This one-shot was inspired by the song Separated, by Avant.



The night was cool and quiet, a soft breeze tickling the dreams of Amity's inhabitants before rushing off again. Stars twinkled brightly, and the serene atmosphere held a purity that was often lost during the waking. In the precious hours between day and a day, a calm washes over the earth, cleansing the mind of all troubles and singing the body electric, soft hums lulling the spirit to slumber.

All basked in this peace. All but three.

A girl sat on her rooftop, gazing up at the moon. Her face was stained, soft teargems falling from her eyes, the facets reflecting the moonlight. The calm tried but failed to corrupt her—there was too much on her mind. Giving up on its quest, it continued to enchant the sleeping town.

Two more people had remained untouched by the haunting calm. They were suspended in their own blissful paradise, passionately copulating, becoming one and separating, over and over again. While the silent tears continued to course down the girl's face, her emotions were an ocean away from the love and deep affection the two were feeling.

Indeed, a night of pleasure and pain.

The three were, certainly, linked, for their places of residential choice were not far from each other, not far away indeed. In fact, only a few houses down. Another thing that would soon change. For a diamond diadem sat upon the bedside table next to the couple making love. It was truly a beautiful thing.

The moonlight linked the precious stone and the girl's tears. For all earth was connected under its subtle power. It ruled the night, and indeed was more powerful than its orange counterpart—because deals are made, emotions collide, secrets are concealed, and passion is ignited until its piercing white gaze.

That stone was the source of all of her pain. For the day that it entered her life was the day that her world shattered.

She had known that they were getting close, had known that the inevitable was going to happen. Yet she still held out hope for herself, had still remembered those precious two months. When everything was right, it was pure, it was as it should have been. As it should be.

But that euphoria, that rightness was apparently one-sided.

They were getting louder, and the girl covered her ears, the tears coming faster. She couldn't stand to hear it, the proof, the evidence that she had been beaten...

And yet the keening cry, the primal female scream, rang out into the night. A triumphant yell, wielding the angry calm to submission, and tearing a rent in the girl's heart.

She hated the person who had screamed. For she was the girl's rival. They had fought, for endless years, and yet tomorrow, the ring, that cursed stone, would proclaim to all who had won the battle. She was the one who knew him, knew him like the girl would never get to know him. She knew everything, knew his soul and his body inside out, and he would spend forever tuning her body like a little harp.

She had to hold back a gasp as the pain hit her, full force.

She had lost him.

When they were together, she thought it would be forever, that they would never be pulled apart. But now they were separated, and her other half was forever gone, leaving her a broken and bleeding soul.

The calm, finally victorious, overtook her as her body collapsed, fatigue and grief overwhelming her senses. A few houses down, the only survivors of the nighttime spell screamed out a final time: