Aut.: Mònica

R: K

Summary: Personal realisations drive to a waited and expected conclusion.

Spoilers: none

A/N: Another personal paranoia.

Time goes by and i'm ecstatic. Everyone else is moving but I have my feet glued to the ground. Changes are made but I'm the same I've always been. I work in slow motion, I don not listen to her. I try but I can't. She wants to help but I keep avoiding her. She knows what I'm feeling every moment. She reads me like an open book and I want to close it. It's who I am.

And despite my efforts to stay numb forever she has made me love her. I can't picture her out of my life. But I don't do anything to keep her in. Sometimes I wonder if she has infinite patience. It's hard to believe someone can love me this much. I don't want to smile but she makes me do it. I don't want to expose myself but, in front of her, I feel naked.

She helps me through everything even when I don't want to be helped. She has seen me at my best and, above all, at my worst. And she's still here. You only feel true love once. I think I'm feeling it for the second time in my life.

I'm drawn to her and nothing can be done against it.