Standing besides you

Standing besides you,
Our backs to each other
As we watch the sun set;

I wonder what happened,
Where I went wrong,
Were you stopped telling
Me the truth when I looked
Into your eyes that told me things
I didn't and did want to know…

Holding hands as we sit on the grass,
Just silently there; saying nothing,
Savouring the moment I'm spending with
You because it's all I need to be happy right now.

It's all I need, just too have you
With me, because your heart
Loves me so and I know this
Without you saying anything too me.
Rejoicing in the time we can spend together,

Bringing back memories that I had thought
Lost when we had left each other,
So long ago those days and nights
Where that I could see you every day…

All the times that I cry at night now,
Because I want to share it with you,
Even though I know it's almost
Impossible and that I could change it…

I want to spend my life with you,
Safe and sound in your arms
All night while I dream and
See you during the day…

Working these things out
I know I'm asking the impossible,
All I'm trying to do is help
You fix these things again…

Wondering why I can't kill
My pride and just say what I need
To say and do what I need to do;
To tell you that you're right
About a lot of things
That you told me about…

Sitting with my knees pulled up,
Shivering while I wait for the phone
To go off again because I can't trust
Who's gong to be on it anymore;

Crying myself to sleep
Because you didn't stop and
Won't stay dry for one day…

Listening to myself,
Realizing what a monster
I sounded like, shameful doesn't
Describe my feelings but all I can
Do is wait until you will let me talk to you again;

I'm not going to say those things again,
I'm going to become clean and dry for you,
It's just going to take some time,
So honey, will you wait for me?

I've waited so long and now
That I finally let you back in,
You're slipping and reeling away;

I don't want to lose you again,
I'm going to help you through this
As best as I can, but I can't be
Here forever…

Let me help before
Our time on is gone…