Medieval Magic

A/N- This story is just a in between story. Takes place more in the olden medieval times.

In 1508 there was a land by the name of Helicon; its castle was called the Hogwarts castle. It was ruled by King Arthur Weasley and his wife, Queen Molly Fellings Weasley. The two were admired by all the villagers of Helicon, everyone from their guards, and servants. But it was only the peasants that were poorly treated; they were ordered to work day and night without any rest. The men, women and children worked in the fields, mines, behind the mill, etc. And sometimes the young girls would be taken from their parents, to work as either maids or slaves under control of King Arthur.

There was to be a celebration because Queen Molly was to give birth to a baby, who would be heir to Helicon and also the future King or Queen. Molly and Arthur were extremely happy for the new birth.

But unfortunately Molly had died giving birth to the baby. She had given birth to a beautiful baby boy, whom King Arthur decided to call, Ronald. When the news spread about the death of the villagers' Queen, they knew that it was killing King Arthur seeing as he had to raise his son all by himself.

'Arthur…p-promise me, you'll take care of our son, that you'll raise and teach him well,' Molly croaked out, as one of the maid servants took baby Ronald away. King Arthur had tears swelling up in his eyes as he watched his wife slowly passing away. He took her hand in his a squeezed it tightly and held it up to his face.

'I promise you, Molly,' he said, 'I promise…but I don't want to lose you.' Molly softly smiled barely opening her eyes.

'You'll never lose me, I won't really be gone…I'll always be with you and Ronald.'

'Wh-What if our son asks of you, Molly?'

'Tell him what you can, the truth…I love you, Arthur and tell…Ronald that I love him,' after that her head fell to the side and her eyes closed. King Arthur balled his eyes out he leaned in and rested his head next to her. Nothing was ever the same from there. King Arthur took his son from the nurse wrapped him in warm clothes and lay him in a cradle of gold and ultramine—the cradle of a future King.


18 years later

Prince Ronald Bilius Weasley was a handsome young squire training to be a knight and also the future King of Helicon, ruler of Hogwarts, after his father. He was on sound grounds outside the castle practicing his sword fighting with his best mate, Harrius Potter. King Arthur had taught him well, he and the guards were all cheering him on standing by the walls.

Ron swung the sword with swift movement, he eyed Harrius as he did him. Balls of sweat were falling down their forehead and their swords clanged together.

'Come on, son! Faster! Just like I showed you!' Arthur yelled, with his teeth clenched and his fists shaking. After hearing that, Ronald eyes turned into an expression of fury, and he quickened his pace. Then suddenly with a strong and powerful move, he was finally able to knock away Harris's sword, then pointed his and his neck. Harrius sighed, then smiled and put up his hands in surrender. Everyone standing around the two, started to loudly applause for Ronald, including King Arthur. Ronald smiled, backing off of Harrius. He was panting hard, placing his sword back in his holder near his trousers.

'You're getting better, Ronald,' Harrius said, shaking Ron's hand.

'Thanks, mate.' Ron's smile faded a bit; he ran a hand through his ginger hair and then asked, 'Harrius, do you think I'll make a good King one day.'

'Of course I do, why would you ask that?'

'I-I don't know…it's just growing up without my mother, I-I don't know, it just seems sort of strange.' Harrius knew that Ronald always felt awkward talking about his mother, he would always have a soft spot of weakness when it came to her. He put one hand on his shoulder,

'Ronald, I know that you wish your mother was still in your life, but even though she's not alive, that doesn't mean she's gone,' Harrius explained softly, 'she'll always be with you.' Ronald sighed, he stood silent for a few minutes before, smiling at him,

'Thanks, Harrius; I'll keep in mind what you said.'

'No worries, Ronald. Now, you better go see your father, he's probably expecting you,' Harrius said, slapping him on the shoulder grinning. Ronald rolled his eyes, before laughing, while Harrius walked off. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and his soaked ginger hair, before throwing his red cape over his shoulder. He looked at the two guards and put his hand up,

'Follow.' The two guards nodded obeying seriously, and walked back into the castle behind Ronald. When he got back into the castle, he washed his hands in the golden bowl, before heading up to his father who was sitting on his chair drinking wine from his goblet. Ronald smiled and bowed his head, 'Father…' Arthur bowed his head back at him,

'Ronald. I'm very impressed on your sword fighting, I'm very proud,' he replied.

'Thank you, Father.'

'Soon you'll be ready for real battles, fighting with honor by my side,' Arthur then glanced at the thin scar that was beside Ron's eye, he chuckled then reached out his hand and pinched it. It made Ron flinch a bit but he just stood still. 'That scar's a lucky one, son,' Arthur would always cherish bruises and scars, all true knights and Kings always had something that made them scarred for life. He snapped his finger and one of the maid servants took away his goblet. 'I have another task for you, Ronald.' Ron straightened up his attention and looked now serious,

'Name it, Father; I will fulfill your task.' The King cleared his throat,

'I've lost a slave girl just yesterday, my guard told me she died in of sickness,' Ron's eyes narrowed for seconds thinking of his mother, but then looked back up, not wanting his father to see him grieve. 'I want you to go into the villages of the peasants and pick up another, a young girl to be specific. There are some pretty whores out there who are just lustful for my guards.' Ron chuckled at this and knew it was true, he often had his fun with the slave girls.

'Yes, Father, I will go after the feast.' Arthur nodded, smiling proudly.

'And you can take Harrius with you on your ride, that boy is one of the best youth squires besides from you I have here in Helicon.' Ron smiled bowing his head one more time before walking off with his guards and one aid following behind him.


Ronald and Harrius went upon their horses; Ron's black and Harrius's white.

'Ya!' The two yelled and the horses took of running towards the hills and onto the village of the hard working peasants, Harrius and Ronald felt disgusted being in area with peasants. As their horses trudged through the grounds, everyone looked at them as if they were strangers, but also terrified; children were running back to their parents or back into their mud huts, the men and women stopped what they were doing and just stood still. Ron and Harrius pulled on the rope for the horses to stop and they got off. Ron looked around, he caught a man with dirt and sweat all over his face staring at him. He glared back at the man and walked towards him, the man looked a bit frightened not knowing what Prince Ronald was going to do. Ron grabbed hold of the man's piece of worthless clothing,

'You! Watch over the horses!' The man quickly nodded, Ron roughly let go of him and let him tie up the horses to the branch so they wouldn't ride off. Even though Ronald was only a young 18 years of age, still a youth, he was still the prince of Helicon, the son of King Arthur and most importantly of all, the future King of Helicon and Hogwarts. All the peasants feared him just like all the royal service.

'Alright then, Harrius, lets get our slave girl,' Harrius laughed nodding, the two split up left an right in search, while the peasants continued with their labor. Ron walked around looking everywhere carefully not wanting to disappoint his father. He didn't want him to think he was a failure. In the middle of walking, he stopped, looking at a young boy and a girl sitting close with their mother, who held them close smiling and laughing. Ron observed them for a while before sighing and shaking his head. As he went to turn around he collided with someone, a basket of food crops were dropped to the floor.

'Oh! Prince Ronald…I-I'm so sorry,' Ron was about to yell out in anger but he looked at the girl, who had pure fright in her eyes. She had brown eyes, bushy hair that had a bit of dirt in it, a real pale face that came from the hot sun. This girl looked about exactly Ron's age. 'I-I wasn't paying attention.' A cold smirk went upon Ron's face,

'I think you'll do.' The girl still looked a frightened out of her mind, her stomach flinched hard. 'What's your name, peasant?' The girl stood silent still scared to answer, 'Answer me! What's your name!'

'H-Hermione Jane Granger.' He laughed in despite of the helpless but beautiful girl.

'Hey, Harrius, I've got one!' Harrius quickly came over, throwing his cape over his shoulder. He also gave Hermione a cold smirk,

'She will impress King Arthur no doubt, we're going to have some fun with you, girl.' Harrius grabbed her by the arm, and threw her in front of him so she could walk towards the horses. Hermione now had tears in her eyes, but they were angry tears; people stared as she was being taken away by Ronald and Harrius, they all knew when a girl or women got taken away, it was either to do with death, or being a slave for the royal family within Hogwarts.

Hermione was now slaving for people within the castle. Ronald and Harrius both got gladly rewarded for their work. Ronald thought she was just an ordinary and random catch…but little did he know his life as Prince was going to change.

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