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Diamond groaned as his lovely, water nymph Lazuli backed away. She pulled the dress over her head adn then drew on her cloak, tying it it tightly around her neck, fear and want filled her gorgeous, lovely eyes. 'Why does she fear me so, when all I try to do is love her and better her life?' Diamond thought as he watched her back toward the tent's wall of fabric, like a captured wild animal.

"Why do you back away so, my love? You know I will not hurt you but do everything I can to make you happy."Diamond asked her and smiled to try and give her the courage or comfort she needed to talk to him.

"Lord Diamond, you must understand I don't want this, if I did then I would've done beded you and filled the need to screw you. I want more than just a few pleasurablt nights in bed with someone but I just don't have enough time or everything in order as I would like, so I can't get into a commitment. And if we just screw then there's a chance I'll get pregnant and I would never leave my child but you would want it and I would be trapped do you understand?" Lazuli explaind and prayed to the heavens that he would understand and leave her alone but the heavens weren't listening that day or the didn't care to listen, for he said,

"I don't want to bed you and use you as a whore but I want to have you for a long time. I love you to the point of insanity and distraction. I'm going to wed you, my love, so no other man will have you or know you the same way I do. For you are the only woman in the kingdom that has my heart and is as beautiful as me. That way we can have beautiful children and I will not have to live through my days with an ugly wife but also because you are as brilliant, creative, caniving and everything else as I am some if not more than others. I'm going to have you one way or another. Understand?" Diamond said rather forcefully.His eyes glented with anger and amusement all at the same time.

"Lord, I can't. You don't know me or I you." Lazuli feared that he would come to know her secret and punish her. There was only one way to get away from Lord Diamond a live and she prayed to the heavens above for luck to be with her as she carried out the plan to freedom.She really didn't want to but the guardians had a plan to help her and trap him, although all would be safe.

"It's an order. As Lord of the Mines, you must marry me, although...there's only one way-----no even then I can't and wouldn't let you go!My Love, you have no idea how happy I will make you and how much deep you are in my heart." He placed her limp hand over his heart beat and said,

"You can feel the beating of my heart right?" She shook her head yes, so he continued,"My heart beats for you and you only. You are the reason my heart keeps beating and if you leave me I know it will stop for you are the reason but without the reason it has no want to keep beating."

"Yes, My Lord."She pulled her hand away and curtsied slightly."I will do as you say-for I know the dire consequences of disobeying you."

"I don't want to force you but if I don't have you I WILL die from insanity. I love you and want you to the point of it driving me crazy." Diamond stated bluntly.

Lazuli realized taht when he was being an arrogant ass, she was turned on and wanted him to the point of distraction but she felt the viles move and bump against her thigh, reminding her of her duty. 'Tonite was the night, NO MATTER WHAT!' she thought as Diamond came in close for a hug and kiss. The plan has to be carried out.

"Lord-"she said somewhat nervously.

"Call me Diamond, my precious, sweet, beautiful Lazuli." He said softly, as if he would break if she didn't.

"Diamond-" she caught her breath as a sparkle entered his eyes and a small shit eating grin appeared on his face. "Let's have a-"

"LORD DIAMOND urgent call." a solider appeared at his door.

"I'll be back my love." He kissed her quickly and left.

She sighed and sank down on the cushions of his bed..

'Now what. I hope he doesn't get hurt.' the unwanted thought entered her head.

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