Believe Again (Somehow)


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Summary: 18 year old Sakura Kinomoto has had a hard life. She lost her mother at 13 and now lost her father and brother in a car accident. When she meets a man in the rain, will he show her how to believe again?


Ding! Ding!

Time for medicine…

Sakura walked over to her bathroom and placed two pills into her mouth.

Nausea swept over her.

No! Not again!

Sakura walked clumsily over to her bed and lied down.

It felt like her head was spinning.

Sakura's quickening breaths soon became deep even breaths.

"No more medicine. At least not for a while…" Sakura whispered as she shut her eyes to be taken into a dreamless sleep.


Sakura woke with a horrible headache.


Sakura flinched when she heard the phone.

"Shut up! I'm a coming!" Sakura yelled as she stomped toward the phone ready to smash it to pieces.

"Hello!" Sakura snapped once she answered the phone.

"Well, someone's in a crappy mood today." The person on the other line said.

"And?! Who is this?!" Sakura snapped back not caring if it was the chief of police or not.

"Um, your beau." Conner said into the phone sounding like he was hurt.

"Oops. What do you want?" Sakura said making her voice sound softer.

"Well, did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed?" Conner teased.

Sakura was not in the mood for games. "What is it? I'm feeling so sick of you I could probably hurl!" Sakura snapped back ready to start a fight.

"Calm down, lamb. Ok, I was wondering if you would like to accompany me to my job. It's take your girlfriend to work day at Li Corp."

"What?! Not going to happen! I'm not fit to be showing my face at a multi-millionaire's building!" Sakura said fuming.

"But sweet pea, believe me, you'll change your mind once you see the people that are working there!" Conner laughed.

Sakura gasped.

"JERK!" Sakura yelled as she slammed the phone down on the receiver.

He just called me ugly! That son of a…


Sakura glared at the door. "Coming." Sakura yelled to the person waiting on the other side.

Sakura dragged her feet to the door, were she fumbled with the locks and finally opened the door.

Tomoyo stood there, smiling. "Good morning, Sakura- Chan! Sorry I'm late. Here I brought you something to eat." Tomoyo made her way to the kitchen, ignoring Sakura's evil glares.

"I never invited you over." Sakura hissed out. Now was not a good time.

"Here you go!" Tomoyo said as she ignored Sakura.


"Oh the phone. Aren't you going to get it?" Tomoyo asked as she put on an apron over her designer clothes.

"No. It might be that jerk." Sakura huffed out.

"Jerk? Oh Conner. Well maybe he's calling to say Sorry… Doesn't he always?" Tomoyo asked sighing softly.

Sakura picked up the phone. "What?" Sakura snapped.

"Uh… Is this Sakura Kinomoto?" A male asked.

"Yes. Who is this?" Sakura asked.

"Hi, I'm the assistant chief of police, Eriol Har, and I am wondering if today is a good time to see if you can come down to the station and discuss the matters with your fathers-" Sakura quickly cut him off.

"I'm sorry, sir, but I am very busy. I am ah going to my boyfriend's job to help out. Maybe some other time?" Sakura said quickly.

Tomoyo gave Sakura a quizzical look. Like 'what-are-you-doing' kind of look.

"Oh well, I suppose if you are busy…" Eriol said trailing off.

"Yes. Very busy. Well good day." Without waiting for a reply Sakura swung the phone down.

"Ok… What was that all about?" Tomoyo asked eyeing Sakura suspiciously.

"Nothing. They just um-"

"Whose 'they'?" Tomoyo asked.

"Police and stuff. I'm not ready to… I'm just not ready." Sakura said looking away.

"Oh Sakura! There's no need to be ashamed! I wouldn't be ready too! Come on and eat this delicious soup I have made for you." Tomoyo said as she placed a big bowl of soup in front of Sakura.

"Yum! Chicken noodle!" Sakura said as she gulped down ever last sip.

Tomoyo burst into laugher as she watched Sakura eat.

"Sakura, you should be a comedian! Seriously!" Tomoyo said trying to contain the rest of her laughter. Which earned a death glare from Sakura.

"I guess I'm going to my 'beau's' job." Sakura said huffing slightly.

"Yup. I guess. I better be going. I have so much furniture shopping to do!" Tomoyo said.

"Wait what about my furniture? I need new furniture too!" Sakura said pouting slightly.

"I know. We'll go tomorrow. See you later." Tomoyo was about to give a small hug to Sakura but stopped and pulled back quickly.

"Sorry… I forgot." Tomoyo whispered.

"It's ok." Sakura said with a fake smile.

"Later." Tomoyo exited the house with her belongings and what-nots.

Sakura let a small sigh escape her lips.

"Ok, I guess I better call that jerk-face and tell him I'll go." Sakura said quietly to herself.

Sakura picked up the phone and reluctantly dialed her boyfriend's number.

"Hello?" Conner's voice filled Sakura's ear and her head began to throb. "Oh hey Conner. I've reconsidered your offering to go to your job. I guess I can go." Sakura mumbled with a little grumble at the end.

Conner let out a laugh. "That's good. I'll be over in 30 minutes." He said as he hung up.

"Well he was rude." Sakura mumbled to herself as she turned off the phone.

Sakura slipped on a dress first, and then decided she looked bad. Then she put on a purple shirt and detected a stain on it.

"Oh what am I going to wear?!" Sakura groaned as she searched for something suitable to wear. Then it hit her. Tomoyo's home-made dress! It was perfect!

Sakura went to the back of her closet to fish out a gold colored rectangular box. Sakura tore the thing open and bit her lip. It was a little flashy and maybe a little too 'I'm-going-to-a-club' sort of look. But with the help of a skirt Sakura had, it might be able to work.

Sakura hurried to put on the outfit. She looked at herself in her full length mirror. A maroon colored shirt with a gold pin, a cream colored skirt fit nicely over Sakura's curves.

Tears welled up into Sakura's eyes.

"I look hideous!" Sakura screamed as she tore off the shirt and skirt.

Sakura finally picked work attire instead. Sakura wore a cream colored shirt and grey colored skirt. Sakura's hair was pulled into a tight bun. As she turned to look at herself in her mirror, she saw something that made her heart jump. Her mother standing beside her with the same clothing on and the same tight bun except for the curly black hair. Sakura blinked and when she looked again, her mother was no longer there.


Sakura sighed and grabbed her purse and left the house. She walked to the silver car and went inside.

"Good morning muffin. Feeling better?" Conner asked as he began to drive off. Sakura nodded and looked outside the window. The sun was hot in the cold air. Sakura touched the window and spotted something.

The boy laughed and then turned to where Sakura sat. He looked at her with shock. "Sakura…" The words left his mouth so silently but Sakura could still hear it.

Sakura turned her head away and looked forward. I will not be fooled.

"Sakura! Sakura!" The boy, Syaoran, began to yell out her name.

Conner looked to Sakura and noticed tears falling down her cheeks. Then he saw the boy and glared. As soon as the light changed to green, he speeds down the road making it difficult to keep up.

Syaoran stopped running and stood there, looking at the car that drove off. "SAKURA!"

Sakura touched her face and wiped the stray tears that fell. "You ok, my love?" Conner asked as he grasped Sakura's hand. Sakura nodded and did her best fake smile. Conner smiled back and let go of her hand.


Sakura took out her cell and clicked the on button. "Hello?" Sakura said as she dried the last of her tears. "Hello? Is this Sakura Kinomoto? Hi, this is Eriol again. If you don't mind me asking but is your boyfriend an employee at Li corp.?" Eriol asked kindly.

Sakura felt her fear flowing through her. "Y-yes. W-why?" Sakura stammered. "Well, I was wondering if you would meet me in the cafeteria at lunch and we could talk things over."

Sakura began to feel her heart pounding. "NO! Stop calling me!" Sakura yelled and hung up the phone.

"Sakura! What's wrong?" Asked Conner as he parked the car in a slot. Sakura turned to look at Conner.

"I'm sorry, Conner. But I have to go. I'll call you later." Sakura unbuckled and ran out of the car. Tears fell down and didn't stop.

"Sakura." Sakura looked at the voice and stopped running.



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