The picture made her look fat. But they seemed happy anyway. Dante had one arm around her stomach and she was making faces into the camera while she kept her hand on her protruding stomach. That was around the time that she was 5 months pregnant but no less herself. There was a huge smile on Dante's face. A nice gummy-filled smile. How things changed so drastically, she thought.

She was standing beside one of the few roads in Zyetore just waiting for her pickup, while placing the picture back in her pocket. She was going to be heading to the military base. She had joined a year and a half before but was unable to go through basic training because of certain reasons. Mainly, the fact that she had gotten pregnant with Emilia. Her precious and beautiful baby girl. Just the thought made her cry. It made her insides writhe with pain and hopelessness. She took in a breath, trying to stop herself from going hysterical. She had done enough of that the last few weeks.

How could something so beautiful that had lasted for 3 and half years, end so tragically for them? It still bothered her, ate at her. It wasnt right. It wasnt fair. She had suffered enough through her life, why keep adding insult to injury? Her head hung low and she looked at the ground, kicking a rock that rolled forward. After everything her and Dante ahd planned for themselves for their daughter, it all ended so horribly.

Three and half years of happiness, sadness, arguments, fights, hugs, kisses, and love. They were the best years of her life. But all the years that included Dante, would be. From their friendship to their relationship there hadnt been a moment neither good nor bad that she would have changed for the world. They still did their own things. He had become a much stronger and well known demon hunter, and she had curbed her 'thieving' ways and thought seriously about what to do with her life. And while she made a decision she trained her body and mind like never before with her martial arts training. And at the same time Dante had been teaching her how to use the sword even better, as well.

At times she would hunt with him. And it always proved to be an learning lesson and one that she was glad to share with her first real love. A love that felt surreal and wondrous, and almost consuming. While most of the world viewed Dante just as some Demon Hunter, she saw him for so much more. She saw him as her everything. But above all else, a man with a heart that none could understand.

Everything in their relationship had been dealt with a lot of work but they persevered and made it through everything. And the day she found out she was going to have his baby, it was a bittersweet one for her. She was going to give him a child, and that could be seen as the ultimate act of love but at the same time it terrified her. She was going to be a mother, a young one at that. She was going to become the statistic she so much hated, but as the months passed and her stomach grew in size nothing mattered but the well being of the baby. Dante was happy and everytime he came near her he would ask her constantly if she needed something. It was sweet to see him in that way.

The months drew closer for her to give birth and she did. On September 15th, Emilia Marianne Sparda was born into the world after she went into labor for almost 40 hours. It was hard but she made it through and it had been worth it when she got to hold the child in her arms. And Dante was right next to her, that beautiful smile of his still planted on his face.

It was hard at first. She didnt know the first thing about tending to a child but as the weeks passed she got the hang of it, as Dante worked as hard as he could for their new family. Emilia, always had the most innocent smile on her face and it made her swell inside everytime she saw it. She was a beautiful baby. And the creature that she found loving the most. At times during the night, she would walk into her room to find Dante holding her, and telling her a story. It was the one sight that she cherished above everything else. But the happy times wouldn't last for long.

Emilia became sick. She was rushed to the hospital and the entire while the doctors didnt know what was going on. It was heartbreaking to see her daughter struggle to breath, while coughing constantly. How could a precious little angel have to deal with such hardships? She cried everynight and something in her told her, that even if she didnt see him cry, Dante did the same. Everything in their relationship became harder. With Dante slaying demons and constantly in the hospital, they hardly spoke like before.

The final blow came with one phonecall at 3:48 AM in the morning on March 17th. The call that ended everything. The pure dreams she had wanted for herself, for Emilia, and for Dante. The call that changed her life in a way she never imagined was possible. The day she had become a jaded woman tired of the sick games life played with her. Emilia Marianne Sparda died. Her spirit had left her body and now she was in heaven with both her grandmothers. The instant she heard the news she was screaming hysterically. So much that Dante woke up to hold her and they cried together the moment she told him the news. They mourned the death of a creature who was as pure as the snow and who deserved a life full of happiness, instead of getting an early death. Her world had been destroyed.

The next day they went to get her body from the hospital and 3 days later Emilia was buried. And everything between herself and Dante only seemed to get worse. She suffered a deep depression. She barely spoke to him, barely ate. She was always in their room looking at the pictures of them during her pregnancy. And staring into their daughter's face. Dante did everything he could but she just further pushed him away. And she knew that he himself was suffering more than he was letting on. His own personal hell, just as she had hers. Eventually, a few months later everything was cemented for good. Dante could no longer stay in that place, and neither could she.

Ultimately, they broke up. She understood him. How couldnt she? She was a constant reminder of the child they had both lost. He was young and so was she, and neither knew how to handle everything. So with tears in both their eyes they parted ways. Each telling the other that they would always love each other. And she knew it was true. They shared something that not everyone had a chance too. And even if they werent together that one fact would always unite them. And for her, Dante would forever remain her first love. No matter where she went, who she got with, who she married, no matter what, Dante would remain her first love and that was something that no one could change.

Beep-Beep. She shook her head and returned back to reality. She bent down, picked up her suitcases and headed for the car. Opening the side doors she threw it in there, then moved for the passanger side. She turned around to take a look at the downtown of Zyetore. Her eyes watering over some. "...I hope I see you again Dante...I hope you get everything you ever wanted..." She sighed and got inside, closing the door, and placed the seatbelt on herself. The car pulled away and she watched as everything sped past them. Her life would change forever after that moment. Drastic twists and turns would come to meet her. And eventually a life next to the man who would become the love of her life and give her a second chance at everything that had eluded her. The least likely of all creatures, the brother of her first love...Vergil Sparda.