Summary: Rogue is a princess who has just been engaged to a prince from another land. To get a little freedom and perspective before the wedding she runs away. What happens when she runs into a red-eyed man? AU no powers

Chapter 1

Princess Anna Marie sat in her room looking out the window. She watched as King Magnus and his squire walked out of her father's throne room. She heaved a sigh knowing what was going to happen next if the talks went well. She only had to wait 10 minutes until there was a knock at her chamber doors. "Come in," she called out.

"Anna, ah know that you probably don't want to hear this but the agreement has been reached. We've set the date for the wedding," King Owen sighed. "Ah'm sorry honey but the wedding will be in three months."

Anna bowed her head and nodded. She knew that this was going to happen but she had always thought that it would be later then this. "Ah understand Daddy. Ah just wish it wasn't this way but this is what is best for the kingdom so I will do it."

Owen walked over to his daughter. "Thank you for understanding. Your mother will get to work on your gown for the ceremony."

"Daddy, can ah make a request?" Anna asked.

"Sure honey. What did you want?" Owen asked.

"Ah would like a chance to explore the kingdom before ah have to run it?" Anna hoped her father would agree. Holding her breath she anxiously awaited his answer.

"Ah'm sorry honey but it's too dangerous for you out there." Owen saw the disappointment in his daughter's eyes but couldn't allow her to wonder alone when there were militant groups out there trying to overthrow the kingdom. "You know that there are people out there that want us dead. Ah can't allow you to roam the streets when there's a chance that there might be someone who would recognize you and kill you. You understand, right?"

Anna nodded her head and went back to looking out the window. Her father gave a sigh and walked out of her room. She waited for half an hour before she made her move. Ah'm sorry daddy but this is something ah have to do for myself. With that thought Anna changed into her riding clothes and snuck down to the stables. Getting her favorite horse out she jumped up in the saddle and road off the castle grounds.


On the streets one had to know how to fight or you would die. Remy had been fighting since he was old enough to walk. He had been luckier then others since he had found someone to take him in. Logan – known to those who fear him as Wolverine – had found Remy when he was four going through trash looking for food. Knowing what it was like for children living on the street he had taken the youth under his wing and taught him what he needed to survive. Remy had a harder time fitting in with other people because of his eyes. He had an angelic face that was framed by auburn hair but his eyes were black where most peoples are white and red where they should be brown or blue.

A couple years after he had found Remy he had come across another kid that had become homeless when his parents were killed by muggers. Piotr was big for his age with black hair and bright blue eyes but had been raised to be kind and polite, not a good attitude for a kid who now needed to fight for everything he needed. Feeling compassionate once more Logan also took him in. Over the years the group had started a safe house of sorts for people who needed help.

There were people from all sorts of walks of life. Some of the other people there were women who Logan took in with his wife Ororo. Ororo was originally from Africa but had ended up in England when she was captured to be sold as a slave. She had managed to escape and ran into Logan with two boys tagging after him shortly after. Taking pity on the two kids she had talked Logan into getting a safe place to call home and had taken over the maternal duties for all three. She was a beautiful woman with a natural grace. Her hair had turned white from the fright she had faced when sold into slavery and she had pure blue eyes. The way she carried herself made the boys respect her without her having to raise her voice. Shortly after Logan and Ororo got married. They continued to help kids in the street. Some came only to get back on their feet and then left again when they got older. Others stayed around.

One of them that stayed was a young girl named Kitty. She was originally from Holland but had been stranded in England when she was three when she had been kidnapped from in front of the hotel her parent's had been staying in. She had tried to locate her family when she was old enough but found that they had been killed in a fire about a year after she was taken. Devastated she came back to the home she had found after escaping her kidnappers. She had long brown hair and blue eyes. She looked younger then she really was thanks to her petite frame.

Ororo and Logan had also had a daughter. They named her Alexa but she preferred to be called Lexa. She had darker skin thanks to her mother's heritage and bright green eyes. Her hair was black like her father's. Her parents weren't sure where the green eyes had come from since both her parents had blue eyes.

All the kids flourished under Logan and Ororo's care. They were now all in their late teens with Lexa being the youngest. Remy was now 21 as was Piotr. Kitty was 18 and Lexa was 15. She acted a lot older then her age and the others tended to forget how young she really was. Today was no different then any other day. They all went out with their list of things to bring back. They had a little money they had earned doing various tasks around town but what they didn't have money for they had to steal.

Remy and Piotr had sent Kitty and Lexa back to the house with what they had gathered so far and set about getting the last thing they needed. The girls were still growing like weeds and Ororo had told them to collect some cloth so that she could make them some need clothes for their birthdays. Walking into the store the two began to look around. Seeing some deep purple and blue cloth the two decided that would be perfect for their 'sisters'. Looking around they noticed a woman walking towards them.

"Hello sirs. May I help you with something?" She inquired when she was closer.

"Oui," Remy said putting on his most charming smile. "Ah was hoping dat you could help me pick out some material for a dress for my sister. She will be turning 18 soon and mon mère wants to make her a nice dress. What material would you recommend?"

"I think I know exactly what you need. Come with me and I'll show you." Nodding at Piotr Remy followed the woman to the back of the store. When she was done showing him the material he walked out of the store with a promise he would bring his mother in to see the material. He walked around the back of the store and ran into Piotr.

"Good work mon ami. Let's get out of here before she comes looking for moi." With a self-assured grin at his friend the two headed back to the woods to head home. While they were walking they heard the sound of a horse coming up behind them fast. Looking around for a place to hide they took cover in some bushes along the side of the trail.

Peering over the tops of the bushes they saw a girl riding along on her horse chased by a couple of goons. "Julien," Remy growled when he saw one of her pursuers' faces.

Piotr looked at his friend. "What are we waiting for then. Let us go help the girl." Remy nodded and the two ran through the woods looking for a place to intercede. They finally found a clearing where most of the trails passed through. Climbing up into a nearby tree they waited for the riders to appear in the clearing. Hearing hoof beats they waited until they could see them before attacking. Knocking two of the men off their horses the rolled on the ground until their opponents were unconscious. They then turned and saw another man grabbing the reins of the girl's horse. Remy pulled out his Bo staff and, with a running start, vaulted himself into the third man. The man hit his head on a rock as he fell off the horse. Breathing heavily the two men approached the girl on the horse. She looked like she was poised to flee at the slightest movement from the two men.

Stopping far enough away from the horse to prove he wasn't dangerous Remy looked up at the girl with a greeting that died on his lips when he saw her eyes. They were an emerald green like those of the finest stones he had seen. Her hair was brown that hung down her back in ringlets with two white stripes framing her face. She had rosy red lips and the palest skin her had ever seen. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and for the first time in his life he was speechless. Grinning at his friend Piotr stepped forward. "Hello young lady. Are you alright?"

The girl managed to nod her head. She looked between the two and seemed to be trying to determine whether they were trustworthy or not. She must have decided they were because she dismounted her horse but didn't move away from its head. "Thank you for saving me. Ah have no idea why they were after me," she told them as if reading their minds.

Remy finally seemed to find his voice as he stepped forward to take her hand and bring it to his lips to give it a kiss. "Bonjour chérie. My name is Remy and dis is my friend Piotr. What might your name be?"

She paused as if not sure what her name was before answering with a smile, "You can call me Rogue."

"Dat is a most unusual name. It doesn't seem to fit a belle ange like yourself but Remy will call you anything you want him to." He smiled brightly looking into her amazing eyes. She seemed startled for a moment before he realized that she had gotten a good look at his eyes. "Sorry if moi eyes scare you."

"No, they're just unusual. They took me by surprise there for a second but ah have to say that they are some of the most beautiful eyes ah have ever seen." She tried to hide a smile at the surprised look that crossed the young man's face.

"Merci. No one has ever said dat before." Remy said with a self-conscious smile on his face.

"Well, then they don't know what they are missing. Now, can y'all tell me where to find a room for the night?"

Piotr and Remy looked at each other with surprised looks on their faces. "You are traveling alone?" Piotr asked. When Rogue merely nodded Piotr shook his head. "You should not be out alone. It is not safe for young women to be out after dark without an escort. Come, you will stay with us tonight." Without waiting for an answer he turned and headed back in the direction they had come from.

"Mon ami, where are you going? De house is back dat way." Remy called after him.

"Da, but I dropped the cloth when we came after the men." Being reminded of the men Rogue and Remy looked around and headed off after Piotr. When they had collected the cloth they headed for Logan's. Ororo rushed out to greet them when she saw they exit the woods but stopped momentarily when seeing them with a strange girl.

"Who is this?" Ororo called.

"A girl dat was being chased by Julien and his buddies." Remy answered back.

Ororo looked at the girl again and then ushered her into the house. Rogue looked around curious to see how the ordinary people lived. She liked what she saw. Ororo obviously kept the place clean and everything looked homey. Ah could get used to living here, Rogue thought as she was ushered to another room with a bowl of water she could use to freshen up. While she was freshening up Ororo was bustling around the kitchen with Lexa and Kitty getting supper finished up. She sat another place at the table and went out back to see Logan coming back with the kill he had went out for this morning.

"We've got an extra at supper tonight." Ororo told her husband as she greeted him with a kiss.


"I think that you will find this one interesting." Ororo said with a smirk. Logan looked at her with a quirked eyebrow before going into the house. What he saw stopped him in his tracks though. Sitting at the table talking to Kitty and Lexa was Princess Anna Marie. What in the world is she doing here? He wondered before heading in and acting like nothing was wrong. His 'kids' didn't seem to realize who was sitting at the table and he didn't want to ruin their dinner by telling them they were dining with royalty.


Since I never come out and say it Ororo and Logan are around 35 years old.