Chapter 1

I do not know why I feel this way. I just know that I do. I prowl the hallways here at Central, and I stand outside their room, reveling in the fact that they are in there asleep. Sometimes, I make my way into their room and watch them sleep, feeling a pang of joy and wonder each time they breathe.

Since their restoration, the two children had been driving me mad. Their search for the Philosopher's Stone had proven unsuccessful, but they had found a powerful restorative instead, that had brought back Al's body and restored what was missing of Ed's. It turned out that the Stone had not been necessary after all. I accepted that fact and got on with my life, but still, these strange feelings took hold of me.

Because they had no family and because Ed was a State Alchemist, they stayed in the dormitories in Central. They had no idea that I was what I was, and they had no inkling of it. Also, they did not know how I felt. I did not intend for them to know until I was ready to let them.

I made my plans carefully. It did not matter what Pride said, I was going to do as I wished without any interference from him. He accepted my decision, but he did not like it. It didn't matter.

Late one night, when I knew they would be sleeping deeply due to a large amount of work that a certain secretary had given them, I crept to their room with a bottle of chloroform and a handkerchief in my hands. I slipped inside, and I sedated Al first. A handkerchief soaked with chloroform would make a human lose consciousness for a short while, and it was just long enough for me to get them away. Al, feeling a hand over his mouth and nose, fought for a moment, but he was unable to pull away from me. He slipped into sleep, and I moved on to his brother. Ed was not so easy. He woke the moment I touched him and fought like a mad wildcat, shouting the whole time for help, but there was no one nearby and no one came. I held him closely, keeping the handkerchief locked over his face, and cursing me, he slept.

Picking up both of them, I carried them away to the place I had prepared, and I was looking forward to what was coming.