Forbidden Truths

Dearka Elsman walked through the desolate streets of Panama carrying a folder of reports that he was to give to Commander Le Krueze. Athrun had managed to get them the week off to relax and have a sort of vacation from the war. Dearka didn't like the Commander, it seemed that he always spoke to him like the entire was a game, and that he could do whatever he pleased. He hoped to get these reports in quickly and leave as soon as he could.

His thoughts were interupted as his cellphone vibrated against his leg, almost making him drop the papers he was holding.


"Hey Dearka! Where has your fucking ass been hiding all day?"

"Oh.. hey Yzak, I have to give some reports to the C
ommander, I'll be back later."

"Wanna meet me at the Grunei Bar after? I have something to tell you."How will you react?

"Really ? Kay, well I'll meet you there at around 8:00 okay?"

"Yep that's fine, haha have fun with your reports!"

"Fuck you Yzak! 'Oh I have such a bad headache I couldn't possibly deliver the reports' My ass!"

"I've go to go torture Athrun for some random reason talk to you later."

"See ya." A click told him that Yzak had hung up. wonder what he wants to tell me..

He made it into the main ZAFT military base tower, where he rode the elevator up 16 levels, to the Commander's office. He walked into the gigantic room and Le Krueze looked up from whatever he was working on, with a sleezy smirk on his face.

"The reports sir". Said Dearka, making his way forward to the large desk.

"Thank you Ensign Elsman." He answered, that stupid smirk still on his face.

Just as Dearka was handing him the reports, the commander's other hand shot up and grabbed his arm, dragging him down into a kiss. Dearka yelped into his lips and tried to pull away, but the Commander grabbed him and dragged him down. Desperate, Dearka bit his invading tongue, ripping away and staring at him with confusion and anger.

"You little bastard! You bit me! Get back here!" Screamed the Commander, Forcing him into a corner.

"waahh? What are you doing!" Dearka screamed, wiping his lip with the back of his hand. "Get off of me!"

"I don't think so! Unless you wish to be taken out of ZAFT and sent back home!"

Dearka froze, he couldn't do that, he couldn't leave everyone he cared about here!

"Thats's better." Klueze said flipping Dearka over onto his belly. "You're going to become my new favorite, alright?" He asked with an insane laugh. With that he ripped of Dearka's pants and spread his legs. Leaning over him he thrust his hard cock right into the virgin entrance, starting a brutal pace, and causing Dearka to scream in pain.

A half and hour passed and Dearka couldn't handle it, he wouldn't have given anyone this right, well possibly Yzak, but he knew that he would've been gentle! Blood was seeping down the back of his hips as Klueze pistoned his hips. The Commander showed no signs of slowing, and Dearka knew it would be a long night.


Dearka staggered back into his hotel room, tears streaming down his cheeks. He walked to his bed and collapsed onto the mattress. Looking to his clock it said 10:30. He burried his face in the pillow, so humiliated he could hardly force himself to breathe . The phone rang and he waited for the answering machine to pick it up.

"Dearka are you there? Why didn't you come tonight?" Dearka instinctively jolted upright at the sound of Yzak's voice, about to answer the phone. What am I thinking! I can't talk to Yzak like this!

New sobs escaped his mouth and he cried into his blankets, waiting for morning to come.