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They were dying. All of them: dying. And what could she do? Nothing. Just stand here and watch, hands placed on her swollen belly. SG-1 was out there: Cameron, Sam, Teal'c…Daniel. Who knew who was still alive? The Ori were destroying them and all Vala Mal Daron could do was stand in front of this stupid window on one of the Ori ships. Stand and watch. That's all.

There was a slight jerk from her belly and Vala winced. The baby was restless also. The Prior had said the Ori had created the baby. Did she believe that? She didn't want to. She wanted to believe it was Daniel's. Maybe it would have his eyes. Vala smiled wryly. Or maybe it would have eyes like the Priors, white and blind.

Vala's gaze traveled back to the battle. Daniel could be dead. She closed he eyes, fighting away the threatening tears. Daniel's body, lifeless and limp…or reduced to ash, floating aimlessly in space. Never to see his child. If it really was his, of course.

Vala bit her lower lip, her hands gently massaging her belly.

Live, Daniel, she willed. You must live. I haven't told you I love you yet.


Chaos broke out when the Ori's ships shot through the supergate. Sam was still out there, floating aimlessly through space, with no way to contact them. Vala…Vala was probably on one of those ships, helplessly watching the battle before her. She could get hurt, Daniel realized. She and the baby…

Fleetingly, Daniel wondered if the Prior had told the truth. Was Vala really pregnant because the Ori wanted to prove a point? Or were they simply taking advantage of her pregnancy? And if they were, whose child was it? Daniel's? But it had only been once…and it had been a while ago!

A sudden explosion rocked Daniel out of his thoughts and back to the battle. He saw no way out of this one. Someone, someone important to him was going to die. Cameron, Sam, Teal'c…Vala…

Live, Vala, Daniel pleaded silently. Live. I haven't told you I love you yet.

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