From The Journel of The Childlike Empress

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Summery: This is from The Childlike Empress's POV. These entries take place just before the first movie.

Paring: Atreyu/Childlike Empress

Rating: K.

Chapter One: Time of Entry: 5:05 pm

All is quiet, I am sitting up in my bed, unable to sleep, my mind filled with troubled thoughts. As I put quill to paper in this journal, my thoughts wander as i briefly reccount the sudden turn of events that occurred a few hours ago:

My personal physician, who had just completed his task of examining me, finished putting away his medical equipment into his satchel. My eyes flickered upward and, for the briefest moment, I was able to catch a glimpse of the somber expression of worry etched upon his brow, the grave concern reflected within his dark eyes as he bid me goodbye before turning away from my bedside and departing, leaving my bedchamber door slightly ajar. My ears strained to hear the serious conversation between him and my head servant and adviser: Cairon.

"Well, what is her diagnosis?"

Sitting upright in my bed, I leaned forward just a bit to where I could get a decent veiw of the two men standing just outside my door without beeing caught eavesdropping.

The physician shook his head in weary frustration. "I am sorry Cairon. But I do not know what is wrong with her. She has no cold, no flu. She has not a fever nor does she show symptoms of any ailimant which I can recognize. Due to this, I am unable to determine the name or cause of this mysterious illness that has plaged our Empress. It is my deepest regret to inform you that since I do not know how, why or what has made her to abruptly become so pale, so weak and listliss, I cannot prescribe an antidote which will cure her. For now, all I can tell you is that she very sick indeed."

Cairon's eyebrows rose up in shock.

"But. but what are we to do?"

The physician closed his eyes for a moment, evidently thinking hard before opening them. "There is only one thing."

"And what is this?"

"We must send forth messengers to fetch the very best doctors from all parts of Fantasia to examine her so I may get more opinions and advice on where to go from here. But for now I can only recommend that she get plenty of rest to keep up her strength and she must keep her stress level at a minimum. Understood?"

Cairon bowed low to him. "Yes sir. I, myself will see to it that messengers are sent out immediately."

They shook hands and departed.

My heart pounded with fear-something I am not used to-as I leaned back against my fluffy white pillows. Underneath my blankets, my whole body shivered as my mind absorbed the meaning of my physician's words. Mother Goddess..I thought. What is going to happen to me? Taking a deep breath, I choked back the sob rising like bile in my throat bravely blinking back the unshead tears that threatened to fall, before slowly, slowly falling into a deep, dreamless, yet troubled sleep.