"Go away."

Zexion scowled at Lexaeus. He didn't want the man hovering over him whilst he was attempting to mark test papers. He was admittedly 'friends' (or something) with the larger phys-ed teacher, but he didn't like people looking over his shoulder.

"I'd rather not," said Lexaeus, padding his way over to the whiteboard. He stared at the murky, almost blue surface. It was obvious that Zexion never bothered to clean it. He picked up a blue marker and popped the cap off with his thumb. The felt tip was worn down quite a bit, but then again, Zexion wrote a lot of notes.

Zexion returned to grading his papers. He only stopped when he heard the marker stop squeaking against the board. He turned around, staring at the whiteboard and wondering why in hell there was 'Want to see a movie?' scrawled across in big, messy letters. Lexaeus was staring at the younger man, jaw set and eyes stern.

"…You could've just asked," muttered Zexion, already irritated. He hated it when people didn't tell him up front. Standing, the blue haired man crossed his arms and gave the taller man a condescending look.

Lexaeus sighed, bringing up a large hand to scratch the back of his head. "Well, you're kind of intimidating… er," he mumbled, glancing down to the floor. Zexion scoffed.


Lexaeus looked back up at Zexion, feeling like he'd blown his chance. Judging by the blue haired man's expression, he had. "I'll just go, then," he muttered, plodding to the door.

"Fine. I'll see you at six-thirty, don't be late," said the younger man, taking a seat back at his desk. Lexaeus' eyes widened, and he looked over to Zexion, as if attempting to see if the words were true.

When Zexion gave him a tiny, almost cynical smile, Lexaeus knew that it was definitely, most positively a yes.