Steele Dreaming

by Tanya Reed

Here's another oldie of mine. It was actually inspired by a television commercial, believe it or not. I hope that you like it. It was first published in the fanzine More Red Holt Steele about ten years ago.Please forgive my POV shifts. I didn't have a handle on POV yet when I wrote this.

Disclaimer: This Remington Steele story is not for profit. I'm not making any money on this and I do not own the rights to Remington Steele or any of its characters.


"You always do this, Laura" the tall young man yelled.

The woman he was speaking to, small and dark, made an angry sound. "Me? Me! You're the one who waltzed into my life, full of secrets, wanting only to share my bed and maybe be adored by all of L.A. in the process! I hardly know more about you now than I did four years ago."

"Laura! You are so stubborn! You were being just as difficult as I was."

"I suppose you…with your handsome face and your blue eyes…you think you're irresistible. You think that I couldn't live without you. Well, you're wrong! I lived this long without a man in my life, why should the rest of my life be any different?"

"Oh! We're on that kick again, are we? How many times do I have to tell you, Laura? I'm not your father. I even married you for goodness sake."

"Married? You call this married? We had a phony marriage, with phony blood tests, a phony license, and a phony captain!"

"Laura!" he yelled, then made an effort to calm down, "Why are we fighting? Can't we just kiss and make up?"

"That's your answer for everything, isn't it, Mr. Steele?"

"Well, whatever works, eh?" Remington Steele made an attempt to smile.

"How did I ever get myself into this? I shouldn't be living here with you in a phony marriage. I should be in my loft, happy and alone. Sometimes, I think I'd be better off if I had never met you!"

Remington's face paled, and he looked like he had been slapped. All the anger was gone from him now. "You don't mean that, Laura."

Then, she said words she regretted before they finished coming out of her mouth, "Oh, yes I do!"

The stunned look slowly faded from the handsome man's face. He went over to the couch where he had placed his jacket shortly before they had begun their argument. Remington picked it up and slung it over his arm.

Looking Laura in the face, he said, "If that's the way you feel…"

Laura was too proud and still too angry to take back the things she had said, so instead she watched him turn his back on her and walk to the door. Without turning to look at Laura again, Steele silently went out and firmly slammed the door.

Laura stood there staring at the door for several moments. Instantly, she regretted her foolish pride and the things that had come from her lips. She had hurt him; she knew that, and that was the last thing she ever wanted to do. Mostly, she wanted to protect that frightened little boy inside of him from the things that he feared most. With a sigh, Laura wearily turned from the door and wandered into the dining room.

The fight never should have happened. The fact of the matter was, it was almost as much her fault as his. She had been waiting for him to say something for weeks that he had just not said. It hurt Laura, and instead of talking to him about it, she had let it build up inside of her. Finally, today, he had made some innocent little remark, one she couldn't even remember, and it had exploded out of her. Once she had started yelling, she just couldn't stop. Now that the anger was gone, all that was left was a hollow feeling deep inside.

Laura saw one of his suit jackets hanging on the back of one of their chairs. She went over and picked up the coat, gently bringing it to her face.

"I'm sorry," she whispered into it, still wishing that he could tell her the words she wanted so much to hear from him.

On impulse, she slipped on the jacket and sat in the chair that it had once occupied. Feeling drained, she laid her head tiredly in her arms on the table…