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Josh walked across the schoolyard, winking cheesily at the cool 'fit' girls while throwing disgusted looks at the geeks, nerds and Mindy.

Drake however was trying to convince Mindy that he was her boyfriend. Mindy however was not so certain about Drake and needed to talk to Josh. Walking up to Josh with a glare only to be matched by the sternest of teachers.

"Josh!" she shrieked in an angry manner while Drake trailed absentmindedly behind her. Josh looked at her disgustedly and shrieked, "It's a monster".

At the end of school Drake and Josh went home and banged their heads together while wrestling about what bed to sleep in.

Next morning Josh woke up and threw a pillow at Drake. Drake got his guitar and started playing loudly while Josh packed his bags for school.

Mindy was waiting in the living room for Josh, angrily she shouted at Josh. "Woh woh what are you doing here"?

Mindy then shouted at Josh with angry, flushed cheeks"what do you mean why am I here I am always calling for you but this time its an angry calling!"


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