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:Roxas' ROV:


Sugar Coated Syringe

Ohh Kiss


We stayed like that for a long time.

It was almost as if time had simply stopped, waited, concentrated on us in the water and no one else.

My lungs were set aflame as her lips worked against mine.

I was dying for oxygen, just a lick of air, but I couldn't bring myself to breaking the kiss.

I was done breaking things.

It was time I got put back together.

Finally she let go, the petal softness of her lips leaving mine.

Letting the salty air to greet them as she kept her hands on my chest, red hair dripping with the chilled water.

It no longer felt cold to me though…

Not with her small warm body huddled against my own.

I panted slightly, glancing down at her as she sat breathing in lightly through her nose.

I wanted to say something

I didn't know what but… Well…


She looked up at me and blinked with a small smile.

"Yeah?" she asked, tilting her head to the side innocently.

I swallowed again and averted her calm gaze as she quickly trailed after it, finding them resting on their reflection in the rippling ocean water.

"What… What was that?"

I asked, closing my eyes and shaking my head at how truly stupid that sounded…

I didn't want to be a replacement.

I didn't want to be the thing that stabilizes her, makes her feel wonderful, wonderful enough to just get up and leave me…

"A kiss…" she answered simply.

"A kiss… I've always wanted to give you…"

The last few words she whispered, trying to hush them, hide them from me as if in embarrassment.

Was that… Was that really true?

"Kairi… I mean, you loved Sora… You never…"

I narrowed my eyes slightly, gazing off, trying to sift through memories.

Finally they clicked.

Those glances.


That time she hugged him and kissed his neck while looking at me.

That time she came over to see Sora but sat the whole time just talking with me.

All those tiny things I was too stubborn to pick up on…

"K-kairi… I…-"


She interrupted me.

She grabbed her necklace and moved it to mine, placing them together.

A heart.

An ivory heart that only two perfect pieces could put together.

She smiled gently, "See?"

"A heart…"

I whispered it, thinking aloud as I ran a finger across its smooth edges.

"Look harder."

Her voice interrupting my thoughts once again and she grinned lightly as I squinted to see the lettering on the back, only readable when both pieces were set together.

I love you more than life itself.

More than the ocean.

I only loved one part of him.

And that was you.

It was carved to perfection in tiny letters.

I smiled slightly as my heartbeat quickened, skipped, almost leapt from my chest in an attempt to drown itself for fear of it beating too fast.

Was it true

Did she love me and not that asshole of a brother, Sora?

I was confused, and overly excited, and just… I don't know how to put it in words.

She smiled lightly and I felt her shiver as a gust of air hit us both.

"A nice warm house sounds good about now?" she whimpered, glancing up with a smile and chattering her teeth mockingly.

We must have slept for a while because it was pretty late out… Not yet sunset, but getting close.

I simply scoffed before pushing her down in the water and laughing, moment ruined.

Well, not exactly ruined… Just lightened.

She squealed and growled, "Fuck you Roxas!" she yelled playfully, spitting salt water back into the ocean.

Yeah, you can if you want…

Not like you would…

You never would.

Never, ever, not even if you did love me…

Would you?


The rest of the day went by in a flash…

We walked around, talked, I would glance at her every now and then and every single fucking time she caught me.

Her blue eyes seemed to sense mine when they were on her…

Soon enough we saw him.

He had to ruin everything…

"Kairi! N-no! Kairi!"

I was shouting, clumsily reaching out and grabbing for her hands as she took off in a huffed stomp.

"That bastard! He doesn't even care! I knew it, I knew every single day he was off with her!"

Her voice was drowned with tears again as the two of us watched Sora play with a strand of Namine's platinum hair, twirling it lazily between his fingers. The other hand resting and lacing with hers…

"Kairi! There's nothing you can do now!"

Dammit… He had to just kill almost every moment I had with her didn't he?

"I can… I can… I can fucking kick his ass!" the red-head spat, squirming, "Let go Roxas!"

"Kairi… Come on…-"

"Let go!"

"Kairi… You deserve better than him…"

She stopped finally, sniffling with a defiant, angry stare crossing her features.

"Let's go home…"

She whispered, walking off towards my house.



Her voice broke the awkward silence we had both when trapped in on our way home.

Night had finally come, crawling down and creeping to cover the islands.

I looked over to her and she smiled slightly, "I'm s-sorry… I shouldn't have snapped at you, you're right…"

Her voice was gentle, regretful as I opened the door, holding it for her as she walked inside.

"I don't blame you."

I muttered with a teasing smile.

She knew her way around the house as best as anyone that lived her and I made my way up to my room.

My jeans were still damp from when she just had to go swimming.

I opened my door and began fiddling with the button on my jeans, grumbling slightly to myself because I couldn't fucking get it!

My body suddenly tensed.

My heart began beating rapidly just as it had in the water.

Two slender arms wrapped around my chest and slender fingers moved down to slap mine away and calmly get the button to slide loose.


I knew it was her.

The chipped white nail polish, her fair skin.

Her body was warm against mine as her torso pressed to my back.

"Let me help you…"

Her voice was a whisper as I felt her rock to her tip toes to murmur it by my ear.

What the hell was she doing…

What was she doing to me?

Why was she doing this to me?

So many thoughts raced through my mind, a hunger in me dying to be released.




She commanded, moving in front of me, thumbs shoved in the seem of my jeans. She looked at me, eyes burning with something I had never seen before, something fiery, something no other girl could hold at that very moment in time.

I had the girl of my dreams ripping my clothes off and I was protesting?

What the hell was wrong with me!

"Kairi… I don't… I don't want to do this… if…"

I paused, glancing down at her as she looked up at me, eyes softening.

"I don't want to be like him…"

The words finally came out; the entire time that's all I could think about.

I didn't want to be like my brother, I wanted nothing to do with him…

She smiled gently and moved her hands to stroke up my chest.


Chills and vibrations ran through every nerve in my body as she touched me.

"Roxas… You're better than him… He's nothing… Nobody…"

She moved to place her lips on mine, hand coaxing my jaw to hers as it rested against my cheek.

Alright then…

My hands were suddenly around her waist, tugging her hips to mine.

She had accomplished getting my lips to mesh back against hers, working and prying at each other for some amount of dominance neither of us truly possessed.

I was shocked to find at the slightest sign of entrance her tongue found its way to mine.

Gently moving.


Simply waiting for me to react.

So I did…

Eyes shut, skin pressed to skin.

Her arms tightened around my neck as she backed up until the back of her knees hit the bedside and she fell back.

My hands were there to brace the soft landing, holding myself above her.

She didn't break the kiss though.

She wouldn't allow me to even hint to breaking the kiss.

She pulled herself up to me, against me, pressing her torso to mine.

I felt her legs move to tug my jeans off and as they left I kicked them to the ground.

Her hands shot down to my boxers and I suddenly tensed.

There was no going back was there?

This wasn't fair

I growled softly into the kiss and the movements of her tongue stopped for a moment.

I could feel her lips crease into a smile and her hands left.

She broke the kiss, leaving me slightly breathless and simply peeled her top off, tossing it away.

Her hands moved behind her and the straps of her bra fell and along with it the whole article of clothing.

I swallowed slightly.

She simply smiled and moved slowly back into the kiss, pressing her chest to mine.

A small mew echoed through her mouth and into mine as the pair of tongues kneaded and toyed at each other.

Soon enough her pants were off.

There was only two pieces of clothing left.

I felt a small chill run down my spine again as she reached down and gently tugged at its seems.

There's was a moment where no oxygen was brought in through my nose.

No air, nothing.

She was suffocating me…

And I loved it.

Finally there was nothing left to separate us.


Her eyes dwindled open and I gasped slightly into the kiss.

Her hand?

Obviously she got the reaction she wanted, a breathy moan from my throat as slender fingers coaxed between my legs.

Evil bitch smiled against my lips.

Evil, sexy, damn, beautiful, gorgeous, tempting goddess of my dreams…

She wrapped her legs around my waist, high around my waist, more or less my stomach.

Her eyes closed again and she pressed her lips harder to mine, bodies grazing and skin melding together.

I felt her tense at first, but soon enough her body relaxed and she moved her hips against mine.

She was mine.

Not Sora's.

Not Riku's.

Not anyone else's.

Just mine…

Every inch of her was beautiful.

Her skin.

Her eyes.

Her hair.

She was simply beautiful.

And I had her…

She moved her lips from mine, now both of us desperate for air.

Her lips hitting my neck, moist skin pressed to moist skin as she moved to press her torso and hips to mine.

I heard her small pants for air, her hushed mews and coo's.

I felt her hips buck against mine.

And I thought for a moment.

Never with Namine did I feel like this…


This wasn't just fucking or sex.

This wasn't just a quick fuck to tie me over until Namine could pull any of her kinky ass shit on me.


How much I hated to admit it, this was making love…

A term old-ladies use to get around the word sex and explain how 'babies get here.'

But I knew this wasn't sex.

And this definitely wasn't just fucking…

I finally felt her body tense one last time, my name sliding passed her lips.

Her eyes shut tight and she cried out.

"Rox-!" she muffled her own words and I felt her nails dig into the skin on my back, raking down, and the moan silenced as her teeth clamped down on my shoulder.

I followed her actions, feeling her grip on me tighten and growling slightly at her actions. All of my nerves vibrated as ecstasy poured through my veins, every inch of me shuddering. My eyes shut tightly, returning her cry with a muffled groan of my own humming against her throat.

I let out a small pant.

Both worn out, tired and limp bodies heaved for oxygen.

I had only enough energy to fall beside her.

She swallowed, lips parted as she took in gulps of air.

My skin protested at the leave of her warm body, but I glanced over at her and she curled against my chest like a small child.

She was mine…

I had an angel here to watch me and guide me…


She was mine.

I looked down at her and felt her place a small kiss on my chest.

"And you thought you were like Sora."

Her voice broke the silence and she giggled lightly.

I cocked a brow and watched her curiously before her eyes closed.

"Good night then?"

I offered, moving to kiss the top of her head.

She hummed in return and pressed back against me, hands placed on my chest as they were the night before.

I held her close and felt sleep wash over me.




I had her in my arms.

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