By Kuro Doragon Enkou

Summary- Kyuubi has been released, and blood has been spilled, and the world must rely on one shy girl to fix it all, the only question is...can she do it? Hinata/Kyuubi(Naruto)

Genre- Romance, Horror, Angst, Drama, Suspense

Pairings- Hinata/Kyuubi(Naruto)

Disclaimer- Unfortunately, I only own this plot…the Naruto series belongs to someone else…-sigh-

Rating- M for mature situations, language, violence, and sexuality

A/N- Alrighty, I probably shouldn't be writing this fic, but unfortunately, it was sulking in my head and clawing at my mind, so thus, here is the very short prologue of Kyuubi, but not to worry, the chapters, as with most fics, will undoubtedly get longer! So, no fears! Well, anywho, enjoy the Prologue of Kyuubi! Don't forget to review, also, constructive criticism and ideas are welcome!



I stood there, shaking, watching in horror as blood dripped down his hands, that sadistic smirk taking place of the happy go lucky grin that had lit up the entire village of Konoha.

"N…naruto…kun…?" my voice shook, but that was nothing new, but instead of that nervous rambling, fear shook within it. I was petrified.

I gulped, watching his blood red eyes turn to meet mine, flinching as I saw nothing but demonic intent inside of them, his already fox like features exaggerated to employ nothing but fear in his enemies souls.

"N…naruto-kun?" I tried again, hoping with all my might that some how, some way, my whispers would be enough to snatch him out of the crazed state he was in.

The boy I cared so much for gave me a smirk, ruby eyes flashing as a murderous glint passed through them, a shiver passing through my spine as his bloody eyes met mine.

"Ah…Hinata was it?" his voice was nothing more then a demonic growl, andyet, it was seductive and darkly desirable, like a fox luring it's prey out with it's unnatural beauty. It frightened me yet…made me want to forget all the evil around me and allow that dark being to take me, tomark me as his.

I nodded, struggling to keep from shaking with supreme fear as he stalked towards me, hands blood stained from the crimson lifeblood of my comrades and friends, his comrades and friends. I felt tears build up behind my eyes, and struggled to keep them at bay. I couldn't let him see my fear. I had to be confident…I almost laughed at that thought, me be confident? After all, the words 'confident' and 'Hinata' were never in the same sentence unless someone was saying 'Hinata isn't that confident is she?'.

Naruto gave me a sadistic grin, as the predatory urge to hunt passed through his red eyes as he stalked towards me, claws held out, ready to plunge them into my insides should I give him the slightest chance.

"Well, Hinata…aren't you going to run?" I gulped, my eyes widening in fear as I heard his seductive voice rumble into my ears, felt his claws caress my arms, and his hot breath puff against my neck, and I did the only thing I could do, I closed my eyes and screamed.

End Prologue- Release

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-kun, -san, -chan, -sama- Japanese honorifics that go at the ends of names. -kun is mainly used for young boys, but it can also be used for girls, -chan is mainly used when showing affection to young children or amongst girls, -san is similar to Mr. and Mrs, while -sama is similar to lord and lady.