Stupid Wench

by: Chibi Silver Neko

Summary: A short insight on how Inuyasha really feels about Kagome and Kikyo. Kagome x Inuyasha. Inu's POV.

Silver: I'm feeling a little bored, so, I decided to get rid of my writer's block by doing this short one shot fic. Enjoy.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. InuYasha andit's characters belong to Vizand Rumiko Takahashi.
(A/N - This is all in Inuyasha's POV and he might seem a little OOC)

Feh, at first she seemed annoying and I hated her. Why? Because she looked so much like her. Her . . . Kikyo. She looked just like her and she even had the Shikon Jewel.

We didn't get along at first. I hated Kagome, but yet, I protected her. I especially hated how she would always 'sit' me everytime I was being rude. That's how I am. I can't help it if I didn't trust anyone.

In my heart, I've always loved her, even if we argued. Even when she 'sit' me, I still loved her. I just didn't know what my feelings for her were when we first met. I've never trusted anyone. Now that I think about it, Kagome is nothing like Kikyo.

The stupid girl actually has heart, a good one and she sees the good in everyone. Even in that stupid wolf, Kouga. There were plenty of times when I would see Kikyo, with Kagome watching us in secret. Everytime I seen that look on her face . . . That sad look . . . It struck my heart.

It hurt me to see her like that. I still love Kikyo, although she's just a walkingbodyof clay,withhalf of Kagome's soul. At one time, Kikyo and I were in love, but I'm in love with Kagome now. Even if I don't like admitting it straight to her face, I let her know through my actions. I defend her with my life, because I love her. The only person I love is Higurashi Kagome.

I can't tell her my feelings now, at least not with Kikyo still wandering among the living and with Naraku at large. And plus I don't even have the courage right now. One day, when all this isover with, I will tell Kagome my true feelings. I love her . . .

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