Title:Oh My God

Rating T: Language

Disclaimer:I do not own Charmed or any of its characters. I do however own Spike.

Summary: Chris revelation fic. Takes place around the time of Witch Stock.

Author's note: Father Son moment in this chapter. Similar to the events of Spin City.

Previously, on Charmed:


"I really thought you would have figured it out by now, Dad."

"What?" Leo coughed, as Chris rolled his eyes and orbed out.

"He's your son!" Phoebe exclaimed, growing tired of twenty questions.


"We'll leave you and Piper to talk."


Part Five: What do you care?

"Piper what going on?" Leo asked quietly. He could sense that the girls were true to there word and were no eavesdropping like they normally did.

"Spirit realm six months ago. You remember."

"Of course," Leo smiled slightly.

"And this little baby," Piper cradled her stomach, "Is Chris. He came here to save his brother from turning evil."

"What? Evil. I though he was saving him from evil?"

"That's what we thought to."

Leo was quite for a moment. "He's my son. And I've treated him like crap."

"We all did Leo."

"Does he hate me?" Leo asked.

"Honestly, yes. But because of something you do in the future. Go talk to him and see if we can change it."


"Chris?" Leo asked, orbing to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge, where Chris was sitting on one of the beams. "Can we talk?"

"There is nothing to talk about," Chris spat, his voice shaky.

"I think there is Chris."

"Go to hell," Chris said, attempting to orb out, but Leo used his Elder powers to stop him (A/N: let's just pretend that Elders have that power). Chris glared at him then looked away, an angry look on his face.

"What did I do to be such a bad dad?"

Chris ignored him.

"Tell me so I can change things."

"WHAT DO YOU CARE?" Chris shouted, finally facing his father, his eyes slightly cloudy. "You never cared before. You only care about Wyatt, and he is the only thing you will ever care about."

"That's not true Chris."

"Really!" He started shouting again. "You said that before. You were always there for Wyatt. For everything, even the things that didn't really matter. But you were always to busy to be there when I needed you. On birthdays you had elder meetings. You'd send a card a few weeks late if you remembered. When mom died. I called for you for ten minutes, trying to get you to come heal her. Ten minutes she suffered. Then Wyatt got home. He called for you once. Once. And you came in seconds. When you saw what happed you started screaming at me. Yelling that it was my fault. Even though I already knew it. That if I had called for you, she would be okay. And you wouldn't listen. You wouldn't even look at me."


Chris shook his head in disgust before orbing away.

Leo then orbed to Elder land.


"Leo!" Piper said, surprised, as he orbed in. "I thought you were going back up there?"

It had been several days since Leo had found out about Chris. Chris said he could sense that Leo was back up in Elder land. So everyone assumed that he had gone up for good again.

"I quit."

"What?" Piper asked.

"I told them I didn't want to be an elder anymore. I wanted to stay with my family."

Piper smiled.

"So they stripped my of my powers and sent me back."

"But I thought you wanted to be an elder?"

"I want to be with you. That's all that matters. You, and Wyatt, and Chris are all that matters."

Piper smiled before kissing him.

"Ew," Chris said, walking down the stairs.

Piper laughed. "What, not used to seeing your parents kiss?"

"No, actually."


----- The end. -----


So this is basicly it. I finished writing this story in less than twenty-four hours. Hence it being so crappy. Thank you for bothering to read. Now go read other stuff.