By Kuro Doragon Enkou

Summary- Kyuubi has been released, and blood has been spilled, and the world must rely on one shy girl to fix it all, the only question is...can she do it? Hinata/Kyuubi(Naruto)

Genre- Romance, Horror, Angst, Drama, Suspense

Pairings- Hinata/Kyuubi(Naruto)

Disclaimer- Unfortunately, I only own this plot…the Naruto series belongs to someone else…-sigh-

Rating- M for mature situations, language, violence, and sexuality

A/N: I sincerely apologize for the long wait. Unfortunately, school has been a bit trickier than I thought. Still, I'm not going to give up on this story, although updates probably won't be frequent. Anyways, enjoy the much delayed Chapter Five of Kyuubi.

Chapter Five

The Wings of Iccarus

"Kyuubi?" Kiba's voice was loud in the oppressive silence of my hospital room, echoing against the walls like the pealing toll of a death bell. Off to the side, my father's lips twitched in a downward arc that was hardly discernable against the thin lines of his normal expression while Hanabi shifted uneasily in the background, her eyes darting to and fro as she tried to figure out what exactly we were talking about while struggling to maintain the calm façade that all Hyuuga are known for. Hanabi was young-younger than us and Kyuubi was rarely talked about-the disaster sixteen years ago still rankled us. Shutting my eyes, I felt my fists tremble by my side, fingers knotting into the coarse white bed sheets covering my legs. Seeing the action, Shino shifted, his face unreadable behind his collar and glasses, and for the first time in my life, I find myself hating the clothing that hid his face.

Looking at me with narrowed eyes, Kurenai-sensei frowned, crossing her arms over her chest. "What do you mean Kyuubi?" As if on impulse, her eyes darted towards the Not-Naruto only briefly but her eyes quickly turn towards me once more, her lips in a thinner line than before. "The nine-tailed fox is dead." For a moment I paused, mouth moving silently before I gulped, my eyes turning to look at my bed sheets as I shut my mouth. The secret. I had forgotten, and I felt my face burn red, embarrassment overtaking me as my awkwardness came to take over me full blast only to fall away just as quickly as it had come as the Not-Naruto shifted in the background and a soft laugh disguised as a cough met my ears.

This time, my face burned less with humiliation and more with rage as I turned to stare at him, eyes shining with what was mixed emotions of rage and grief.

Ha-let him laugh, I thought with bitter hatred. He wouldn't be laughing in the end. My fists tightened, and I could feel my nails biting through the coarse fabric between them, piercing the fleshy skin of my palms and though it hurt, I didn't wince-couldn't wince.

"You know as well as I do that that is false." My voice didn't stutter as I turned to stare at Kurenai sensei once more. My father and Hanabi look almost surprised at the steadiness of my voice, and thought at one point it would have made me proud that I had surprised them; I couldn't really bring myself to care. How could I, with a demon in the room? "He's there," I hissed, eyes narrowed and writhing with a hatred that caused the not-Naruto's eyes to light up with what I knew was sadistic glee, however indiscernible it might have been to the people crowded in my small hospital room.

As if aware of the stares upon him the moment my finger had pointed to him, Kyuubi's hands rose to his lips, covering his chin- the complete visage of betrayed innocence. "Hinata…" he said, stuttering on my name as false tears slid from his eyes to well over his cheeks. "I thought…I thought I could trust you…and now you…" his voice quaked and he stopped, as if overcome with grief. The act was so over the top, and yet so utterly convincing that had I not known the truth I am sure I too would have fallen for it. As it was my father and the others exchanged looks and Akamaru whimpered. Looking at the large dog at his side, Kiba frowned and then shook his head, eying me with wary concern.

"N…Naruto…" he said, looking briefly at the other ninja, oblivious to the way "Naruto's", violent and dark, flashed with something darkly cruel. "I'm sure she didn't mean it- she's in shock! She just found out her cousin killed two of her friends and then crippled his squad mates! Of course she'd be shocked!"

'Naruto' shuddered, shoulders quaking as he slumped forward, and I bit back the hiss that that threatened to escape me, "I mean it." I hissed, my voice a near shout. "I'm telling the truth! That red chakra- it's Kyuubi's! He's not Naruto-not anymore- can't you tell?" My voice was growing desperate and Shino shot me a worried look, brow's furrowed above the top of the dark glasses that cloaked his eyes.

"Hinata," Kurenai murmured, resting a hand against my shoulder, her voice soft and motherly. I blanched. I knew that tone- I had heard it when she was quelling a particularly distressed child or when one of the mental wards of the hospital had escaped and she had been the only ninja close by. "Hinata," she continued, speaking my name twice as her hand moved from my shoulder to take a gentle spot on my back. I struggled to flinch away from it, eyes wide and terrified and not once leaving Kyuubi's shuddering form. Already, there was a numbing sensation on the spot where her hand lingered and I gulped, fighting back a sob as I shot her a panicked look. A calming genjutsu.

A horrified whimper made its way from my throat and I shuddered away from her, fighting and clawing against her hold until I could hardly move. Still, Kurenai-sensei's hand never left my back, her grip hard despite its gentleness. From the behind the curtain of her hair, I could see the look of concern on Kiba's face, the way Shino's eyes furrowed and how Akamaru's tail, usually frantically wagging, lay limp against his belly. My father's face was blank, and Hanabi's eyes were wide but it was Kyuubi's face that held my attention. Twisted by pity and betrayal it might have been- after all, how would Naruto react to one of his friends- one of his closest comrades calling him a monster?- his eyes were dark and cruel, bright with unholy glee.

A shriek worked its way from my lips, animal and so inhuman that even Kiba and Shino flinched away, faces pale while my father's expression finally shifted as he and Hanabi looked on with a muted sort of horror. Kurenai-sensei's lips moved, working silently, but not sound emerged. The jutsu had finally taken effect. Dismayed laughter bubbled itself from my lips and I snarled, thrashing one final time before my body went limp.

Kyuubi's face was the last thing I saw before my vision finally went black.

I'm almost blinded once more as I finally wake up, and as I shot a cursory glance around the room I noticed father and the others are gone. The room seems almost desolate without them, and the overbearing whiteness almost makes me want to shudder. It is only as a hand moves against my head that I notice the person sitting next to me, tanned fingers brushing through my hair as gently as a mother with her child, and I barely fight back the scream that almost wrenched its way from my throat. At my bedside, Kyuubi smiled; his eyes almost feverishly bright. Somehow, this only enunciated their violet coloration more and I couldn't help but wonder how Kiba and the others had missed it. Surely they had noticed something was off.

Kyuubi grinned at the sound of my muffled scream, his eyes whirling with something cruel as I attempted to move only to find myself unable to, my body numb and almost limp. I could scarcely move my fingers. Kurenai-sensei's genjutsu was still in effect. The revelation sent a curl of fear sliding into my belly and I bit back a whimper that was not missed by Kyuubi. His lips quirked, blossoming into a smile that was more predatory than kind.

"I told them I would keep an eye on you- make sure that you wouldn't hurt yourself-that's why you'. We are friends, aren't we Hinata-chan? You wouldn't hurt me, would you? You…love me." his voice was quiet, lulling and it was only as my guard weakened that I realized that I had almost fallen for his ploy. I had to force myself to look at his eyes before the hope that had been crawling up is crushed once more. Naruto's eyes were still violet, if not more red than they had been before Kurenai sensei had trapped me, unknowingly it might have been, with her calming genjutsu. No speck of blue visible was visible their amethyst depths and I found myself fighting back a shudder, as I tried to squirm away only to find my body slack in the genjustu's hold.

"Drop the act," I hissed, struggling against the jutsu keeping my body limp. The action must have amused him because barking laughter echoed through the room, ringing off the walls like some sort of macabre choir.

"Act?" he snickered, face falling to a sneer that near split his angelic features in two. I had never seen that expression on Naruto's face before- never had I truly seen it in anything other than a smile that wiped all the worries from your mind. My heart shuddered in my chest, and I felt frustrated tears well up within my eyes. "How could you tell?" his voice came out in a sing song, and I resisted the urge to scream. Instead, I focused on more pressing matters.

"What is going to happen to Neji?" my voice shook, and as I struggled to keep at bay, I couldn't determine whether it was from fear or from worry. Thinking back, I suppose it was a mix of both.

"Neji?" Kyuubi whispered, all false innocence before he laughed, eyes bright and mad. I trembled, hands shuddering as a chill runs down my spine. This time, I know it was completely from fear. "Oh yes," he murmured, "Your cousin…poor boy- ANBU at 17? It was doomed to happen…" the smile on his face was beatific, wide and broad with all the innocence that Kyuubi lacked, and yet it was somehow twisted- warped even, and I felt tears burn in my eyes.

"Doomed to happen? You framed him!" My voice was hoarse, choked from fear and rage. "You slit his throat so he couldn't talk!"

"Ah yes…that…" Kyuubi leaned forward; his face mere inches from my own and I found myself shifting back, a shiver running down my spine. Naruto's face was pressed against me, his cheek rubbing against my own in a mockery of affection except it wasn't Naruto. It was Kyuubi, and I shuddered, arching away from his touch only to be pulled closer. As if amused by my fear and rage, Kyuubi grinned, his breath hot against my face. "Such a pity….I had hoped to kill him, but this works just as well." The smile on his face was sickeningly sweet, and I grimaced, leaning away only to fall back as he let me go with a chuckle that was more malevolent than gleeful.

I hissed as my back collided with the hospital bed, hating how my limbs worked against me, bound by the genjutsu as they were. "Monster!"

Watching me like a cat watches a mouse, Kyuubi laughed, head tilting back to reveal a tanned neck, long and slender. I hissed, hands twitching despite the genjutsu holding me down-I wanted to wrap my fingers around it and choke the very life out of the demon who had stolen the body of the one I cared for the most. As if sensing my rage, Kyuubi laughed and reached out as he put his hand against my head once more, sliding his fingers through my hair in a way similar to what one might do to a pet, or an ignorant child. A snarl slipped from my throat only to morph into a yelp as Kyuubi tightened his grip, crimson-tinged-violet eyes staring into mine.

"Not a monster." He murmured; voice not much louder than a whisper as it slipped into a gravely snarl and he pulled my face level to his. Though it might have been my imagination, I could have sworn his eyes flashed blue. Naruto? My heart thudded in my chest and I gasped, sputtering as Kyuubi released his grip on my hair; his features twisted into something akin to pain before they quickly smoothed out and another mocking smile took its place once more, this one even more twisted than its predecessors. "No, not a monster. A demon." He whispered, leaning forward until his lips brushed against my neck, breath hot against my sensitive skin. "That's much worse I'm afraid."

I shuddered in his grip, feeling as his fangs brushed the thumping vein in my neck. In that moment, it finally hit me that he could kill me, kill me right then and there and though I had known it before, the rage clouding my judgment fell away, leaving nothing but ice cold fear in its wake.

"Scared now, Hinata-chan? Frightened?" Kyuubi's breath fluttered against my pulse, his lips not-quite touching my skin. "What happened to the bluster of before? Did you think they'd believe you?" Dark laughter split the air and I shut my eyes, trembling. All the rage of before, all the hate fell to fear and I found myself truly and utterly terrified.

"N…no…no…" I ground out, hating how my voice shook and trembled. Kyuubi laughed, his breath hot against my face and gulped.

He knew I was lying- it was evident in the way the laughter, malevolent and oh so cruel bubbled from his throat to escape into the air, the way his fingers brushed against my cheek. I whimpered against my will- it was more evident than ever that Kyuubi had taken over Naruto's body, the brief flash of blue eyes not withstanding- Naruto's fingernails had never been that sharp.

"You're lying." He whispered, breathing against my ear and I snarled-but despite my best attempts at bravado, the sound came out weak- little more than a kitten's growl and from the way Kyuubi's lips twisted, more amusing than anything else.

He sat there, pinning me to the bed with his arms before he pulled back, suddenly, eyes narrowed.

"Keep lying Hinata-chan." He murmured to me. "Keep lying- no one will believe you. Not your teacher- not your friends or family. No one. Keep lying Hinata-chan for the moment someone actually believes you I'll rip this town apart." Leaning back into the chair with a smile, Kyuubi laughed, oddly soft and the slightest bit bitter. "Would you like that Hinata-chan?"

I shook my head, unable to speak for fear that my heart would burst through my chest and escape from my mouth.

Kyuubi's smile furthered and he tilted his head back. "I thought no." he murmured before he shut his eyes and in that moment, he looked more like Naruto than ever. My heart, overwhelmed with hatred before, stuttered in my chest.-faltering between a lovesick ache and terrified horror.

"Hey…Hinata-chan…" Kyuubi's voice was frighteningly light, full of cheer and though I knew it was false, I could not help but gulp.

"Yes?" I found myself whispering, and a smile quirked upon Kyuubi's lips.

"Neji's gonna die tomorrow."

I froze, heart thundering in my chest before all the anger, all the hope fled from my mind to be replaced by horror. My mind stuttered, braking to a halt. My mouth moved, though no sound emerged save for a muted whimper.

Violet eyes open, Naruto—no, Kyuubi- smiled and tilted his head to the side. "What are you gonna do about it Hinata-chan? Which is more important? Neji or the village?"

I closed my eyes and then tilted my head up at the ceiling.

Kyuubi stood up and then smiled at my silence. He walked out of the room with one last pat to my head, I found myself alone with only my thoughts.

I wish only now that I hadn't made the choice I had made then.

End Kyuubi Chapter 5: The Wings of Iccarus