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Sakura walked down the hallway and turned. 'Did Yuri say turn right then left, then right again, and then right?' asked a highly confused Sakura to Inner Sakura. "No she said right then left then left again then right and then around a corner," said an even more confused Inner Sakura.

'Ughhh. This is pointless. I'm asking someone for help. Sakura walked around a corner and didn't notice the purplish-eyed figure coming ahead.

Sakura and the figure crashed onto the floor and landed on their behinds. "Oww. Watch where you're going," said the mysterious figure. They both got up from the floor. The person who Sakura crashed into was a man. He has black hair and sorta purplish eyes. The guy took Sakura's hands and looked deep in her eyes.

"I'm very sorry for my rudeness, beautiful maiden. My name is Miroku," said Miroku. "I hope I did not hurt you, beautiful." (A/N: I so stole those looks and name from Miroku from Inuyasha.)

Sakura blushed at being called beautiful. "May I ask the name of this beautiful flower?" asked Miroku. "H-haruno S-sakura," said Sakura stuttering. 'Is he flirting with me?' Asked Sakura. "Of course he is. No one can ignore our beauty," said Inner Sakura. She's so full of herself.

"Ah, Sakura. Your name suits you," said Miroku. "Thanks, I guess."

"If I may ask, where are you going? You look lost." asked Miroku. "I'm going to the main meeting room, but I have no idea where that is," said Sakura, hoping Miroku knows where that main meeting room is because she was already late.

"Follow me. I'll take you there," said Miroku happily. "Thank you very much, Miroku."

Sakura followed Miroku till that reached a door leading to a room. "There it is." Said Miroku. Sakura was about to enter the door when Miroku's voice stopped her. "Wait. Will you please… bear my children?" asked Miroku.

Sakura stopped and slowly turned around. "What… did you just ask me?" asked Sakura. She looked pissed and looked ready to kill.

Miroku sweat dropped and said nothing. Sakura walked up to him and smiled sweetly; her eye was twitching nonstop. "Let's kick ass. Cha!" said Inner Sakura. 'That's what I plan to do'

"Um… Sakura-chan? So what's your answer?" said a scared Miroku. "My answeris no!" said pissed Sakura. She punched Miroku in the face and started to beat him up. "Sakura-chan. Itai. That hurts." "It's supposed to hurt, dumbass."

Sakura, who forgot that Hiashi was right there in the room in front of them, continued to punch the hell out of Miroku, who was begging for forgiveness.

"What the hell is going on here?" said Hiashi who came out of the room and looked at them. "Gomen, Hiashi-sama." Apologized Sakura. Sakura and Miroku apologized to each other and Sakura entered the room. She gave Miroku a last glare before she left.

After having a long talk with Hiashi, Sakura finally left. "Damn, he sure talks a lot," said Inner Sakura. 'Yeah, I know. We've been in there for almost three hours.' 'Where are we again?' "This sucks. We're already lost. Damn, this place is big."

After a few hours, Sakura finally found her room. But what she didn't know that it wasn't her room. It was someone else's a certain Hyuuga we all love.

Sakura laid on the bed and closed her eyes. She drifted off to sleep before not long a cold metal was planted on her neck and a figure on top of her.

A figure with long black hair tied in a loose ponytail, no it's not a girl, white eyes that posses the byakugan.(sp?)

"What are you doing in my room, Haruno?"

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