Harry Potter and the Darkness Within

Summery: AU year two Harry gets changed by a complete stranger then left to fend for himself can he hold onto his dark secret with the help of two people it is far more likely

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Chapter one

Dark Secret

He was a monster. An emerald eyed black haired monster. It had happened over the summer he still couldn't believe he had been that stupid. He had wondered off alone again his thoughts in turmoil. He had killed he had placed his bare skin on another and it had burned them to death. He was a murderer a freak a piece of filth according to his family. He had taken to wondering the neiborhood at night just to give himself time to think.


It was one hot sultry night that it happened. A tall man with pearly white skin and cultured voice came up behind him and told him not to scream. A pale yet fiercely strong hand went over his mouth to muffle any sound. Then he felt a stabbing pain in his neck. Then the world went black.

He woke up sometime later back at the Dursleys in his own bed. Luckily it was still dark out. It took him a few minutes to remember what had happened. Then he immediately panicked, he knew he had been turned but now what was he to do.

He took a major risk and snuck down stairs. He picked the lock on the cupboard under the stairs inside of it was all his things. Now you might be wondering why his things were locked up or why he needed them now. Well this boy was not your average boy aside from being a newly turned vampire he was also a wizard. This boy was very special in the wizarding world he was their savior the Boy-Who-Lived, his name was Harry Potter.

Harry quickly gathered up his trunk and everything else. He was expecting it to be monumentally heavy but to his surprise he lifted it easily. "Must be a side effect of the Turning." He thought to himself.

Once he got his trunk into his bedroom he got out his potions text book he remembered reading about specialized potions that helped magical beings. He just hoped vampires were one of them.

He managed to find too potions one that allowed a vampire to walk in the sun and was applied to the skin. The other must be drunk and curbed the bloodlust. He decided to get the one that allowed him to walk in sun done first or he would have a very short preternatural life. If he had time after that he would brew the bloodlust one.

The potion took an hour to make and Harry figured he had about that much time until it would be too late so he got to work immediately. He was nervous of what the ministry would do if they found out about the magic. Apparently when no owls came swooping down he figured the ministry could only track magic down with a wand.

To his utter surprise the potion was finished and looked to be done correctly. The slight steely color of the sky warned him he better apply it before it was too late. He was lucky that the vampirism made him more flexible then normal it allowed him to put the potion on his back and shoulders by himself. Dawn was just crowning the horizon when he got the last of the potion on. He waited to see if it would work… five minutes later he was still ok so he figured the potion was a success.

After that success the next night he brewed the bloodlust potion just as the hunger started to gnaw at him. At the first taste of the metallic potion he felt the hunger die away and his strength come back full force.

He hoped he had enough ingredients to last the rest of the summer. He knew he would have to work to hide this if the general wizarding world found out about his new form he would be in a world of trouble.

He spent the rest of the summer going through his textbooks again trying to learn everything he could if he was going to be expelled he wanted to make sure he knew all he could before that.

He had to repeatedly turn down offers for him to visit Ron or Hermione. His birthday had already passed before he wondered exactly how he was to get his school supplies. His letter had come and he knew he had to get to Diagon Alley soon. Not only were his relatives getting worse he was running dangerously low on potion ingredients. He had enough for one more batch of bloodlust potion and maybe two more sun repellent ones. He was starting to develop a severe sun burn because he used the sun repellant as little as possible to conserve ingredients. The bloodlust potion however could not be put off. He tried that once and nearly bite his Aunt. Luckily he got control of himself before he could but he never tried to go without it again.

He was saved from having to write to someone to come fetch him by the fact his Aunt and Uncle had business in London. They only took him with them to get him out of their hair earlier then they would have normally.

They dropped him off a few blocks from the Leaky Cauldron and Harry was left to deal with his trunk. He hoped nobody would pay much attention or they would notice it should have been physically impossible for the small boy to drag the massive trunk.

When he got to the darkened pub Tom the innkeeper just though he was dropped off out front and helped Harry up to a room. Just as Harry though he was safe Tom said something that made his blood run cold. "I am sorry Mr. Potter but there are no single rooms left I hope you don't mind. We have another Hogwarts student here that is your age that will be staying the same amount of time. Here it is room 11."

Harry couldn't see a way out of this so he just thanked Tom and entered the room carefully. He had learned over the summer how to hide his more blatant vampirism traits but he wondered how on earth he was going to get through living with some one else for the three weeks they had until school starts.

He definitely had doubts as soon as he saw who his room mate was, platinum blonde hair and mercury eyes met hardened emerald and jet black locks. "Potter!" Malfoy yelled.

"Malfoy," Harry answered back mockingly in the same tone. "I see you aren't blind. Look as far as I can see were stuck here until school starts I propose a truce even if it is just to save us both the headache." With that Harry held out his hand.

Malfoy seemed to be considering it before taking his hand. "Alright I agree with you, and call me Draco I am not my father."

Harry smiled a little knowing his fangs were retracted. "Only if you call me Harry I hate it when people treat me like my dad as well. It's like they only see James Potter not Harry."

It was then that Harry realized he needed another dose of his bloodlust potion, "perfect timing." He thought to himselfhe pulled the small flask that he always carried with him out of his pocket and took a long pull on it.

"What is that aren't you a bit young to drink?" Draco asked obviously curious.

"Its not alcohol I have a condition that requires me to drink a potion every once and awhile." Harry replied happy he didn't have to lie he just didn't tell the whole truth.

"What's wrong with you, its not contagious is it?" Draco asked again.

"I can't tell you that yet no one can know yet. Although I can tell you I am not contagious." "Unless I want to be," he added in his mind.

"Alright for now but if I ask and get it right will you answer truthfully?" Draco asked again.

"I wont lie to you I hate liars. I am just hoping you'll get it wrong I have a feeling everyone will know before long I want to keep it to myself for awhile. The only reason I have told you as much as I have is you'll be living with me and I have to make my potions somehow." Harry explained.

"Wait you said potions you have to take more then one?" Draco asked again and Harry wondered if he was always this curious.

"Sort of I drink one the other goes on my skin." Harry answered hoping Draco would drop the subject. Harry was pleasantly surprised when Draco did just that.

The two boys had a very quiet summer they took their truce to heart and were careful to avoid sensitive subjects. Draco didn't ask about Harry's problem much and Harry didn't ask him about his Father which was a sore spot with Draco.

That's not to say the boys were not curious. Harry wondered a lot about why Draco was there and why he wasn't on good terms with his father. Draco was filled with questions every time he saw Harry making a batch of his potions.

Harry and Draco had gotten their school stuff soon after arriving and Harry had already been through most of the books. He couldn't get through the Defense Against the Dark Arts books he nearly laughed himself sick on the book pertaining to vampires. While someone might have done what was said a few glaring errors alerted him that the author had not done that. So he decided against wasting his time on those books and instead leaped head first into his other ones. His favorites soon came to be Charms, and surprisingly Potions. He would show Snape this year and from the way Draco complemented him on the two potions he made constantly that wouldn't be hard to do.

Finally September first came which just happened to be a Sunday. Harry and Draco both packed up any last minute things. Harry finally got Headwig back into her cage. They hailed a cab and made it to kings cross.


A train whistle brought Harry out of his thoughts. He quickly got onboard and tried to find an empty compartment. He didn't want to face Ron or Hermione just yet. He found an empty compartment near the back he went quietly inside and now that he could use magic put up some alarms on the door warning him when someone wanted in. he curled up in the corner near the window pulling his hood up over his face so anyone looking into his compartment wouldn't be able to tell its him.

He was exhausted from staying up the night before brewing a supply of his potions. He knew he would have to impress Snape a great deal before he could get a pass into one of the practice labs so he could make more. The rocking motion of the train lulled him to sleep like a baby.

He didn't wake untill he felt the train slowing as it neared Hogsmeade. He rose quickly and dressed in his uniform. He waited for the train to stop completely then joined the rest of the students hurrying off the train. He stopped in time to wonder what had happened to Ron and Hermione he couldn't find them anywhere.

He had bigger problems though. His mind was heavy with apprehension how on earth was he going to survive the school year with no one finding out. He took a deep breath and entered the great hall to face the first day of what was shaping into the longest year of his life.

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