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Summary: Sasuke is the school heartthrob and beats people up when they get in his way along with his group, Naruto, Neji, Shikamaru, and Kiba. That is until Sakura comes along. When Sasuke meets Sakura things happen and change. Sakura hates him, which is a first for the Uchiha, and he feels intrigued by this girl.

All of them are juniors, Hinata is new and Sakura has been going to the school for two weeks.

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"Were you at the party on Friday night last week? Anyone who was anybody was there. It was awesome!"

"Sasuke had a party at his mansion the other night, it rocked, the lights and the Jacuzzi were awesome. And the DJ wasn't only hott, he played all the coolest songs ever!"

"It was like homecoming except way better!"

"I don't know anyone in this school who didn't go,"

"Sasuke was hott that night! Of course he's hott every moment in life!"

"I was able to wear my Gucci bag and Dior wristwatch that night!"

"Do you like these pants I got at Bebe?"

"Not as good as my Louis Vuitton bag."

Sakura rolled her eyes at the girls as they walked past her. The only thing she kept hearing was Sasuke's party and expensive brand stores, all which were very boring in Sakura's eyes.

She was basically the only one in the whole school who didn't attend his party. I mean, honestly, she didn't want to spend that Friday night doing nothing but sitting around and watching people dance and make out with no one to talk with.

Ever since she started going to Konoha high school things had been different for her. She was just a mere commoner in a place where only the rich went. It was difficult for her to go from a normal public school to a wealthy private school.

'What's up with these people? All they think about is themselves and they always carry Chanel or Louis Vuitton with them. Having a limo to arrive at school, and having the latest fashions,' thought Sakura as she reached her locker. She twirled her lock and put in her combination.


The lock came undone and Sakura yanked open her locker. Inside were her things, all organized neatly. She gave a sigh and took out her notebook from the top shelf of the locker.

As she turned she saw two girls pass her, giggling about their limited edition watches. Sakura gave a groan.

'Just wait one more year; you'll be out soon, your still in the middle of your junior year. Being a senior isn't far away.' Thought Sakura as she leaned her back against her locker and closed her eyes. 'Yeah, you're doing this for a good education,'

"Oh my gosh! He has a green tag!" shouted a girl out of nowhere. Sakura's eyes snapped open.

'Great, another one,' she thought as she looked for the person who held the green tag.

There he was, the boy looked terrified, probably only a freshman, his eyes were bulging and he looked scared out of his senses. The people around him grabbed him by the arms and dragged him outside to the front of the school. That was where Sasuke stood, tall and calm, his eyes emotionless as the kids brought the boy to Sasuke.

The two who were dragging him threw him to the ground in front of Sasuke. The boy looked up and watched as Sasuke just stood, hands in his pockets, and watched the boy.

There was a dead silence throughout the students as no one dared make a sound and annoy the Uchiha. Sakura glared at him, it was because of him that life was hard for all these innocent people. Then Sasuke stepped forward so that he came closer to the freshman and sneered.

With a swift movement of his arm his fist came in contact with the boys face making him fall to the ground. Sasuke then walked over to where the boy lay and kicked him in the stomach. Clapping and shouting were being heard now that was all on Sasuke's side. Sakura shook her head.

'How could they do that to an innocent first year? It's so unfair! And how can those people cheer Sasuke on? I hate people like that! I hate him!' Sakura groaned. She wished she could just knock some sense into the group of five and the whole school even and make them stop beating innocent ones up.

Sasuke picked the boy up by his collar and pushed him against a tree, and then he gave him a punch right across his face, that would definitely leave a mark. He threw the boy on the ground and kicked him in the side making the boy yelp in pain. Sasuke stepped over him to get back to the group of boys that were standing and watching.

The boy was curled up lying on the ground not moving due to the amount of pain that was coursing through his body just about then.

"It's getting boring," said Sasuke as he reached his friends, "just leave him for everyone else to get."

With that the four men just nodded in response and followed as Sasuke lead the way. The boy was still cowering on the floor and everybody shot glares at him. Sakura was curious what he did to make the five boys mad.

She glared at Sasuke Uchiha as he passed her. No one deserved to be treated like that! Sasuke looked in her direction and caught her death glare. His eyebrows raised then he grinned and walked right past her without a word.

For some weird reason, Sakura's heart skipped a beat when the Uchiha looked at her. Sakura shook her head and grimaced. What was wrong with her? There was no way she would actually like the school heartthrob and become one of his mindless annoying fan girls.

A hand touched Sakura's shoulder making her jump. She spun around to face who it was that was trying to get her attention.

"Umm, w-would you m-mind telling me w-w-what just happened here?" came a small voice from a girl. Sakura cocked her head to the side then smiled at the shy girl.

She had shoulder length purple hair and unusual white eyes. Kind of like the eyes of Neji, were they related or something?

"You must be new, aren't you?" asked Sakura in a polite voice. Anyone who didn't know what was happening was obviously a newcomer. The girl nodded her head silently and looked at her feet.

"I-I'm living with m-my co-cousin since my pa-parents d-d-died." Replied the girl as she suddenly found her hands interesting. Tears threatened to fall but she kept them from falling and swallowed the huge lump in her throat.

"Oh! I'm sorry, yeah, I know what it's like, my parents died too." Said Sakura in a sad tone. Tears stung her eyes but Sakura shook her head and gave a small smile. "Tough isn't it." The girl just nodded her head.

"I'm Sakura Haruno, I just came here from a public school a couple weeks ago." Sakura stuck out her hand for the girl to take. She looked at the hand hesitantly then reached for it.

"Hi-Hinata Hyuuga." Replied the girl timidly. Sakura gave her a small smile then let go of her hand.

'So she is related to Neji,' thought Sakura. She tucked her bubble gum pink hair behind her ear and grinned.

"Well, the five you saw just now, they don't really have a name. People just call the group of five or something like that. It consists of five of the wealthiest people here. Nara Shikamaru, Inuzuka Kiba, Hyuuga Neji, Uzumaki Naruto, and Uchiha Sasuke.

"If you get in their way, they give you something called a green tag, then everyone hates you just because you got one. And on top of that you get a beating from the group, or if you're lucky, just Uchiha or Neji. It's the dumbest thing ever! Though I'm probably the only one in this whole school who thinks that." Said Sakura. She looked at the girl with shoulder length purple hair and white eyes.

Hinata looked at the floor, "H-Hyuuga N-Neji?" she asked in a quiet voice. Sakura nodded her head.

"Are you his sister or something? Because you both have the same eyes," said Sakura cocking her head.

"N-No, h-he is my co-co-cousin." Said Hinata, "H-He never d-did seem like the k-k-kind of p-person who would do s-something l-like that." Sakura raised her eyebrows.

"Really?" asked Sakura. Hinata just nodded her head then gasped in horror.

"W-What are they d-doing to that b-boy?" asked Hinata. Sakura turned just in time to see a man punch the boy from earlier across the face, and to see people throwing garbage at the boy. Girls were giggling at the site and just watched the scene unfold in front of them.

"Oh, Hinata. When you get a green tag, the whole school hates you and starts to try and hurt you. They team up against you and make high school a living hell." Said Sakura with a worried glance toward the poor freshman. "Everyone who has received a green tag has always dropped out. It's sad really."

Hinata looked shocked. Her cousin does that? She couldn't believe it. "W-What about the t-teachers? D-Don't they d-do anything about t-this?"

Sakura solemnly shook her head. "Each of their families is so rich they practically run the school. Teachers don't do anything because Kiba's family actually owns the school and he could have all the teachers fired in an instant."

Hinata looked thoughtful, she was contemplating everything she had just heard from Sakura and was frowning. She didn't like that Neji was doing this without the knowledge of anyone back at the house.

People continued to jeer the boy until the bell rang for first period and everyone headed their own way.

"What's your first class?" asked Sakura. Hinata took out a sheet of paper from her backpack and looked at it.

"W-Well, homeroom in r-room 607 w-with Hatake K-Ka-Kakashi. Then Unified A-Arts in 411." Replied Hinata quietly. (Room numbers go by floors like on the first floor all the room numbers are 101-120 and then on the second floor it's 201-220, and on the third floor it 301-320 and so on and so forth)

"Great! You have English with me Hinata!" exclaimed Sakura, grinning madly. Hinata brightened up. At least she would know someone on her first day instead of not having anyone to talk to. She was glad she met Sakura; she seemed like a nice girl.

"You want to eat lunch with me today? I'll introduce you to my other friends I just met a couple weeks ago." Said Sakura hopeful. Hinata smiled.

"T-That sounds g-great S-Sakura-Chan!" said Hinata brightly. Sakura grinned then walked to homeroom with Hinata.


The boy with black spiky hair leaned against the wall with eyes closed.

The one with brown hair just groaned and patted his dog on the head.

The blonde one was sitting on the floor smirking at an emotionless boy leaning on the wall across from him.

"Remember Friday? I didn't see you Neji, where were you during Sasuke's party?" asked Kiba just to talk about something.

"Huh? Oh, right. Um, I was, uh, in the, um-" Neji got cut off by Naruto.

"We know you were in the extra bedroom, no need to say more." Stated Naruto. Neji glared at Naruto.

"What about you Uchiha? I didn't see you around." Shot Neji. Sasuke opened his eyes and smirked.

"Hn. That's none of your business." He said.

"You didn't see him because you were busy in the extra room." Said Naruto. Neji gave Naruto a death glare then Shikamaru spoke up.

"If you saw him, Sasuke was on the couch making out with at least twenty different girls." He stated calmly.

"How many did you kiss Sasuke?" asked Kiba.

"I don't know, I lost count after eighteen." He stated closing his eyes again.

"Gee, and I thought you were emotionless and didn't open up to anyone." Said Naruto.

"I never talked to them," said Sasuke folding his arms. Neji just raised his eyebrows.

"So you kiss them and just leave?" asked Neji. Sasuke just shrugged and closed his eyes.

"One day if you do that to a girl you're in for it." said Neji. Sasuke gave him a questioning look.

"All girls love me, none of the girls have ever defied me before." said Sasuke grinning.

"Better watch out Sasuke. One day you'll meet a girl that defies you. Better watch out for karma too." Sasuke snorted.

"I don't believe in karma." Sasuke responded, "By the way, I gave another guy a green tag."

"Really who?" asked Naruto grinning.

"Some Lee guy. You know, the big eyebrows and funny haircut guy?" said Sasuke putting his hands in his pockets.

"Why?" asked Shikamaru.

"Because he was insulting me and being very obnoxious," said Sasuke with a scowl.

Kiba's dog barked and wagged his tail. "Akamaru thinks someone is coming." Said Kiba.

"Probably just the school janitor." Said Naruto. Boy was he wrong.

"What do you boys think you are doing? I thought I would find you here!" exclaimed the blonde woman in the doorway to the roof.

"Troublesome." Muttered Shikamaru.

"Uh, Tsunade-sensei! What's wrong with hanging out up here? I don't remember any rules." Said Kiba grinning.

"Oh, nothing is wrong, other then the fact that school started eight minutes ago!" said Tsunade, glaring at the boy and his dog, "Honestly, I don't care if you own this school Kiba, there are still rules here you must follow!"

Kiba shrugged and Naruto groaned.

"Sorry, we didn't know the bell rang." Said Neji slowly heading in the direction of the door to inside the building. Tsunade doubted that though since it had been a long time since the first bell rang.

"I'll let you off this time, but next time you might not be so lucky." Said Tsunade letting each boy pass through the door before going through herself.

"I swear Tsunade and Kakashi are the only ones who don't care that I own the school." Said Kiba once Tsunade was out of earshot.


"Who cares anyways? It's not like they ever even do anything except give us warnings." Said Naruto. He was pulling on the blue tie that was a little too tight for his liking.

"Naruto's right." Said Neji looking at the ceiling.

"Hn, I'm going to give Lee the green tag during lunch." Said Sasuke suddenly.

"What kinds of things did he specifically do?" asked Kiba with raised eyebrows.

"He said that we were all stuck up bastards yesterday and he almost ran into my brand new car this morning." Said Sasuke with a frown.

"How do you know it was the same guy?" asked Neji.

"He honked at me after he almost hit me then stuck his head out the window shouting names and grinning." Said Sasuke.

"Man, we should have done him this morning instead of that freshman." Said Naruto. Sasuke just looked straight ahead not blinking.

"I saw him at his locker after we beat up that freshman, so I know where his locker is." Said Sasuke as he reached Kakashi's English class.

"See ya Kiba, Shikamaru." Said Neji. Naruto just waved. Sasuke didn't do anything, just waited for Naruto to open the door.

"Boys, you're late… again." That was the first thing that came out of Hatake Kakashi's mouth when they stepped in.

"Gomen Sensei!" exclaimed Naruto rushing to his seat.

"We took the long way." Said Neji as he walked past the teacher.

"Again?" said Kakashi, he shook his head and looked at the Uchiha. Sasuke just walked past without a word and silently took a seat next to Naruto. Kakashi sighed and looked at the boys.

"We're doing a worksheet." Stated Kakashi as he stood up and gave each boy a worksheet.


"Sasuke, could you bring this down to room 110?" asked Kakashi pulling out the movie everyone watched the past Friday.


"Great!" said Kakashi, Sasuke groaned then stood up and walked over to the teacher's desk.

"Haruno!" exclaimed the teacher.

"Yes sensei?" came a quiet voice from the back.

"Go with him. I don't want him wandering off… again." Said Kakashi. Sakura was shocked for a second then shook her head.

"Why me?" she asked.

"Because, you and Sasuke are the only ones who already finished the worksheet. I'm giving you two something to do instead of sit around and watch others work." Said Kakashi.

It was true. Sasuke was amazingly fast and finished his worksheet in no more then five minutes. It was just a coincidence that Sakura happened to finish her worksheet right after he finished his.


"No buts, just go Haruno, it should only take you at least twenty minutes since the elevators not working."

"Uh, so we have to use the stairs all the way to the bottom floor?" asked Sakura. Kakashi nodded and smirked, "But we're on the sixth floor!"

"Oh come on. You do this every day. Walking from class to class." Said Kakashi. Sakura groaned and glared at the teacher who pulled out a book and started to read.

'Ugh, I'm stuck with the quiet Uchiha until we get back to class! This is torture. Okay, it's only a small amount of time compared to your whole life, deal.' Thought Sakura sighing. Sakura looked at the teacher and noticed he was reading Icha Icha Paradise. She shuddered then looked at the Uchiha who was as emotionless as ever.

'So, it's the girl that was sending me death glares earlier. I wonder why I haven't noticed her before. Especially with that pink hair.' Thought Sasuke.

Kakashi looked up from his book only to see that the two were still standing there unmoving. He raised his eyebrows the let out an exasperated sigh.

"What are you waiting for? You're losing precious walking time," said Kakashi looking at his watch. Sasuke grabbed the video and headed out with a hesitant Sakura behind him.

She could feel all the glares she was earning as she went outside. All from Sasuke's fan girls. She sighed in relief when she closed the door and followed Sasuke to the end of the hallway where the stairs were.

It was quiet the whole time as they walked. Sakura behind Sasuke, she felt like she was his follower or something.

"You're different." Said Sasuke suddenly as they got down to the fourth floor.

"Huh?" asked Sakura cocking her head.

"Usually a girl would be clinging to my arm and hugging me if she got to do something like this with me." Stated Sasuke not looking back.

"I see." Said Sakura, "You must love the attention," muttered Sakura glaring at his back.

"Actually, I don't. Their annoying." Said Sasuke shrugging his shoulders.

"Sorry, can't help you." Said Sakura feeling no remorse toward him whatsoever. This time Sasuke stopped and waited for Sakura to catch up with him. He looked at her when she was next to him and smirked.

"Why are you not like the others?" asked Sasuke.

"Because, you always seem like you act like you're better then everyone else since your richer. You have everything and yet it seems like you only think of yourself and your friends. You beat people up and it's not cool, in fact, I think it's totally wrong.

"You're too cold hearted and you show no emotion whatsoever. I don't know why fan girls like you, just because of your looks? Is that it? Because it seems like that's all you've got. You have no heart and you seem so uncaring." Said Sakura not looking at the Uchiha's reaction.

Sasuke just smirked. No one except his guy friends had ever told him that. This girl would be the first girl who ever thought so low of him.

"Hn. Well, you think very highly of me." Stated Sasuke sarcastically but still with a serious face. He looked straight ahead not even looking at Sakura anymore.

"People don't deserve to be beaten and hurt so far that they drop out. No matter what they do! You know you could ruin the rest of their lives. Being a drop out means no college, no good job. Nothing!" said Sakura glaring at the Uchiha.

"Not my problem." He stated. Sakura was fuming at him. How could he be so uncaring?

"What's your name?" asked Sasuke finally looking at her.

"Haruno Sakura." She stated.

"Sakura." He muttered to himself then said more loudly, "How come I haven't noticed you before?" This girl was different then any girl he had seen before.

"I just moved here a couple of weeks ago." Sakura said with a side-glance at the Uchiha.


They were coming to the last set of stairs and they would be on the first floor. Sakura sighed. 'Halfway done, just need to get back up and forget about this whole thing.' She thought looking at the ceiling.

"Whoa!" cried Sakura suddenly losing her balance. She tripped on the staircase and started to fall when a pair of strong arms caught her before she could roll down the rest of the stairs.

Her head resting against someone's chest and her arms were wrapped around the person's waist. She slowly looked up and saw Sasuke looking down at her; his arms were wrapped protectively around her so that she wouldn't fall.

If someone saw them now they would think the two were hugging. Sakura looked away to hide her blush and stood up straight again, letting go of him.

"Uh, Thank you." She said suddenly finding the floor interesting. Sasuke just nodded and turned his back on her. She sighed and continued walking. Wait, what was she so nervous for? It's not like she likes him, in fact, the complete opposite! So what was wrong?

As they returned the video and headed back in the hallway she was contemplating this in her head.

Neither of them said a word to each other, even when they got back got the classroom. Apparently by the time they got back class only had three minutes left and everyone was packing up.

Sakura grabbed her backpack and headed out the door with Hinata by her side.

"D-Did something ha-happen? You're pr-pretty q-quiet." Said Hinata softly. Sakura turned her head to face Hinata and gave her a soft smile.

"I'm fine Hinata. Sorry, I'm just in deep thought right now." Said Sakura. She turned her head and kept walking.

Hinata and Sakura parted when they reached the fourth floor. Hinata was going to Art Class while Sakura was heading to Sports Med. It would be a long day.


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Haruno, Sakura

Konoha High Private School

Grade: 11 Gender: F

1) Homeroom, World Literature

2) Sports Medicine

3) World History


4) Geometry

5) Chemistry

6) Physical Ed (PE)

There are only two lunches through the whole day. Freshman and Sophomores have the first lunch and then Juniors and Seniors get the second lunch. By the way, I don't get the whole suffix after the name thing, could someone explain it to me? I'm totally lost. Lol.