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The soft flow of music drifted throughout the Cullen mansion, sweet, yet nostalgic and full of memories at the same time.

I sighed contentedly from my place on the comfortable sofa in the Cullen's big downstairs room, listening to Edward and all his dazzling perfection play a beautiful piece on the grand piano. My lullaby. Edward played it every time I was here; once I had admitted to him that it was my favorite in the world, he had somehow managed to squeeze it in and play it for me in every one of my visits.

As I watched his slender, long white fingers travel up and down the keyboard, I couldn't help but think that I must be in some kind of heaven- after all, where else would Edward and his wonderful family exist? At times, I was still afraid that this might all turn out to be a ridiculously nice dream, and that when I woke up, he would be gone- lost from me forever.

The music ended with a high note that I felt all the way throughout my heart. Edward, done playing, turned to me with his beautiful crooked smile, and I vaguely felt myself stop breathing.

"I take it from your expression that you like it?" His golden eyes twinkled merrily as he leaned over and cradled me in his cold, strong arms.

I snorted. "Of course I did! How could I not? You do everything so perfectly."

He laughed softly, his cool, sweet breath leaving my mind in a foggy haze. Then his eyes took on a mischievous, questioning look.

"Hmm...you know, you never told me why you quit piano in your earlier years." He gently placed an errant strand of my hair back in place. As always, my heart stuttered audibly- to his ears, at least- at his touch.

"I- I- Well, I guess I just didn't like sitting down and practicing for any length of time," I murmured, telling a half-lie. No need to tell him the truth. I buried my face in his chest and breathed in his delicious smell.

His eyebrows rose, but he chuckled lightly. "Too boring and still for you, eh?" he asked, kissing me on the forehead. "My wonderful, absurd Bella." I could hear the smile in his voice as he softly began kissing his way down my face. I shivered slightly at his cool, gently touch, wanting this moment to last forever, and burrowed deeper into his arms.

But this was not to be. Instead, he pulled away, and cuppud my face in his large hands, staring intently into my eyes. I felt myself blush as I looked at his glorious face, and as I quickly went into my usual dazzled state of mind, I noticed that although his face was serious, his eyes were playful.

Uh oh, some analytical part of my brain cautioned. Serious face, playful eyes? Not a good combination. Bad news coming this way! But I just ignored the thought. Whatever Edward was planning, it wouldn't be too bad...right?


He chuckled at my expression, running a hand through my hair and ruffling it slightly, then announced, "Bella, I think you should start learning piano again!" He grinned like a little child with candy; he was obvious pleased with his plans for me.

But I wasn't. No-o-o- definitely not. Start studying piano again? Was he insane? Did he not notice my cursed clumsiness, as well as my balance problems? Did he not notice how I'd fall at random times, with no reasons to at all? Did he not think that my clumsiness might- would- affect my hands as well if I was playing piano?

I could only stare at him mutely in horror, my eyes widening from the thought of the impending horror, all the while mentally grieving for not listening to my brain.

But Edward only smirked as he dissected my expression. "You can't be that afraid of playing, can you?" he asked, amused, as he swung me down and placed me on the hard piano bench. Oh ho- so he thought I wasn't "that afraid" ? Well, he had a lot more to learn about me then.

"I- well- see- uh- hmm- I-" I stammered, feeling, and sounding, like a total idiot. How could I make him understand that I DID NOT WANT TO PLAY PIANO?

"Aren't you only afraid of sitting there for a period of time? Afraid that you'll get terribly bored?" He teased, eyes twinkling wickedly. I glared at him and scowled. Stupid, perfect vampire. Just because he was the absolute best at everything he did, there was no need to rub it in the faces of common little mortal humans- especially ones with balance problems.

His smirk grew even more pronounced. "Now, tell me, exactly what is it you're scared of? It can't just be because of sitting there." His topaz eyes bored a hole into me, making me uncomfortable with the truth. I fidgeted, then as I stupidly looked into his light eyes, blurted out, "I can't play- at all! Haven't you ever seen my poor attempts at keeping my balance? Haven't you seen all the times I just randomly fall? Well, that same problem cripples my hands when I'm playing!" I wailed in total frustration.

He finally dropped the smirk, and his smile grew gently as he drew me to him. I instantly relaxed against his cool body, distantly wondering if Jasper was in the room with us.

"So you're afraid of embarrassment, " Edward mused quietly. I opened my mouth to protest...but then I realized that he was right, and closed it, flushing.

"But I'm sure that even you could play the basics?" I looked up at him. He was kidding, right? Because there was no way that I would play. I told him this.

"Edward, I'm not going to play, " I insisted stubbornly. "I'm fine just watching you play. Really."

But he wasn't buying it. He just sighed, and remarked, "You know, Bella, there's no one in the house other than me to hear you. Everyone else is either hunting, or in Carlisle's case, at the hospital."

I knew I was losing the battle of wills against him. But I still tried. "What if someone came home just a few minutes ago, and we didn't hear them? How do you know everyone's gone?" My voice was a desperate plea. However, he just ignored me.

"Bella, play. Now."


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