the curtain came down as the laser blew up, throwing Gonzo into the box with Statler and Waldorf.

The stage lights came back on as Kermit came out. "I must say that we have had some interesting shows, but this one really ended with a bang. Let's thank our special guests, Team Possible." "Yaaaayyyyyyyy!" Kermit stepped back, applauding as Kim and Ron came out on stage wearing their Prom clothes.

Kim stood at Ron's side. "We want to thank you for letting us come on, Kermit. We really had a great time." Kim and Ron waved as they walked back off stage. Kermit turned back to the audience. "So that's it for the Muppet Show!"

Statler picked up his box of popcorn as he and Waldorf started to leave. A grapple flew in, and pulled the box out of his hand. On stage Rufus and Rizzo stood on stage, operating one of Kim's grapple guns. The two rats reeled in the box and started to eat. Rizzo looked over at Rufus as they stuffed themselves with popcorn. "Hey, that thing is pretty handy for snacks" Rizzo mumbled, his mouth full of popcorn. "Uh huh, uh huh" squeaked Rufus.


Well, folks, that's it for the Muppet show. I hope you enjoyed this one. For those of you who do not remember. Wayne and Wanda were a couple that always attempted to dance as a segment of the Muppet Show. However, something always happened and they never got to complete a dance.

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