If Only For One Knight

By: Sailorjj07

A/n: I've been reading a bunch of Soul Calibur fics and I've decided to write one of my own. It'll probably be a two chappy one-shot, so yeah...Not much, but lemme know what you think. Anywho, it's about Cassandra and Siegfried/Nightmare. Oh yeah, and it's sorta short! Lol, sorry, Chapter 2 will be LONNNNG,

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The forest was a calm place of tranquil beauty. Birds chirped, grasshoppers hopped, little baby bunnies discovered the world around them and everything was running its course. A rustling of feet and the crumpling up of a note destroyed this natural silence and then an angry, no; more like pissed off, cry rang out in the trees.

"Why in the UNDERWORLD can't he just stay in ONE FREAKIN' PLACE!"

The little bunnies fled at the loud noise and obvious danger to their lives. That loud, noticeably female and even more noticeably angry voice belonged none other to Cassandra Alexandra, the champion of Athens (next to her older sister, of course.) The twenty-one year old girl was in a state of utter anger and utter annoyance. She was SOO tired of chasing Seigfried all over the place. He would be just within her grasp and then POOF! He was gone. It annoyed her to no end and when she had received a note from him, saying that he had moved again, her annoyance merely mounted.

"Ugh, this is getting really annoying." The girl sighed again and ran a hand through her recently dyed hair. She had colored it maroon, hoping that would keep most of her enemies off her trail. She was participating in a game of grown-up hide and seek, but she wasn't going to play anymore. This last note had confirmed it, though it made her angry that she had to follow him to one more place. It just wasn't fair.

"Why am I always the one following him anyway? Like he can't get his high and mighty rear up and find me," Cassandra muttered under her breath, tossing the crumpled note into a pocket inside her newest green tunic. She adjusted her black skirt and then made sure her brown boots were on tight enough. If she was going to travel, she was going to make sure that her clothes didn't get messed up. She had to get rid of all her usual white; it drew entirely too much attention. The black and green was much better. Placing a cloak on her shoulders and then tying the string at the hood, Cassandra placed her shield on her back, and tucked her sword into its sheath at her side.

"You better be where you said you were..."


"Did she get the note?"

"You told me to give it to her, didn't you?"

Siegfried Schtauffen, the owner of the first voice, grunted in response to his only servant's attitudinal comeback. He turned his back to the younger man, crossing his arms and frowning.

"Ya know, Siegfried, the way you act towards her really surprises me." Siegfried's servant smirked at the annoyed look in his master's blue eyes.

"The girl is full of surprises. I'd thought by now you knew that."

"That isn't what I meant and you know it."

"Are you sure?" Siegfried met his servant's bored look, with one of his own before his servant burst into laughter.

"You're nervous, huh? Cass is making you nervous? Are you not ready to see her after all this time?"

"Shut your mouth and mind your own business." Siegfried was now thoroughly frustrated with his servant's lack of tact towards him. Cassandra was a touchy subject, but not in the way one would normally perceive. She was Siegfried's one and only weakness, as much as he had denied it before. Shortly after the disappearance of the Soul Edge, when Siegfried had been at his worse, Cassandra came into his life and rocked it so badly that he had been sure it had been an Armageddon...by the name of Cassandra Alexandra. Therefore, talking about her was done in the lowest of voices, in the secrecy of the only place they had called home for the past three weeks; the clock tower.

"You're nervous, but you won't be when she arrives...You'll forget about how long it's been, I bet."

The man once called Nightmare glared fiercely at the servant in front of him, before retorting, "What part of mind your own business-?"

"As family, that's what we do. We are in EACH OTHER'S business, big brother." Koen grinned at the look of understanding that crossed his adopted older brother's face as Siegfried assessed what he had told him and found himself ready to jump up in happiness. He enjoyed taking the messages from his brother to Cassandra and vice versa. The day he had met the girl, he had known why his brother had loved her. She was spunky and pleasant, but had an underlying toughness that would be hard for anyone to break. So now, for Siegfried and Cassandra to finally see each other after almost a year of her chasing them...It would indeed be a joyous day for them all the moment she arrived. Everything would be fine then, he hoped.

"Do you think she still-?"

"Would she have continued to chase us if she didn't?"

"You have a point."

"A very valid one, I bet."

"Koen, be quiet."

"Brother, I forgot to tell you-!"

"To tell me what?"

"There's...something...different about Cassandra, but I'll let you discover that on your own."

"Then why speak of it?"

"Sorry, I couldn't resist. I could tease you more-! HEY! BROTHER! PUT THAT THING DOWN!" Koen barely dodged the swipe at his head, made by Siegfried's zweihander, Requiem. Watching the fearful look cross the fifteen year old's face, Siegfried gave way to a small, amused chuckle. Koen laughed shortly after, happy that his brother was in a good mood today. Yes, Cass was a very wonderful girl.

With Cassandra

"This is the place...I think." Cassandra had unfolded her letter, looking up at the huge mountain in front of her. At the top was an old stone clock tower, and that, according to the note, was where Siegfried was hiding.

"Um, Miss? Can I help you?"

Cassandra spun on her heel, sword drawn and ready to defend herself if need be. She raised a hand to her back, taking a hold of her shield, "What?"

"Cassandra, please calm down." The person offering help stepped further into view and immediately Cassandra recognized him as the boy that had been delivering the messages between Cassandra and Siegfried.

"Hey! It's you! You're the boy, who-!"

"Yes, that's me. My name is Koen." Koen gave Cassandra a kind smile and she released her shield, and then placed her sword back in its proper place. "If you'll allow me, I'll show you the easiest way up this mountain. Then you will be able to see Siegfried."

Cassandra nodded receiving a chill just because she heard his name. The misty area had reminded her of the last time she had seen him and her body warmed slightly as a blush stained her cheeks. Shaking her head, she snapped herself out of her dreamy daze, realizing that Koen had already started walking. She ran to catch up, and followed behind him, up a steep path.

"So...how often do you walk this path?"

"At least twice a day. Siegfried sends me out to buy food and sometimes just so that I can have fun."

"Have fun? Siegfried?"

"You'd be surprised how much a man can change when he's punished himself long enough." Koen said softly, and continued to walk. Cassandra stared at his back for a moment, before shaking her head again and running to catch up.

"So you live here too?"

"Well, yes. I am his brother after all."

"You're his b-brother! No one ever told me he had a brother!"

"There is A LOT no one knows about my brother, Siegfried." Koen answered with a slight smile. But he knew very soon Cassandra would know all, and probably more, than he did, very soon. "Come, we have a ways to go."

"Okay." Cassandra looked above them at the top of the mountain, then sighed and began her onward climb toward the only man she loved...

End Chapter 1