!My Apologies!

Heya! Okay, I'm here to apologize for the loooooooooooooong delay of LAFS. Here's what happened...

I wrote out chapters 11 and twelve(Both KenKao, as it turned out), and then my compy crashed.

Sorry to say it may take a whole month more to get a new harddrive. No worries, though, at least I didn't lose my files. But, yes, I wrote them hear the end of August, and that's when the computer died.

Soo, just wanted to apologize! I'm so sorry! I hadn't thought of posting this thingy... Until my sis suggested I don't try to kill my lovely readers by not keeping them in the loop.

Look forward to Chapter 11(Deprivation) and Chapter 12(Vindication) in a month or so!

Thank you for not mobbing me, my loves! -skips away-

Nana Mae

P.S. This chapter will be deleted once I get everything back, so it won't throw me/you off! XD