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Summary: An old enemy returns and one of the boys becomes bait for the trap. WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS – story is set some time post Devil's Trap and may refer to things that happened anytime during the first Season.

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Chapter 1 – The Bet

Dean slammed the door as he got out of the Impala. He didn't wait to see if Sammy would be following him…there were just some things that were tough to forgive and Sam had done the unforgivable in Dean's eyes. He entered the bar and ordered a beer as he tried to cool down. He knew it was an accident…but jeez, how many times had he told his brother to wake him when he felt tired.

Sam walked into the bar slowly, his hands in his pockets and his head down. He felt like he hadn't slept in weeks. Lately, he had been having one nightmare after another. Of course, with the life he lived…a few bad nights were to be expected…but every night, he kept reliving the worst moments of his life. He looked over at his brother who was doing his best to ignore him. Sam knew that Dean would get over it…but right now, he wished that his brother wasn't angry with him…he hated it when Dean closed him out. It made Sam feel more alone than he already was.

Dean looked at the dejected form that had entered the bar. He almost relented, but damn it, he had a right to get angry with Sam once in a while. Lately, he had been trying to be patient…holding in his anger over the things that bothered him. But tonight…that had been the last straw. He was tired of dealing with Sam's moods. Just once he wished that Sam would relax and have some fun. Speaking of fun…Dean smiled as the pretty waitress brought him another beer.

Sam walked over to Dean's table and sat down quietly, not meeting his brother's gaze. He jumped when the waitress came over to take his order. After ordering a beer, he continued to gaze at the water marks on the table in front of him.

Dean tried to ignore Sam, but he couldn't miss the defeated slope of the boy's shoulders. He knew that Sam wasn't sleeping well these days. If Sam didn't loosen up and have some fun soon, he was afraid his brother would crack under the pressure. Sighing Dean finished his beer and cleared his throat "Look Sammy…I know it was an accident…but you have to be more careful. This time you just dented the car…next time you and I could find ourselves at the bottom of a ditch!"

Sam wouldn't look at Dean but replied with his usual response "I'm sorry Dean…I won't let it happen again."

"So help me Sammy…you have to find a way to relax man…you're driving yourself and more importantly, me crazy. You haven't even looked at a girl since Sarah and that was months ago…I bet you don't remember how to get hooked up…I mean, if I hadn't forced the issue…would you have even asked Sarah out?"

Sam looked up at Dean and seeing the smug look on his face couldn't take it anymore. "Look Dean, I'm not having this conversation any more…I am perfectly capable of getting a date if I want one…I don't need big brother's help…why is this so important to you?"

"Sammy…I just think that if you allowed yourself to have a little fun…did something to take your mind off of our work…you wouldn't be having all these nightmares."

"So your prescription for nightmares is to hook up? Thank you Dr. Ruth! Dean, it may surprise you but the answer to everything isn't a one night stand!"

"You know what your problem is Sammy…you think too much. See that young lady over there at the end of the bar…I bet that you couldn't get her to go out with you. I bet you can't go one night without thinking about how crappy life has been to you…well guess what, you do have a choice here…you could go over and ask her out…take a chance…see where it goes. But no, you would rather sit here alone, brooding."

Dean and Sam had been cooped up together for weeks. Dean wasn't letting his little brother out of his sight these days for any length of time and Sam was getting tired of being fussed over. In fact, Sam was just plain tired…tired of the headaches, the visions, the nightmares…he hadn't meant to hit the guard rail. Besides, it was just a small dent; Sam had woken up in time to prevent any major damage.

"As if you would let me out of your sight for more than 2 minutes! Fine…you want to bet…then let's do it…I will go over and invite her out for dinner. If she goes with me, you pay for the damage to the car!" Sam looked at Dean, daring him to take him up on the bet.

"You've got it little brother, but if you don't…you not only have to pay to have the dent fixed, but you also have to wash and wax her for the next month…after all you owe her that much for falling asleep at the wheel!" Dean smiled…if he knew it was this easy to get Sam going, he would have done this months ago. While Dean was a little nervous about Sam going off with a stranger, he couldn't help but feel a little relieved. He had been keeping a close eye on Sam, between the visions and his other freaky powers, Dean worried about him constantly…but he needed a break as much as Sam did.

Sam downed the beer in front of him and walked over to the bar. He could feel Dean smirking behind him. Damn him…this was really stupid! The girl was sitting with a beer in front of her. She had long brown hair and shapely long legs. Sam guessed that when she stood, she might be almost as tall as him. "Hello, my name is Sam…can I buy you a drink?

The woman jumped as Sam spoke, looking at him with startled brown eyes, she slowly smiled. "Sure…I'm Sheila."

Dean watched as the two continued to talk for a few moments. Sam stood and helped the girl down from her seat. As he exited the bar, he glanced back at his brother with a grin on his face. Dean just laughed and started to look for some fun of his own.


Sheila had suggested a diner just down the street from the bar, which was good, because Sam didn't want to ask Dean for the keys to the car just yet. Sam and Sheila walked to the diner in a comfortable silence. As they found a booth near the back, Sam finally tried to break the silence. "So…do you live around here?" God…how lame was that for an opening line!

Sheila smiled, she could tell that the young man was just as nervous as she was. "Ummm…yeah, I have a place close by here...are you just passing through or will you be staying for awhile?"

Sam hated that question…it was one of the many reasons that he avoided the whole dating scene. Sam sighed "Yeah, we are just passing through…we may be here for a couple of days, but in my line of work, I travel a lot."

"So what do you do for a living Sam?"

Oh good, this was getting even better! How do you tell someone that you just met and have already told that you are not interested in a long relationship that you 'pop ghosts' for a living as Cassie called it. Sam looked out the window…Dean would have had a ready answer…but Sam hated lying…hated the pretense.

"Welll…um…I'm sort of a private investigator" Sam groaned inwardly…great line.

"So, what do people do around here for fun?" Sam asked, trying to get to a safer topic.

Sheila smiled at the tense young man sitting across from her. She usually didn't pick up strangers from the bar, but there was something about Sam that screamed 'safe'. "Sam, look…I'm not really looking for anything long term here…I just got out of a kind of scary relationship and well…I just want to have a nice dinner and maybe go for a little dancing later…ok?"

Sam smiled and nodded as he motioned the waitress to take their orders. A short time later, they left the diner to walk back to the bar. Sam had to admit, he was feeling more normal than he had in a long time…but he sure wasn't going to admit to Dean that he had been right…he would never hear the end of it!

As they rounded a corner, Sam became immediately alert…something wasn't right. He placed his arm protectively around Sheila and began to walk a little faster towards the bar and Dean. Suddenly a large van came roaring towards them. Three men jumped out and headed towards Sam. Sam shoved Sheila towards the bar "Run Sheila…get help!"

Sam turned towards the attackers, ready to fight. One of the men had grabbed Sheila before she could get too far and began dragging her towards the van. Sam lunged, trying to help her. As he came close to the other two men, he felt himself thrown down with a force that no human could have done…"Oh God, these were something else!" Sam groaned as he felt himself being lifted and pulled into the van with Sheila. "Dean…Dean…help!" Sam yelled as he struggled to get free. But the men were too strong…as Sam was quickly overpowered.

The van pulled quickly away from the corner as a young woman emerged from the shadows. An evil smile on her lips as she calmly walked over to the black Impala parked out front of the bar. She placed a single white envelope under the windshield wiper…"At last, the trap is baited!"


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