Believe Again (Somehow)


Author's note: Hi! This story has Romance, Tragedies, and Drama in it! I hope you all like it!


Summary: 18 year old Sakura Kinomoto has had a hard life. She lost her mother at 13 and now lost her father and brother in a car accident. When she meets a man in the rain, will he show her how to believe again?

Sakura sighed quietly.

"Oh and before I forget, please go to the store to buy food for you. You don't want to be living all alone for 7 weeks with no food to eat!" Said Sakura's father, Fujitaka.

Sakura smiled softly. "I promise. Don't worry about me. I'm a big girl now. I can take care of myself."

"I know Sakura. I'm just sad. We're leaving you again," Fujitaka smiled sadly then sighed.

"But don't worry this will be the last time we ever leave you." He added.

Sakura smiled knowing that might not be true.

Touya, Sakura's brother came up the steps to the door.

"We have to go."

"Alright. Bye Sakura." Fujitaka smiled and opened his arms for a hug then stopped.

"I'm sorry I forgot." Fujitaka sighed then walked out the door with bags in his hand.

"Bye squirt." Touya said patting Sakura's head like when she was a little girl.

"Bye. I'll miss you both." Sakura yelled as the car started then drove away.

"I'll miss you…" Sakura whispered.

This is the first time I had ever been allowed to ever be alone for 7 weeks. I have this medical condition so my family never wants to leave me alone for a very long time.

Sakura went back inside and grabbed her keys.

Sakura had a date she couldn't miss.

Sakura walked to her car and opened the door.

I bet you're wondering who I am… I'm Sakura Kinomoto. An 18 year old. I'm considered the quiet one, the one who is always happy and has everything a normal girl could ever want. Well I keep my emotion locked up. Everyone who thinks I have everything is wrong. I have my dad and my brother. They both seem to love me very much. Then why do I sometimes get this feeling like I'm invisible and when ever I tell them something that contains my feelings they seem as tough I'm just invisible… I'm sorry! I just keep talking…


Sakura pressed the breaks as a car over 90 miles went flying by.

Sakura gasped as she noticed she had almost been hit by that car.

I hope the police hurry and catch that person…


Sakura is of course late to her date. She always is…

All of a sudden rain started falling down very hard.

Oh great! Now it's raining!

"At least I'm 5 minutes away…" Sakura pointed out in a tired manor.

Ring! Ring!

Oh it's probably him! Oh I might as well answer and explain myself.

Sakura answered the phone.

"H-hello?" Sakura answered nervously.

"Hi Sakura-Chan!" Sakura heard a happy voiced, Tomoyo on the other line.

"Hi Tomoyo!" Sakura said relived.

"Thought I was your boyfriend hu?" Tomoyo asked amused.

"Sort of…" Sakura answered faintly.

Tomoyo laughed.

"Oh Sakura! You're too much! I was just calling to check up on you. And to remind you about our mall date tomorrow! Ok?"

"Oh that's right!" Sakura replied.

"Oh my! You already forgot!" Tomoyo laughed.

"Ok. Ok. I have to go I'm at the parking lot."

"Ok. Bye!"


With that they both hung up.

Sakura drove into a parking slot and turned off the car.

Great, I'm 15 minutes late!

Sakura was about to open the door when the phone started ringing.

Sakura answered.

"Hello?" Sakura asked while she opened the car door and stood up.

"Hi, is this Ms. Kinomoto?" Asked a female voice.

"Um yes… Why?" Sakura asked as she started feeling a weird feeling in her stomach.

"I am sorry to say but you're father and brother have just died in a car accident." At that moment Sakura dropped the phone.

She could hear a faint voice saying hello over and over again.


"I am sorry to say but you're mother died. I'm sorry…"

End Flashback

Sakura then immediately started to run.

Anywhere but here…

Everything started getting hazy.

But she kept running…

"How could this be happening to me! I can't lose all my family! I'm all alone…"

Then she bumped into something and fell hitting her head.

She heard a faint voice. "Are you alright?…"

All Sakura saw was deep amber eyes… then blackness…


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