This is a fanfiction of Naruto, the anime series.

Summary: Uchiha Itachi has finally been caught by ANBU. As he waits for judgment, a probable sentence to execution, he receives a midnight visitor.

Itachi x Hinata And rated T just for precaution.

Sweet Promise

He sighed, idly lounging in the cell. He leaned against the stone wall, brushing his long bangs out of his eyes. He was receiving the best guard from Konoha. Around his underground holding place, wards placed to inhibit his chakra use, three or more squads of ANBU watched and waited. The Godaime was overseeing this personally. He knew the hidden village didn't want to take risks of him escaping again.

The whole lot of them… pathetic…

Why did he come anyways?

…because… of her…

A figure moved towards his cell. ANBU of course stopped the arrival, but a furious bout of whispering ensued.

"The Godaime has allowed me to see him." That voice… it bent and wound around his senses. Sweet, tantalizing, mellow… he recognized it. It had a calming, slightly sedative effect on him as he sat there listening.

"The Godaime-sama ordered us to not allow anyone near the traitor-" retorted one of the masked ninja snappishly.

"Tsunade-sama has given me special permission," the newcomer whispered back. The soft and feminine voice was somewhat hurried. "Please, I must see him."

When the bickering subsided after several more minutes, the visitor was disarmed. She approached. Kneeling near the bars of the cell, she gazed at him. Luminescent eyes peering through, her pale hands gripped the bar, perhaps in reassurance to herself.


He didn't say anything- just looked up to acknowledge her. She smiled at him. She had kept that bobbed, childish haircut. He wasn't disappointed, as he couldn't imagine her without it. Her skin was white as ever, but a light splash of pink covered her cheeks. Itachi could tell that she was still at least a foot shorter than him.

"I can't see you Itachi-san."

That's right, the shadows hid him. He rose slowly, dramatically, taking several steps to bridge the gap between them. Now he was an arm's length away from the bars separating them.

"It's been a while, Hinata."

She smiled softly as part of her response. "It has." She remained kneeling on the dark prison floor. The silence filled the air between them. Its lingering presence did not discomfort them. Rather, it allowed them to silently reacquaintance themselves. To refamiliarize with each other's appearance.

"You've grown," he said abruptly. He didn't just mean her more noticeable feminine curves, or her changed height. But she knew. She always understood what he meant. Somehow- her empathy was incredible.

"Yes." Her eyes flickered over his form once more. He was just as tired, as weary, when she had encountered him last. Those lines beneath his eyes that gave him a more distinguished look, his lithe and tall form… and of course those cold, encompassing eyes. "You're the same though."

He gave a little smirk, ignoring her question. "I would have enjoyed a spar with you."

She had a small grin on. "The results would have been the same as always, though. You are a natural genius."

"Mm." He took a step forward, kneeled as well, lowering himself, but still above her at the same time. He reached out, a steady hand touching her cheek. Her lips quivered slightly, and a small blush emerged, but her eyes were still trained on him. He stroked the side of her face, lightly inhaling her scent as he basked in the peaceful aura she gave off.

She was everything he was not.

"Itachi…" she murmured, half to herself, half to him in question. Perhaps just for the sake of saying his name. Her eyes were half closed, pulled down by the gentle lull he created- the calm before the storm. He didn't answer, and his continuation of his actions was an unspoken allowance for her to continue with what she was saying.

"Do you remember…" she bit at her lower lip. "That… um… six years ago…" she paused again, trying to find the right words. "Your promise…" She glanced down at the floor, suddenly becoming shy of his touch.

He caught her gaze again by tipping her head up with his hand. He leaned closer, as close as the bars would allow, drawing her closer to him but pulling her forward. His hot breath whispered in her ear, tickling her slightly.

"I intend to keep it."

She blushed hotly as she felt something warm and wet touch her. Itachi smirked. He wanted more than a mere sample of her sweetness. But he had to wait.

"Are you ready to abandon this world of yours?" he murmured. Threading his fingers through her hair, he closed his eyes lazily. He touched her nose with his own, gently breathing on her soft lips. His breath and touch warmed her; strange how he was still cold at the same time.

"I-Itachi…" she stammered slightly, nearly smacking herself as she only managed to blurt out his name, and nothing else. His smirk grew as he noticed her old habit starting up again. Yet her stutter was cute all the same.

"Good," he hissed possessively. "I will make you mine." He nibbled at her bottom lip, eliciting a small gasp. Swiping her mouth with his tongue, Itachi coaxed a response from her, swallowing her small moan. Sweet…

She murmured his name again, clutching at the clothes covering his chest. "Itachi…" Her breathing was slightly ragged as they pulled away.

"You won't wait long," he responded. She felt the cool metal of his scratched forehead-protector touch her temple. His hot breath felt like steam on her face as he spoke. "I promise…"

"…We will be together." His onyx gaze caught her pale, lavender eyes. She made a small sound in understanding. He straightened, untangling his hand from her hair. "Now go." He retreated back to the corner of the cell, watching her in the shadows, waiting for her to follow his order.

She sat there in shock for a moment. But realizing he was expecting her to do as told, she rose. She walked away briskly, glad that the darkness of the underground passages hid her current flushed state, up to a certain point at least.

…We will be together…

Yet how could he keep his promise if he was to be executed the next day?


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