Chapter One - Wind of the Jungle

Kate lazily placed her bag on the ground, squatting down to pick up some yellow fruits from the ground. She examined every single one closely before carefully placing them in the bag.

She knew Jack was watching her, she had seen him in the corner of her eye a few minutes ago. There was a feeling of safety running through her body when Jack was around. She didn't want to let him know she had seen him, incase it would lead to him making his presence known and then heading back to whatever place he might be needed.

Kate lifted her bag back on her shoulder and walked a few steps down the path, stopped again and picked up a couple more yellow fruits.

Jack had a feeling Kate had already seen him, now he started to feel stupid just standing around in the bushes like some creep. He wished she would say something or in some way let him know that she knew he was there.

Taking a step forward he stepped on a branch making it snap loudly. He knew there was no way she hadn't heard that and glanced up at the brunette who stood perfectly still just a few feet away from him.

Kate had indeed heard him, but hadn't even turned her head in his direction since she already knew what the source of the sound was. She bit her lip to suppress a giggle but it didn't work, Jack had already heard her.

"You knew I was here all along didn't you?" Jack asked suspiciously, stepping out from behind the bushes.

Kate turned around and faced him with a smile on her face, nodding.

"You could have said something, you know" Jack said, sounding a bit unimpressed.

"What fun would that have been?" Kate said, grinning at him.

Jack gave her a shy smile. "Are you heading back to beach? It looks like it's going to rain any second."

Kate tilted her head upwards and signed. He was right. It would probably start raining long before they even had a chance to get back to the beach.

Giving Jack a small nod, Kate started walking a few steps a head of him.

They didn't get far until Kate suddenly froze, making Jack almost bump into her back.

"Did you hear that?" She asked alertly, scanning the area around her with her eyes.

Jack looked around curiously, he hadn't actually heard anything, but if Kate said she heard something, there was most definitely something lurking around the bushes.

It didn't take long until another noise was heard. This time Jack had heard it too. It wasn't like the common noises they heard in the jungle all the time. It definitely sounded different. Not a chance that it was the wind or something that walked on branches or leaves. It sounded more like whispers, but Jack had a feeling that whispers were not what he had just heard.

He turned around and faced Kate, trying to read her expression. She looked unusually worried. Normally it took a lot to get Kate anywhere near 'scared' but right now her eyes told him that she was terrified.

It felt like the jungle was closing in on them, like the surroundings were literally coming closer. Kate felt trapped, and for her, that was the most torturing feeling in the world. Unsure about what direction she should run in, she could just stand still and wait.

Jack was waiting too. Waiting for whatever they had heard to make its presence known again, revealing its whereabouts and there for in what directions he and Kate should take off.

Kate could feel Jack's fingers intertwining with her own. She at once felt safer, feeling the warmth from Jack's hand in her own. She knew it was just a safety procedure, in case they needed to start running, wanting to be sure they took off in the same direction.

They both turned around rapidly as they heard a rustling sound from a thicket behind them. Kate felt like she was choking, her eyes rapidly scanned the jungle in front of her. Kate tugged on Jack's hand, as if asking why they where still standing there and not running in the opposite direction.

"I think it's a kid" Jack suddenly divulged quietly, letting go of her hand.

"What?" Kate asked unfocused. She was looking down at their hands that were no longer connecting their bodies with one another. She suddenly felt alone, like Jack had just left her in the middle of the jungle by herself. She told herself to get a grip, he was after all still standing right there next to her, she tilted her head back up and looked at him.

Jack spun around and looked in the opposite direction. "I think it's just a kid" Jack repeated, staring directly at a spot a bit into the jungle.

Kate looked at him confused. A kid? How could he tell that it was a kid? Had he seen what she had just heard? Why would even a kid be out here? They questions were spinning in her head, all left unanswered.

Suddenly Jack took off, running fast down the path.

"Jack!" Kate exclaimed surprised. She started to run after him but stopped after just a few steps, watching him disappeared behind the trees, leaving her all alone.