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Diamond groaned as he awoke from his haunted dreams. The blue eyes and blonde hair appeared in his dreams like always and threatened to drive him to insanity. Diamond dressed in his robe and went to find the nearest pool of water for a bath. He stared at the sky, tonight it was a full moon and filled with twinkling stars, he walked silently toward the water hole a sound startled him a head. One person stood facing the other as they looked toward the water.

"You know you still have to do it." the males deep voice broke the silence. Diamond stood behind a tree and listened as they spoke.

"Yes sir, but everytime I try..." the females voice said softly filled with tears.

"You still love him don't you?"

"Yes, but you know how I hate to feel like this. It's only cause of this damn curse and mind." She shook her head softly and waded into the water. Her gown floated around her as she walked father into the center.

"It isn't deep enough to drown yourself, you know that."

"Yes but the water is soothing and comforting some way."

"Go to him and finish it. You know how much it will help us. Whether you want to or not." the male voice urged with urgency. "No matter what you feel, he is an ass and a tyrant. Especially to you."

"Can't you get some one else. I intended to last time but my heart wouldn't let me. I want him badly and you saw how I barely escaped. If not for the help of the lady I would still be there." a sort of neediness entered her voice. Her back kept toward the tree were Diamond hid. The voices seemed so familar, as the two talked. She bent her head forward allowing her hair to cover her face. She turned around in circles in the water.

' What kind of bastard is this?' Diamond wondered as he listened.

"We need to hurry. The wind is up now, Come we need to leave if you refuse to co-operate."

The wind felt good after the hot days, Diamond stared in amazement as the wind moved the trees so that a moon beam fell on the beauty in the water. She tilted her head back and let the light soak her skin and the breeze billow throught her waist length hair. Diamond gasped loudly as he saw her face more openly. It couldn't be...

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