Mhm. My third fan fiction. This one is going to be interesting, I thought about it as I was drawing a night elf during Mrs. Curtin's science summer school class. Yep. Failed that class too. XD Well, this one is a RoxasxKairi. Yep. To all those Sora fan girls, watch out. This is only a prologue, and a tester, I'm not even sure if I'm going to continue it, so reviews, ideas, all that jazz.

:All in Roxas' POV:


Sugar Coated Syringe

Ohh Kiss


I… I just want you to see me.

No… Not for what I am, or what I seem.

I want you to look at me like you look at him.

I want you to see me.

…And not him.

I want you to love me.

Instead of loving him.

I want you to want me like I want you

Fuck you're like a drug

You look at me like I am actually somebody, and I look at you, like you might be that one thing that could save me.

Save me from what?

Save me from a life of hell, of wondering what feelings really are.

So I watch you.

And I watch him, as he snakes his arm around your waist and pulls you against his chest. The way he lets his finger tips brush over your ass when you aren't looking.

The way he smiles at you with hidden emotions.

The way he fights for you but dies for someone else.

The way he 'accidentally' pulls the strap to your bikini top and makes it fall off.

The way he watches me watch you and knows he has you around the tip of his finger.

And I get pissed off.

I get fucking livid.

When he looks at other girls.

And just forgets about you.

When he thinks of someone else.

And then says it was you.

I bite my tongue.

And watch yours instead.

Wishing I could taste it being shoved down my throat.

Not like you would do that…

No, you're so much better than that…

But he would.

And he does.

So tell me girl.

Do you think he really thinks about you when he fucks you?

Do you think you're on his mind?


But you're on mine.

Jesus Christ I need help.

I need to swallow a whole bottle of vodka and sit on the beach.

Maybe I'll get caught in the water.

And hopefully drown.

Waterlog these feelings.

Damn I'm not even supposed to have feelings.

Maybe… Maybe I can tell you.

No… I can't do that.

He would kill me.

Your boyfriend would kill me.

But I am your boyfriend… I am the one that fucks you until you can't take anymore.

The one that gets to grind against you at all the school dances.

No… I'm not him… I'm just a piece of him. He's the one that keeps me from you.

The one that fucks my girlfriend when he's still with you.

And causes me to lose everything.

Because he knows I need you.

You're like water, girl.

Just sliding through my fingers.

I would drown in you any day…

Maybe I can just forget about you. And forget about him. Forget about everything all over again


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