Seen and Unseen

Daniel watched as the scene played out before him, people were running out of the restaurant screaming for their lives, others hid under tables cowering with heir heads between their knees and then there was Samantha. She stood rooted to the floor, her hands at her sides in balled up fists. A look of desperation and fear played across her lavender eyes as she turned to Daniel.

"What's going on? Danny? Tell me I'm not seeing what I think I'm seeing?!"

Daniel frowned lightly, "I'm sorry Sam but your eyes do not deceive you. Come on, we have to get out of here before things get any worse." He reached over the counter top and grabbed Sam by the waist and in one swift move picked her up and carried her over to where he stood on the other side. He set her down on her own two feet before taking her hand and dragging her out the back of the restaurant.

Samantha blinked, one minute she was talking to Daniel the next she was holding his hand running behind him through the kitchen and then out the back door of the restaurant. Everything was a blur as her mind tried to process what was happening in the building behind her. Ghosts had suddenly appeared in the restaurant turning over table and chairs screaming about a 'halfa', whatever that was. Things like this didn't really happen, did it?

Once out the back door Daniel slammed it shut behind them before turning to a breathless Samantha. "Sam, listen to me, I want you to go get help. Call the cops, get an ambulance, anything!"

"-But, what about you?"

Daniel pushed her lightly towards the street, "Don't worry about me, just go get help Sam."

Samantha looked baffled, but stumbled off out the back ally and around the corner to find the nearest payphone. Once Daniel was positive that Samantha was really gone and out of earshot he sighed and turned towards the door he had previously closed.

"I'm going Ghost!"

The ally was suddenly filled with a bight white flash that lasted only a fraction of a moment. When the flash died complete Daniel Fenton was no longer standing in the ally, in his place was another male figure that looked like the complete opposite of Daniel. With a quick look around, the new figure seemed to vanish save for his green eyes which moved quickly and then vanished within the backdoor of the Nasty Burger.

Inside the Nasty Burger the pair of green eyes watched as the last of the humans ran out of the now broken window and into the street leaving two ghosts hovering in the center of the room. They were green in color and shaped to look like octopi with glowing red eyes.

"So where is this guy? We were told if we started making a mess this guy would show up… so where is he?" The first asked overturning a table and making an even bigger mess.

The second shrugged from his position within the storage closet, "If he doesn't show in five minutes we can go to the mall, more people to raise a ruckus there."

"Then I'd hate to keep you waiting!" The body belonging to the eyes mineralized before them both floating in mid air with his arms crossed across his chest.

Samantha ran as fast as she could until she found a payphone three blocks down form the Nasty Burger. Scrambling into the booth she picked up the phone and dialed 911 after deposing the small fee of twenty-five cents. Two rings later an operator picked up the line and asked if there was an emergency.

"Yes, someone or something is attacking the Nasty Burger just outside of Amity University, please hurry!" She slammed down the phone without waiting to see if the operator had anymore questions before running back the way she came. As she got closer to the Nasty Burger she noticed how empty the block had become in the short minutes since her departure. Walking carefully and cautiously she crept up to the storefront and peeked inside; what she saw rooted her feet to the floor.

Floating as least five inches above the rubble within the restaurant was a man, that alone was enough to send a shock to Samantha's systems but what really caught her attention was his physical appearance. His face was chiseled to perfection like something out of her Greek literature textbooks. His pale white hair seemed to glow of it's own accord and moved feely with his fluid movements as he dodged attacks coming from the ghosts in the room. He wore a black and white jumpsuit that hugged his torso like a second skin, showing off muscles at the smallest of moments yet it looked un-restraining at the same time. An emblem of some sort was printed in the middle of his chest, on his boots and on his long gloves. His skin was pale white, just short of death even but it didn't look unhealthy on him for some reason, it suited him even more. His eyes were the most captivating feature on his stature. They were solid emerald green eyes that had an otherworldly glow to them, looking at them made Samantha want to shiver.

"Ah, good you're here, I was afraid we went through all this trouble ruining this place for nothing!" A voice said.

Samantha followed the sound of the voice to what she could only hope was a ghost. It was hideous looking with eight long tentacles and rounded head and body. It seemed to float up to eye level with the mysterious pale haired stranger who frowned at the ghost.

"What are you going here? You ghost have no place in the human world." His voice was stern and almost commanding as he stared down the ghost.

"Heh, yeah like the human world is where you belong, Halfa." The word 'halfa' was spit out with a snarl. The second ghost snickered at the term and glided up next to the first munching on a pair of Nasty Burgers it must have found.

Samantha wasn't sure but by his reaction the word 'halfa' was not a term of endearment by the way his left eye began to tick.

"Well even if that's true I at least have enough sense to know that I should pay for my food!" As he said this he arched back cupping his hands and the most astonishing thing happened. A small white glow twinkled in the center on his cupped hands for a spilt second before it seemed to collapse within itself to form a much larger green orb. As the green orb expanded the distance he held his cupped hands grew until the orb was the size of a large beach ball.

"Here, you forgot the toy that comes with that Nasty Kids Meal!" He hurled the ball towards the pair and faster than they could react, the green orb had engulfed them both slamming them back into the far wall. The impact caused a huge bang as the wall cracked and broke upon impact leaving the two ghosts twisted and buried amongst the compost. Moving in swiftly for the final move he reached behind him and pulled out what could only be described as an ordinary thermos and aimed it at them as if it were some kind of gun. He removed the cover and a white burst of light shot out immediately and seemed to pull the ghost towards the container like a vacuum.

"You haven't seen the last of us, Halfa, she's looking for you and won't rest still she finds you-" One of the ghost cried just before it was sucked up completely. Covering the container the male sighed. "Now that's what I call a Nasty Kids Meal To Go."

With the ghost gone he put away the thermos and floated down to the ground where feet materialized seconds before they hit the ground. There was no doubt about it, this guy was ghost too, but he looked so human. Was such a thing possible? Samantha's mind couldn't grasp all the possibilities and explanations for what she had single handily witnessed so it did the only thing it could in a situation such as this. It shut down.

The next thing Samantha knew she was staring up into a pair of familiar blue eyes. She groaned brining her hand up to her forehead. "Danny, what happened?"

Danny chuckled from above her, "I was hoping you could answer that for me, I found you out here passed out on the ground." Of course that was a lie, Daniel had heard her collapse from within the Nasty Burger soon after he had disposed to the ghost but she didn't need to know that. Once he realized he had a witness to his little fight and knew that more people would soon follow as the sounds of sirens were drawing closer Daniel ran out back, changed back to normal and doubled back from the ally to tend to Samantha.

Samantha suddenly sat up and turned to look at the small crowd that had formed around the pair, some of which she recognized from the university, and blushed. She adjusted her position so she was no longer resting in Daniel's lap but sitting up on her own.

"Oh God, this is so embarrassing, things like this make me wish I could simply disappear or turn invisible, ya know."

Daniel shook his head, "You only say that because you don't really know what it's like to be invisible. I've actually been invisible once, it's not as cool as it sounds."

Samantha turned to him with a raised brow to which Daniel simply grinned and shrugged, "Scientist parents, remember, things happen."

Samantha continued to stare at him for a moment longer before she turned back to the taped off portion of the Nasty Burger.

"Oh my gosh, Danny, I almost forgot, I saw a Ghost!" She said as she clasped her hand on his shoulder.

"Yeah I know, I saw them too, creepy little green things, huh?"

"No not those things, this one was a boy, he was flying around and he could shoot these green orbs out of his hands! It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen! He was incredible," She sighed. "Absolutely incredible, I wish I could have talked to him, found out his name or something."

Daniel smiled inwardly at her words, he had never really known anyone who was instantly interested in his ghost side…well there was Tucker but that was different. With Samantha it was like a rush of some unknown emotion suddenly filled him and none of the skeletons in his closet really mattered. Daniel was a tortured soul, he didn't seem like it on the outside but he knew how to mask it well. Six years of practice really does make perfect, or so he hoped.

Daniel shook his head to clear it, then stood up and extended his hand out to Samantha, "Come on Sam, let's get you home, it's late."

Eight Months after the Accident

Daniel stayed in the hospital for about two months, a month later he and his family had a visitor from the mayor's office. They were asked to leave the town as soon as humanly possible, at first the Fenton's were livid about the news and refused to leave their home, but then things turned ugly. Both Jack and Maddie lost funding from all their supporters in their field at work and with no money to back up their research everything went sour. They were forced out of their jobs and no company would listen to anything they had to say. Both Daniel and Jazmine were isolated in school by their classmates. This was more difficult for Daniel as he stood up for his parents more than Jazmine and knew that they had done nothing to harm him once so ever. This made the situation at school worse for Daniel as student and faculty alike deemed him mentally unstable. The faculty even went so far as to call in a professional physiatrist to evaluate Daniel to see if he had been brainwash by his parents and the trauma put on him from the accent.

For the Fenton's, this was the straw that broke the camel's back. Daniel and Jazmine were both pulled out of school the following day and within a month's time the Fenton's had packed up all their belongings and left. But Jack and Maddie were smart, they knew that at this point in time leaving was the best thing for their family to survive this grave misunderstanding but they hoped with time they could come back to their home. So before leaving completely they activated the Fenton Genetic Lock and sealed up the house completely so no one could get in without having Fenton genes.

With all their belongings in moving vans the Fenton's themselves packed into the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle/RV and drove the long distance from Amity Park to Arlington Heights, Illinois. A place where the latest events back home could not hurt them. They were also able to find small jobs here, not as first-rate as their government jobs but it was good enough to pay the bills.

Daniel and Jazmine were sent to Arlington High and continued their education there…

Daniel sighed as he walked along the crowded street to school one morning, he adjusted his backpack and looked up as the voices of the students around him registered as one he recognized. Not too far from his location a bunch of girls stood together in a bunch giggling and laughing as most girls did. But one girl in particular stood in the center of the ring. She was taller than the other girls with long blood red tresses that blew in the wind as if there was an invisible comb dancing within her curls. Her bight emerald eyes glittered as she laughed and winked at one of the other girls. Her name was Teri Flemings, a Sophomore and a bout two years older than Daniel was currently. She was the cliché of popularity as high school girls go; head cheerleader, track star, and extremely popular. Every girl wanted to be her and hated her all in the same breath. She however did not date the head football caption; on the contrary, she dated the school tough guy, a troublemaker or bad boy if you will, Thomas Patterson.

In his pause Daniel could not help but stare at Teri and daydream about her as ever boy in her presence couldn't help but do. Regrettably he failed to notice that Thomas was always close by and where Thomas was a close eye was kept on all the guys around Teri.

"Hey! Fenton, you want a problem?" Thomas called out to him as he walked briskly over to him.

Daniel blinked back into reality and looked behind him to find Thomas walking over to him, a glint in his eye and his hands balled into fists. "What?"

"I said, you want a problem?" He emphasized his point by smacking his fist into his open palm a few inched in front of Daniel's face.

"N-No, I don't want a problem, I didn't even do anything to you!" Daniel said taking a step back and raising his hand in a defensive manner.

Thomas smirked and nodded his head towards Teri, "I've been watching you Fenton, you're pretty new so I didn't say anything before but you've been making puppy dog eyes at my girl for far too long."

Daniel tossed a glance in Teri's direction and immediately turned crimson when he realized she was staring back at him! This was new, never in his months of going to school here had she glanced at him once or even noticed his presence despite the fact that they had almost every class together.

Thomas snapped his finger in front of Daniel's eyes, "Yo, wake up Fenton! Heh, you don't seem to understand your position in all this. You don't have one!"

Daniel turned back to Thomas and frowned. "Look I'm sorry it didn't mean anything I'll just leave now." Daniel turned to leave and hopefully get to class, as the bell had just ran in the distance, only to find his exit blocked. He really must not have been paying attention as a semi large crowd was now surrounding the pair in a neat little circle.

"Tommy, what's going on?" It was the arrival of Teri, the last person Daniel wanted to see him right now.

"Nothing for you to worry about, just keeping things in order. Seems Fenton over here has some kind of fixation with you, every time I seem him he's staring at you."

Daniel turned five shades redder than he was before, right now he could make the brightest tomato jealous.

Teri looked at Daniel slowly from head to toe as if he were a sick dog she was looking over in pound. Time seemed to stand still for Daniel as several fantasies rolled into his head, all of them having something to do with Teri tossing Thomas to the curb and jumping in his arms and asking to be carried off into the sunset. Too bad it was only eight A.M.

"Who is he?"

Daniel's heart sank to the heel of his left foot. Immediately laughter began to erupt from within the crowd like wildfire. The world began to spin to Daniel, the faces of his schoolmates seemed to be all around him floating around him and their laughter seemed to be tuned up on high and there was Daniel without a mute button. Suddenly his vision began to blur and his eyes stung something painful. Daniel quickly rubbed his eyes only to realize he was crying.

"Oh, no we've made him cry!" Someone laughed.

'It hurts, why does it hurt so much? Their laugher hurts, it shouldn't hurt so why does it hurt? Why did I have to look at her? Why did she have to be so pretty? I wish I had never moved here, at lease back home I didn't have a laughing audience…I wish I could just disappear.' Daniel squeezed his eyes shut as he let the tears flow freely down his face.

The next thing Daniel knew the laughing had come to a complete stop! He rubbed his eyes with the sleeve of his shirt and looked at the puzzled faces before him.

What was going on?

Why had they stopped laughing?

Thomas looked around him, "Where did Fenton run off to?"

'What is he talking about I'm right in front of him-' Daniel raised his arm to wave it in front to his face but froze as he stared at his transparent hand! Terror ran down his spine as Daniel slowly looked down at his torso only to see that it too had lost all its color. He had seen this before, back at the hospital six months ago but it only lasted a few minutes.

'I can't change back here, Teri will see me! She'll think I'm some kind of freak on top of everything else. I gotta get outta here!'

Without thinking Daniel pushed his way through the crowd only to realize a little too late that even though he was invisible to anyone but himself he was still very much solid. The crowd around him parted roughly as he shoved his way out in blind panic and made a beeline for the school halls.

"What the hell was that?!" Teri asked as she gaped between the part within the crowd and the spot where Daniel had once stood.

"Man, whatever it is or was I want no part of it! Let's get out of here; I'll deal with that Fenton punk later."

Inside Daniel had found the safety of the boy's bathroom where he locked himself inside the handicap stall. Breathing deeply he tried to calm down his rapid heartbeat and mind.

'It's okay, this will only last a moment and then things will go back to normal like last time, I'll be visible again.'

Five minutes passed.

Then ten.

Then fifteen.


A hour later Daniel paced alone inside the bathroom, the streaks from his tears more apparent now then they were an hour ago, his hair devilish from the amount of times he had run his hand through it and his shirt clung to him from the amount of sweat he was perspiring from all his pacing.

'Ahh, this makes no sense! What's going on with me? Why can't I change back?!'

He placed his hands on the long marble counter top as he stared back at his invisible reflection.

'Okay, Danny, think for a moment, you have to have said or did something before to trigger this? Think!'

Daniel took a deep breath, and then another and another before he visibly cooled down a bit.

'Before when I was in the hospital I was a g-ghost and I was invisible like this but I changed back because I didn't want to be seen like that. I remember thinking my parents would freak if they came into the room and I wasn't' there. And outside I wished could disappear so I could be laughed at…maybe if I will myself to be visible again?'

Daniel closed his eyes and willed himself to be visible again. He stood like that for who know how long just concentrating every fiber of his being into being visible again. He was so caught up in his mind that he didn't hear the door to the boys bathroom open and shut to his left.

"Hey Danny, where have you been? I didn't see you last period; Mr. Kenyon was looking for you…Danny are you aright?"

Daniel's hear skipped a beat and his eyes snapped over and he turned to look at his best friend. He immediately crossed the distance between them and grabbed him by the shoulder and shook him, "You can see me, Tuck?"

Daniel's best friend in all of Arlington High raised a brow at him, "…Yeah, why wouldn't I be able to?"

Daniel broke out in to a fit of chuckles and doubled over as the chuckles turned into full out laugher and a new batch of tears began to pour from his eyes.

"No reason Tuck, come on, let's get out of here."

Puzzled still Tucker nodded giving Daniel a weird look once more before walking out the bathroom completely forgetting he hadn't used the facilities.

From that day on Darnel Fenton began to realize something inside him was changing, for the better or worse he wasn't sure yet, but what he did know was that he would try to use it to his benefit and not freak out completely if his body responded to his wishes of being invisible. This was a good thing too because as the weeks passed on he realized that his feelings and thoughts were linked to whatever 'ghost power' he had gotten from his little trip into the Fenton Portal.

On several occasions Daniel found himself becoming invisible, most of which were at the worst possible times. But as his invisible trick kept happing at the wrong time without him really wanting it to he came to a conclusion. Whether he wanted it or not he had this power and if he didn't want to turn invisible in front of someone or at the wrong time he had to learn to control it.

Control the power… don't let it control you.

It took some time to get use to the feeling for when he was turning invisible but once he got his body comfortable with it he found it easy to shift between the two. And he would soon learn that invisibility wasn't the only thing his new powers could do for him…

It always seemed funny to me how Sam and Tucker would always know where Danny was even when he was invisible. Then I thought how everything vanished but his eyes and thought how fun it would be to used that in the fiction. XD I'm so odd.

Oh lord, sorry for the OOCness through out all this, especially in the flashback. That's nothing like how Danny is right not but I had to make him 'wimpy' for that part of his life, it was important, please don't kill me XD dodges rotten tomatoes

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