Once I dreamed that I was running
In a dark room, with no were to go.
There was something in that room,
Something chasing me; that I was sure of…

I was afraid and alone;
My fear did not help then.
I ran and ran, I cried as I ran too
And my steps faltered.

I weakened as things flew by me in the dark
And screamed as something huge
And hairy brushed against my legs.

There was a warm moist thing that licked my check
And I think I fainted then, for I remember falling
And waking up much later…

Time couldn't be told in that room of horrors
And that thing chasing me,
Was still hunting me down…

I give up, collapsed onto the floor and
Sat against the wall, hugging
My knees close to me.

Or at least I thought it was a wall at first;
But then I turned around and looked
Into a mirror of myself crying
Because the hunter was right in front of me,
Looking straight back into my eyes…