Chapter 3

RJ shook his head, and looked up at the girl standing above him. She fired a thing of lead at him, and he rolled out of the way. He then got up and ran, with her in pursuit.

Mia reached into her pocket, and realized she was out of lead. No matter,
she thought. I can take them with my own bare hands!

RJ was hurt & tired, and began to slow down. The girl grabbed him, and th-
en picked him up. She then slimed angrily at him, and made another fist. She then swung her fist at his face, when a rock hit her hand hard, and she dropped RJ.
RJ saw Hammy had the slingshot, and started firing rocks at the girl. They were going to win.

Mia had had enough. It was time to end this now! She ran towards the sq-
uirrel, and dodged the rocks. She threw the slingshot away, and grabbed him.

Hammy was shaking as she picked him up, and shook him violently. He began crying, and she just laughed. He then had an idea. He burped into her face, and she dropped him. He ran away, and laughed at her.

RJ & his friends had managed to get together, and hid in a bush. Stella was still knocked out, and RJ & Hammy were hurt. The decided to end this, and make her learn a lesson she'll never forget!

Chapter 4

They looked out the bush, and saw the girl looking for them. RJ grabbed t-
he slingshot from the side of the bush, and picked up a medium-sized rock. Everyo-
ne pulled back as hard as they could on the slingshot, and then let go. The rock flew at Hammy-speed, and hit the girl in the side of the head. That was all it to-
ok to knock her out, and she fell to the ground.

RJ & his friends tied up the girl, and finally managed to wake up Stella.
They then woke up the girl, and had Stella let one out on her. The girl cried out,
as she tried to get loose. RJ then wrote down on paper in English: You have been taught a lesson. Do not ever hurt innocent animals again, because if you do, we'll find out. Because we see everything. So be nice.

RJ hung it in front of the girl, and as she read it, she struggled more and more. RJ used his golf club to tip her over onto one of their wagons, and they rolled her over to her house, andd left her in the front yard. They had won.


When Mia told everyone animals had beaten her up, they thought she had gone crazy, and put her in a temporary 2-day asylum. When she got back, she never hurt animals again.

The End.