Okay, this first chapter is really short. However, it's just the prologue, and it's pretty much an intro to all the events that are going to take place. Trust me when I say the first chapter is much longer...really, it's already written.

It had been four months. Four months since John had decided to give up everything in that miserable life he had once dreamed about, and went on to join something much…much more important. The one thing that could unite all mutants and stop the humans from making any more attempts to control their lives.

Unfortunately, they hadn't been quick enough. Now, with this cure, it was more than obvious what was intended for it. It was an attempt to remove any trace of a higher species from the planet. John, however, wouldn't stand for it. Would not watch as so many lives were destroyed. As mutants were stripped of their God-given gifts.

No, he had a plan. Well, Magneto did atleast. He was in on it. And while he hurried to his leader's side, he gave him a questioning look. A class 2 mutant had just informed him that Erik was looking for him.

"Pyro," Magneto began, staring ahead at the crowd of mutants that gathered around, preparing for the coming war. Some were training, others were preparing for more important things. "I have a job for you."

"Yes?" he asked, if not a little impatiently.

Smirking slightly, Magneto found himself glancing back at the young man. He had changed a lot since he had picked him up back at Alkali Lake. Somehow, however, that same punk was down there. He couldn't deny, however, his pride in how the boy had flourished under his instruction.

Giving a nod, he found himself thinking of the plans he had in store for one girl named Marie. Thanks to a recent addition to the Brotherhood, he had learned lots of information regarding her.

"I want you to find an old friend of yours…"

And as he unfolded his instructions, he himself kept his true intentions deep inside. It would be, without a doubt, better for the boy to not know his full plan. Especially if that girl were to touch him, to know the nightmare he had in store for her.

No, best for her to be comfortable, and him as well.

And as John nodded, grinning at his task, he watched the boy leave, in search of his old friend they called the Rogue.

Yet to Magneto, she was the key to their victory.

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