Chapter eighteen

A Battle No Child Should Have to Fight

Thursday night Severus and Demetrius spent the entire night sequestered in their tent. The next day's battle would be hard. They held no illusions that both would definitely come out alive. So they shared one special night together. That day had been spent with their family. Johnny had become a fixture in their lives. All three of them loved each other unconditionally. Now with three miracles and fates blessing they would hopefully come out alive.

Friday came and Severus and Demetrius rose and dressed in battle gear. This day would end it one way or another they would never raise a sword to this cause again. They exited their tent and saw the rest of their army. Everywhere he looked all Demetrius could do was think if he would ever see them alive again.

He went around giving special compliments and just generally memorizing everyone. He promised himself that no one would be forgotten. Here he was dressing children up in dueling clothes giving them weapons and sending them to their deaths. He was shaken out of his thoughts, literally, by a hand landing on his shoulder.

He looked up into a sense of deja vo. Pale hands and strong yet lean frame. As soon as the creature spoke Demetrius knew he was looking into the face of his first Sire.

"Hello Demetrius, out of all my children you have certainly turned into the strongest. I was hoping to get a chance to talk to you. Do you have any questions for me?" he asked in that cultured voice as they walked through the war camp.

"Why me? Out of all wizards out of everyone that could have been chose why me?" Demetrius asked.

"Do you honestly need me to answer that? Think about it who else had the innocence, heart, and purity needed to wield this power and not be corrupted? You have felt pain, suffering, and neglect. You know the value of hard work, and have felt the pain of loss. You were destined to wield this power from the minute you were born. The stars themselves chose you. Fate has helped you. You have matured into one of the strongest magic users ever to walk the earth. Yet you have been set a task that will strain even your magic. With your constant worry and practice you are not on top shape. By the end of today you will be tired. Your muscles will be screaming in pain. You will be dirty and bleeding. Yet through your past experience you will find the reserves to keep fighting. That is why you were chosen and you know It." the vampire told him. Finally someone had given him a straight answer.

"How did you meet Aurora and Ohanzee? How did you know where to find me for that matter?" Demetrius asked.

"I didn't meet them they found me. I was hunting in a forest in Germany when I caught their scent. They told me I had another to turn. They had been giving me orders for decades through dreams this was the first time they came in physical form. They told me the one I was looking for would call me. They told me you had a great destiny and that your prophesized name was Star Childe. You would call to me in a mixture of pain and innocents. They told me that it would take me years to track you down, and that when I did I was to change you and leave. My previous childe would care for you and eventually sire you again. They were right on all counts.

It was four years later that I felt something pulling at my conscience. Your soul was in pain. You are so innocent that just the thought of doing something against that purity makes your blood sing. I mean you were lucky that I found you first. Anyone who deals with blood would have sensed you. You were wide open to attack from Werewolves, other vampires, and a multitude of other creatures. When I Turned you your signature changed proclaiming to all that you were taken." He explained.

Demetrius was about to reply when a hissing from the ground next to him distracted him. He looked down to see a common garden snake looking up and hissing urgently.

"Speaker, the others will be here soon." the little snake said urgently.

"How far away are they?" Demetrius asked knowing he wasn't going to receive a straight answer.

"One will be here in the time it take for dew to die the other speaker will take the length of time a spider spins its web." the little snake replied cryptically

"Thank you little one." Demetrius thanked the snake who slithered back into the underbrush.

"We have to go, its time." Demetrius told his first Sire. Already heading back to the heart of the camp alerting people as he went.

"How long do we have?" he asked.

"Dumbledore will arrive first in a little over an hour. Voldemort will arrive a few hours later." Demetrius replied having decoded what the snake had said.


An hour later every one was ready they had prepared for this day as best they could. They would fight and die to protect their freedom. Demetrius was at the head of his army his eyes already glowing from the effort of reining in his magic. For the first time ever he had unleash every element at the same time. He was ready to fight anything and everything he came against.

The first group of Dumbledore's men came into sight only to be met with a wall of fire blocking them. Demetrius was just warming up now. Then he noticed something. Dumbledore had him entirely encircled. He dropped the fire wall and prepared to fight the old fashioned way.

He fought with his Sai fiercer then anyone had ever seen him. Every once and a while he would release the elements. Several people burned and were picked up by tornadoes. Some were swallowed by shadow or struck by lightning. Demetrius didn't miss a step he could be simultaneously fighting three opponents and causing hell fire to sweep through the opposing army.

Dumbledore was forced to retreat. Demetrius's army was better trained and more desperate. Demetrius also noted that there were several new born vampires on his side. Those that were hurt badly with choice were turned and immediately dosed with sun repellant potion and off fighting again.

There was still a great deal of casualties. A lot of the corpses were from the Light side but there were a few scattered bodies from their own army. Demetrius hated the thought he was killing people that once upon a time he might have fought beside. Then he realized he was being prejudice. Killing the light side was the same as killing death eaters. In this case they were both the enemy. While he would never like killing he understood that he hadn't been given a choice. Those that were fighting were the fanatics on all sides. The majority of the wizarding world was safe away from battles.

He got his moral issues settled down just time for Voldemort to show his ugly snake face. They came in on Demetrius's army opposite to where Dumbledore had ended up. So he was sandwiched between them. Bringing his Sai back up and recharging the elements he went back into battle. Now instead of the fierceness witnessed before Demetrius fought with the passion he had become known for. Little did he know he was now mantled in emerald green flames.

He was taking out opponents with swift accuracy but they just kept coming on. He was now bleeding from several blows he hadn't been able to block. Nothing serious yet so he just kept fighting. It started pouring great bolts of lightning frying multiple opponents at once. He kept pushing his body and magic further and further. For the first time since he received his power he was feeling tired. He kept his Sire's words close and fought on. If he stopped now the battle would be lost and he would just have to fight it again and again. Better to finish this now then to wait.

He finally got a break and chanced to look around him. His fighters were still going strong. Opposing bodies littered the ground. They were about half way through the opposing armies and still no sighting of Dumbledore or Voldemort.


A few hours later and Demetrius's army was clearly winning. The superior training had indeed paid off. There was less then 4 dozen on each side left. Finally something caught Demetrius's eye. Two figures were watching the battle from the safety of a nearby hillock. A gentle mind sweep proved they were what Demetrius had waited for.

Swiftly he called the wind to carry him up to the hillock. "Enjoy yourselves?" he whispered in a deadly quiet voice.

Voldemort and Dumbledore both shook a little at this. After all they had just watched the battle. They realized the Demetrius had taken out at least a third of the soldier himself. He was obviously the wrong person to piss off. Oh and he was pissed if the flames around him and the glowing eyes were any hint.

"Why Dumbledore? Of all things I thought I would find. I didn't expect you to be in this with him." Demetrius asked through a barrage of spells sent his way.

Without missing a beat Dumbledore answered, "Because we agreed to eliminate the severe threat first. You are the only one that could wipe out both of us. Joining up to beat you before you became to strong was far better then us both dieing." He finished just dodging a fireball from Demetrius.

"What about you tom. Saddling yourself with a muggle-lover?" Demetrius asked in a mocking tone as he tried ice on the dark lord.

"Much better a pureblood muggle lover then to be bested by a half blood whelp." Voldemort hissed out venomously.

"Still in denial?" Demetrius asked rhetorically. When he finally satisfied himself with their answers he stopped playing and started dueling.

Voldemort and Dumbledore knew they were mincemeat when Demetrius's aura switched from green to pure silver. Demetrius threw everything he had at them.

Elements, magic, weapons, everything was used over and over again. Their duel lasted for hours. No one winning and no one losing. Demetrius knew the full meaning of his original sire's words. He was in pain, bleeding, tired, sore and so close to exhaustion he could practically taste it.

Finally he caught the others off guard. Nothing fancy no dark magic no wards no elements. His opponent's downfall came from three simple spells. Reductor to break their shields, Expelliarmus to take their magic away, and incarcerous. The look of shock on all their faces was evident.

Demetrius knew he couldn't just leave them, he needed to destroy them body, mind, and most importantly soul. The first thing he did was call upon the earth. Soon the two evil wizards were entombed in pure diamond. When that was done he shot pure fire at it. It roasted them alive.

When he saw their spirit forms try to emerge they were trapped in the diamond. So to avoid issues he layered every element on top of the diamond. Then instructed the earth to open. It obeyed and the diamond soon took residence deep into the earth, never to bring its evil to the surface again.

When that was done, Demetrius felt the exhaustion take over he collapsed, into a pair of strong arms. He looked up into the worried face of his husband and said two words, "we won." With that said Demetrius let himself go into the world of unconsciousness.


He opened his eyes into a world of grey. It was like walking in a thick fog. He couldn't feel his body, he wondered if he was dead. He was on the edge of panic when several forms emerged from the swirling grey.

Two had no definite shape one was made up of shadows the other pure light. There was one in the definite shape of a woman but had the feeling of three souls, and finally a child shining with golden light.

"Star childe, you have passed the test you have been found worthy of a great gift." The strange woman said.

"TEST! This was a test? What could be so important that you made me kill and lead others to their deaths?" Demetrius asked defeated.

"Yes Star Childe everything in life is a test. We had to make sure you were the one we had been looking for." She explained gently.

"You have been chosen to be an heir of magic. These are souls that have access to every kind of magic. You have so much to live for. Your family will remain the same, in fact that is a requirement. The duty of an heir of magic is to keep magic pure. You must have a pure heart and soul. Once you understand it fully your task is to teach it to others. Your family is to help you in this task. Take care of them family is a gift." The figure of light told him.

They started to fade out then apparently saying all that is needed when Demetrius burst out. "Who are you?"

"You already know us I am Fate, and then Aurora lady of light and Ohanzee lord of shadow, the child is Ciaran guardian of innocents." The women revealed as Fate told him.

The fog faded only to be replaced by blackness. In that covering dark magic greeted her new heir. He was filled with destiny and purpose. He saw life begin and saw hoe it would continue. He learned a thousand lifetimes' worth of knowledge in what seemed like seconds. Finally magic let him go conveying the sense he needed to return to his family.


He awoke to see canvas above him. As soon as his eyes were fully open two small arms encircled his neck. He was lucky not to be mortal or oxygen would have been an issue. He sat up with some effort to find the small form of his son glued to him. He looked around to see his husband's relieved face.

"I love you." Was all he managed to say as he lay in his tent a world of opportunities laid at his feet. He had a job to do. He must learn and teach untill the end of days. His family at his side.

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