Samantha Manson is a woman brought up in high society yet hates her social status and the way she lives. Unlike her parents Samantha has a wild side, one she's not allowed to show, as it would cause a 'scandal'. With her parents lack of understanding for her own freedoms and her friends who simply ignore anything but the rich side of Samantha, she feels like an outsider in her own body. The world of the rich never mingle with the poor, just as the dead never mingle with the living yet they live side by side and don't even know it.

Daniel Fenton is a man who has lived somewhere between life and death since the age of fourteen. A forbidden blend of human and ghost, Daniel tires desperately to find a balance between the two worlds. He has never really found acceptance from either side of the graveyard – but now he sees something special in Samantha.

If the pair wish to be together they must fight all who wish to stand in their path. The dangers of man who is as jealous as he is ruthless; ghosts who care very little for those who are still living and a Halfa like Daniel. Can Daniel and Samantha withstand the odds and form a love strong enough to withstand all who wish them dead?