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Kankuro stood with a few other boys laughing and joking in their strict looking uniforms. It didn't seem right.

"Oi! Get to class!" a teacher yelled. Kankuro gave a smirk, his face paint emphasizing it.

"Ja na." Uchiha Itachi raised a hand to wave good-bye as he walked to class. The rest followed suit.

"School sucks." Kankuro muttered, his sharp eyes looking for his class. He strode into class confident he beat the teacher there. The boys were still chattering excitedly about the approaching break.

"Kankuro-san, where will you be going?" the boy's name escaped Kankuro as he sat down.

"Home. My mom is still upset about the divorce."

"Ah." The boy backed away as he said it, he returned to speaking with his other classmates.

" 'Kuro-kun!" A jovial voice called, slamming his hands on Kankuro's desk. He twitched.

"Ukon-baka, don't call me that."

"Aw! 'Kuro-kun!" The gray-haired boy teased.

"Knock it off."

"Don't you love me anymore?" Ukon continued.


"So mean!" he said and sat on Kankuro's desk. Kankuro glared and started pushing him off. Ukon hopped off his desk once he saw Sakon. He then preceded to glomp his twin. Completely used to his brother's antics he went to sit next to Kankuro. Ukon sat behind him.

"How do you put up with him?" Kankuro said shaking his head.

"After sixteen years, you get used to it. Or you die." Sakon said with an incredibly serious face. Kankuro gave a dry laugh.

"So, when does your brother start at our wonderful all boys' school?" Ukon asked.

"The new semester, he recently found out about the Home-ec, classes." Kankuro answered with a grin.

"Gaara-kun's new hobby?" Sakon inquired. Kankuro nodded.

"Aaaawwww! He likes to cook?" Ukon squealed.

"Don't get any ideas! Yeah, and he's really good too." He replied with a sigh. Ukon gave another delighted squeal.

"Ukon-baka, don't." Kankuro said forebodingly. The twins subconsciously receded.

"He won't Kankuro-kun, I'll make sure." Sakon recovered.

"Good. What are you guys doing for the break?"

"We're staying here, unfortunately." Ukon said with a frown.

"Oh, that sucks."

"It's not so bad, there are only a few people here so it's almost like we rule the school. Almost." Ukon reported happily as he distracted himself with a pencil. Kankuro gave him an odd look but he ignored it.

"Kankuro-kun how's Temari-chan?" Sakon asked.

"She was pretty good last time we talked, she misses Gaara-chan a lot. And mom of course. Other then that she seemed okay."

"That's good- Ukon! Don't poke yourself!"

"Ouch!" the entire class turned to look at Ukon. Kankuro once again shook his head as Sakon got up and tried to comfort his brother, he handed the opposing object to Kankuro. The looks dissipated as Ukon calmed down.

"I don't know how you do it. I honestly don't know." Kankuro said exasperatedly. Sakon shot him a fierce glare as he sat back down.

"Can I have my pencil 'Kuro-kun?" Ukon asked.

"Stop calling me that." He said as he handed the pencil back. Ukon gladly took it back.

"Don't poke yourself this time." Sakon warned. Footsteps slowly clacked against the tiled floor and their classroom door opened.

"Yo." Came the deep voice of their sensei. "Sorry I'm late, I got lost on the road of life, now open to-" The bell rang dismissing the students. The gray-haired man smiled, "never mind then." The students walked out to their next assigned locations.

"Say hi to Itachi-kun okay? Ja na!" Ukon yelled. Sakon gave a somber nod to Kankuro as they dispersed. Kankuro made his way to the large cafeteria, using his bulk to push past crowds.

An enlivened hand waved to Kankuro.

"Saved you a spot!" Kiba called. The teenager was two years younger than Kankuro, but he still considered Kiba a close friend.

"It sucks to have the last lunch," Kiba commented, "The best food is gone."

"The food is crap, private school or not, so it really doesn't matter." Kankuro said sardonically.

"No need to get mean about it," Kiba sulked, "Anone Itachi-kun! Over here!" The petite senior made his way to them.

"Sakon-kun and Ukon-kun say hi." Kankuro notified him.

"Sakon-kun?" Itachi asked incredulously.

"Okay, just Ukon-kun, but you know Sakon-kun means it."

"Oh, Sasori-sensai says hi as well." Itachi said with a sly smile.

"…Great…he's the teacher who said I was cute…" Kankuro said hesitantly.

"You'll have him next year, good luck." Itachi chuckled.

"Har-har." Kankuro said dryly, as the line moved.

"I'm so hungry! I hate having lunch last!" Kiba whined. Kankuro nodded in agreement.

"At least today is almost over, just three more classes." Itachi reassured. The line continued to move and the company of three managed to get their food. Next came the daunting task of finding a seat. Doing a quick survey, Kiba found a spot near the back.

"How about over there?" Kiba asked. The other two shrugged and followed him to the appointed table.


"What are you guys doing over the break?" Kiba asked as they started eating.

"Staying, someone has to keep an eye on Ukon-kun and Sakon-kun." Itachi said simply.

"I'm heading back home, I haven't seen mom or Gaara-chan in while. What about you?"

"I'm heading home as well, though I see my mom every weekend. I can't wait to get out of school though." Kiba replied. The older boys agreed.

"Go-chisou sama deshita!"

Ja na: Is just saying "see ya" though it is for guys (Ja ne is for girls I believe)
Zakkenayo: fuck off.
Anone: Used to get someone's attention, like "Say! Listen!"
Itadakimasu: Said before eating.
Go-chisou sama deshita: Said after eating.

I could be wrong, so correct me. Future chapters will be longer I hope. Oh and the thing about Gaara cooking, well when I look at him I picture him being able to cook. I just do and since I am the writer I can do whatever I want.