KH: Familiar Faces
By: yugioh-fan88

Summary: (slight AU) During a battle with the Heartless in Hollow Bastion, a strange light ennvelopes Sora, Donald and Goofy and they wash up on the shore of a small island that seems to be home to some familiar faces. But something doesn't seem right…

Genre: Supernatural/Action/Adventure

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts © Square Enix

Author's Note: Second KH fic so give me a break. The time setting for this one is mid KH2, right in the middle of the showdown in Hollow Bastion. Read & Review!

Chapter 1: Prologue

It seemed as if everything had happened within seconds. First they were fighting the hordes of Heartless in Hollow Bastion and then… nothing.

Sora glanced around him. Nothing but darkness around him.

He tried to call for his compagnions only to find that his voice didn't work. The darkness seemed to be consuming him even as he looked at his hands.

He knew that shaking it off wouldn't work and it seemed he couldn't summon his Keyblade. He closed his eyes, defeat taking over…

Was that the sound of water on the beach?

I wish I was on my island again… before all this. Riku… Kairi…

The sound of water seemed to increase in volume as the feeling of the sun on his skin came to his mind.

What the…?

A/N: Well that's chapter 1! Let me know what you think k? Read &Review!