I wanted to call this Hold On, but it sounded way too depressing for a first one shot.

This is my first attempt at Bleach. And I've already picked my favorite. Byakuya x Renji.

Expect to see more of it from me. If you could, maybe suggest some? Thanks.

Also, this is set directly after Episode 62 but before the filler.

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach.

-Bitter Sweet-

Ruby eyes blinked open and in an instance, reality came crashing down on his pained body. There was burning, and soundless curses, but there was also panic. What was going on?

After Aizen, everything was a bloody blur.

Renji wanted to speak, but his throat was closed. The light, from where ever he was, was way too bright. Even reality resembled a blur. Nothing was in focus. His senses were scattered from the loss of blood and deep wounds. But, at least now, he was healing.

He went through extensive surgery, again.

The only clarity, in the haze, was grim. He could feel that familiar soul, so close to his own, but it was weak, almost unimaginable. It was…


Unohana's step faltered, in the doorway of the sixth's squad recovery room.

Captain Kuchiki was brought in to be treated further and Abarai, Renji was in stable enough condition to be moved. She did not want to interrupt and stopped her squad. The door slid closed, but he did not notice her presence. He was too stunned to feel any other spirit.

Renji squinted, as he turned his head, and he could barely make out the white and black, blood stained robes of his Captain.

What had happened?

He wanted to ask, but there was no one there to answer and his voice was lost.

His face contorted in pain and sweat beads rolled down the black markings etched into his skin. He bit his lip as he tried to move his hand. The other was so close and yet, he could not reach. The scarring across his shoulder sent pain down his arm but he had endured much worst.

Renji did not stop, or falter, until his fingers hooked around those of his Captain's.

''Bya…ku..ya…'' He breathed out and squeezed on the bloody fingertips, laced with his own.

Then, suddenly, he felt much more than just a faint soul, beside his pained one.

Byakuya squeezed back, as his lips moved.

Renji watched them breathe out the pair of syllables from his name.

However, he did hear a sound, but it was not the melody of that soft voice.

As his Captain spoke silently, Unohana voiced the name.


His ruby eyes closed as footsteps filtered into the room. He could not watch the other shinigami lift, and begin to move his bed. His fingers held on, until the last second, and as they broke, he let himself be consumed by the lingering darkness, where they were together, and there was no blood.