Tamaki stood in the third music room in Ouran High School looking out the window. Everyone was buzzing with excitement. Tomorrow they would be leaving to go to America for an entire half of the school year. He turned his head as the door opened and several people walked in. Haruhi, Kyoya, Hikaru, Kaoru, Hunny, and Mori entered the room and looked over at him. "Uh…senpai, you called us here?" Haruhi said as she gave him a questioning look. He turned around all the way and spread his arms out wide and put on a grin. "Ah, yes! It is about the trip to America!" he said as he began to walk towards them. "What about it milord?" asked Hikaru and Kaoru at the same time. "Yes, it is about the host club." He said as he stopped a couple of feet in front of the group. "We will still be in service in America. We may even possibly receive new costumers." Tamaki said as he put on a charming face. "But senpai, how do you know American girls will be affected like the girls here? They may not be swooned by your tactics." Haruhi said using common sense. "Don't be silly my dear Haruhi! Of course they will fall for our tactics. We are the host club after all." Tamaki said as he slung an arm around Haruhi's neck. She picked up his arm and threw it off her shoulders. "Fine, but don't blame me if your tactics fail on them." She said before she walked out of the room assuming the meeting was over.
They next day, Haruhi stood in the airport where the class had been instructed to meet. She was a little early so she was the first to get there. Hikaru and Kaoru suddenly appeared up beside her, one on each side. "Hello Haruhi!" they said in unison as they leaned forward and looked up at her face. "Morning! How long have you two been here?" she asked as they walked from her side to stand right in front of her. "We just got here." Hikaru said as he took his thumb and pointed at the limousine that was just driving off. "What are you doing here so early Haruhi?" Kaoru asked. "Oh, I didn't know how long it would take for me to get here so I left a little early. So now I'm here." She said as she looked at the twins. "Oh…did you eat breakfast?" they asked. The only reason they asked this was because her stomach had growled while they spoke. "Well, I accidentally left it on the counter at home. I was too busy making sure I had everything to worry about breakfast." She said. "Tsk tsk Haruhi. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!" The said as they pointed their fingers at her. "Are you two harassing her again?" asked a voice only a few feet away. "No milord, we were talking about how Haruhi hadn't had breakfast yet. We were just about to ask her to go get something with us since we skipped out on breakfast too." Kaoru said. Tamaki was instantly beside Haruhi with a worried look on his face. Haruhi sighed knowing that his worry was unnecessary. "Dear Haruhi! Have you not had breakfast! You must be starving! Here, let's go get you something to eat! Quick! Let's go Hikaru, Kaoru!" he said as he began dragging poor Haruhi towards the snack area. "Yes milord!" they said as they saluted and followed after them.
Kyoya walked around the corner to see the four missing students at a table in the snack area. Haruhi seemed to be trying to explain something to the three boys who had dragged her there. "Guys, I told you that this isn't necessary! I have snacks I can eat on the plane!" she said to them as she tried to walk back towards the meeting area. "I hate to interrupt this little food conquest but the teachers want to make sure that everyone is here so if you don't get there soon they're going to count you absent or sick." He said. Tamaki immediately stood up from his seat, grabbed Haruhi's arm and bolted back to the meeting area with the twins right behind him. Kyoya sighed as he followed after them. Mori and Hunny were standing there waiting for the rest of the club as the five retuned from the snack area. "Haru-chan!" Hunny said as he saw her. He jumped into her arms in happiness of seeing her. "Hunny! Mori! Hello." She said as she sat Hunny back on the ground. He looked up at her with joy in his eyes. Mori only grunted in response to her greeting. The teacher called their attention and announced that they would soon be boarding the plane. The students bounced around in excitement except for Haruhi who wasn't all that excited about going to a foreign country, Mori who was too busy trying to calm down the hyper active Hunny, and Kyoya who never really got excited about anything. Once finally on the plane the group took their seats and waited for the plane to take flight.
Sooo...um, this is my first Host Club story. I know the idea of them going to America is a little cheesy but the idea was stuck in my head for a while. I hope I got all the personalities to the characters correct. Anyways, tell me what you think.