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Chapter Two: The Antagonist...

"She's too young!"exclaimed Ringo Langly, his arms folded across his chest.

"She's fifteen, Richard! Get a pulse," replied his wife, Renee, glaring at him from across the kitchen. "It's not even a real date. He's just taking to Lance's party - at Jimmy and Yves's house!"

"I still don't like it."

Renee yawned. "To bad, darling."

"But, but," Langly stammered, looking for an excuse. "Your first boyfriend was a psychopath! What if this kid is too?"

"Apparently I married one as well."

"Exact- hey!"

Renee grinned, crossing the kitchen. She gave Langly a hug. "It had to happen sometime, Richard. They haven't been children for a few years now."

Langly sighed as he ran a hand through Renee's hair. "I just didn't think they'd grow up so fast."

Rowan rolled her eyes as she went back upstairs after listening to her parents' conversation. In all honesty, she couldn't see what her dad was so freaked out about. She'd been friends with Dirk for years. It wasn't like Langly didn't know him.


"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"The Gunmen have been screwing us over for too long! It's time we eliminate the threat. They won't fail to uncover us again. Besides, the plan is already in motion. My son, Dirk, has a little crush on Langly's daughter. We can use that to our advantage."

John Byers stretched contentedly in his chair as he reread his article for this week's Lone Gunmen. Over the past few years, the LGM had been deemed fairly credible, as opposed to "wild-eyed crap". Sales were up and people were finally listening.

Buyers emailed the guys to make sure that they were still meeting tomorrow, and then switched off his computer. At that moment, his daughter, Brianne came bounding into the room. "Hey, I can still go to Lance's party, right?"

"Everyone else going to be there?"

"As if I could ever get rid of them," Brianne joked. Byers smiled, and said that she could go.. "When's Mom going to be home?"

"As soon as she gets back from her new job interview." Susanne Byers was interviewing for a job in the DOD; her name had finally been cleared after all these years. How coincidental...