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"Kaze Gaara, Aburame Shino, I would like to speak with both after class." The math instructor said. Fellow students snickered as they left for their dormitories.

"Gaara-san, your grades are slipping, it might be because you came in from a public school." Iruka-sensei said.

"Just say because I'm from Sunaga." Gaara said mordantly.

"I want, you, Shino-san, to help him." Iruka said, trying to avoid an uncomfortable situation.

The silent boy nodded and then adjusted his sunglasses. Iruka turned to Gaara.

"Is that all right?" he asked the redhead.

"Yes, it's fine."

"Dismissed." Iruka-sensei said and let them leave.

"So, who's dorm do we study in?" Gaara asked. The other teen shrugged.

"Would yours be okay?"

"I suppose." Shino said.

"All right. Would tomorrow be good?" The redhead asked. Shino nodded.

"Okay then, I'll see you tomorrow." Gaara said and turned left to get to his dorm room. He knocked on the door and Kankuro let him in.

"Hello honey how was your day?" Ukon teased. Gaara gave an amused smirk and sat on his bed. Kankuro plopped down next to him because Sakon and Ukon were sitting on his. They always seemed to be over.

"Iruka-sensei said my math is slipping so he got Shino-san to teach me."

"Isn't that Kiba-kun's roommate?" Ukon asked.

"That guy with the sunglasses and bugs? Yeah that's Kiba-kun's roommate." Sakon said.

"When?" Kankuro asked.

"I go to study in his dorm tomorrow." He answered.

"Have fun with that." Kankuro said. Sakon and Ukon left to eat dinner at around five. The Kazes just had some instant ramen.

The redhead had his math books in hand as he followed Shino to his dorm. The dark-haired boy was so silent on the way; Gaara wondered how Kiba could stand it. Shino's dorm was on the third floor, number 256. Once the duo reached the correct floor there was a loud crash. Gaara watched Shino massage his temples.

"Akamaru!" They heard Kiba yell as a puppy ran into view. Shino caught him swiftly, tucking the struggling dog under his arm. Kiba grinned sheepishly once he spotted the Aburame.

"Inuzuka! Keep your dog under control." He demanded as he handed the white puppy to Kiba. The brunette rolled his eyes.

"Hey Gaara-kun!" Kiba greeted and they walked to the dorm. Kiba shut the door and put Akamaru down. Gaara looked around at the room, he could pick out the difference immediately. Kiba's side was a horrible mess, with the bed unmade and trash everywhere. The walls were covered in posters. Shino's side was incredibly clean and plain. He did have several tanks filled with bugs though. Gaara eyed them nervously.

"Are those, um, poisonous?" The redhead asked as he set his books on the desk.

"No," Shino said and Gaara sighed with relief. "The poisonous ones are at home, with my father." Gaara twitched. Shino set his stuff down as well.

"Shall we get started?" he asked.

Kankuro's Dorm


"Gaara's birthday is coming up. I want to plan the party." Kankuro said leaning against the small counter provided by the school. Sakon and Ukon nodded dutifully from the bed.

"Who's coming?" Ukon asked.

"You guys, Kiba-kun, Itachi-kun, Sasuke-kun, maybe Shino-kun if they hit it off. Does Gaara know anyone else?" Kankuro asked.

"Not that I know of." Sakon said.

"Oh! What kind of cake?" Ukon asked.

"Yellow. With vanilla icing." Kankuro said.

"Gaara likes plain cake?" Ukon half-whined.

"Yes! If you want something else, bring it yourself." Kankuro replied.

"Let's go to the mall for decorations! And gifts!" the more energetic twin cheered.

"Gaa-chan has to get a new jacket anyway." Kankuro said.

"Are we throwing it here?" Sakon asked. The brunette nodded.

"We need ice cream!" Ukon cried out.

"All right. Can you guys hold all that stuff, I want it to be a surprise."

"We'll get it, don't worry." Sakon said.

"What games?" Ukon asked. Kankuro realized he hadn't thought of everything yet. Good thing he had a week to plan the party.

"A piñata would be too messy, and is kind of childish." Kankuro was thinking out loud.

"Pin the tail on the donkey!"

"That's even worse Ukon-kun." Kankuro said and eyed his gray-haired friend.


"We can't get that…" Sakon said.

"Apples to Apples!"

"Yes!" Sakon agreed, "We'll bring it over."

"Apples to Apples?" Kankuro asked. Sakon and Ukon gasped.

"You've never heard of Apples to Apples?" Ukon asked.

"No. What is it?"

"Only the best game in the world! We'll bring it and teach you all how to play." Ukon said excitedly.

"Okay, what else?" Kankuro asked.

"How will we set up?" Sakon asked.

"We'll have to ask Shino-kun to tutor him that day."

"We'll get Kiba to ask. I don't have any classes with Shino-kun." Sakon stated.

"Sounds good." Kankuro said. It was getting late. "Are you hungry?"

"A little, but we can eat at home." Sakon said.

"No, it's fine, you guys can eat here. Although we only have some instant ramen." Kankuro said as he rummaged around for food.

"Thank you!" Ukon yelled as he got up and glomped the brunette. He nestled his face on Kankuro back.

"Ukon-kun, get off." The teenager demanded. Sakon remembered Gaara's feelings and decided to plant some ideas. It was technique that worked fairly well. Get someone use to the idea, to the point that they support it, and see where it goes.

"It's good that you're not cheating on Gaara-kun." Sakon said offhandedly. Ukon let go and gave his twin a questioning look.

"Don't start that again." Kankuro groaned.

"Don't start what? You're the one who is in love with Gaara-kun." Ukon said, still confused but hiding it.

"I'm not in love with him! He's my brother!" Kankuro said as he prepared the ramen.

"You've never thought about ravishing him?" Sakon asked standing across from the brunette now.


Ukon stood behind him and slipped his hands into the taller boy's shirt, he then started rubbing Kankuro's stomach.

"You've never touched him?" Ukon asked seductively in his ear.

"NO! Get off! I'm not gay!" Kankuro shouted. Ukon let go and walked over to his brother.

"So, if you were gay, you would do your brother?"


"Is it wrong to love siblings that way?" Sakon asked.

"No-yea, fuck! I don't know!"

"I think pleasure is pleasure doesn't matter who." Ukon said.

"I'm straight, completely straight. No two ways about it." Kankuro said.

"I doubt it." Sakon said. Kankuro glared. He handed the twins their ramen and they ate.

"Well, we better get back." Ukon said sadly. Kankuro walked them to the door. Ukon left first and Sakon leaned in next to Kankuro's ear.

"Don't push Gaara too hard, he is small." He whispered. Sakon even winked as he left. Kankuro snorted.

"Perverts." He said to himself. Kankuro glanced at the clock Gaara would be home soon. The brunette cleaned up and got himself ready for bed.
Gaara crept in silently and prepared to go to bed once he got to the dorm. He watched his brother's sleeping form in the dark. Gaara then climbed into his own bed and did his best to go to sleep.

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